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Families covered: Leighton of Cotes, Leighton of Leighton, Leighton of Stretton

There are several differences between BP1934 and the Visitation record on the generations of this family that are covered by the upper section on this page. Because BP1934 was produced some 300 years later than the Visitation and may reasonably be supposed to have taken that Visitation into account along with subsequent research, we follow BP1934.
Tihel or Titus de Lathune (a 1160)
m. Letitia (dau of Hugo le Brune, brother of William de Valencia) identified by Visitation
After Tihel, BP1934 names the next 12 generations as shown below. Visitation identifies 10 generations, being William (m. Amicia, dau of Nic. Boteler de Ormond), Richard (m. Alice Strange, dau of Philip Strange of Knockin), William (m. Isabella Pichard, dau of Humphrey Pichard), Jenkin (ie. John, m. Jocosa (Joyce), dau of Hugo Sandford), Richard (m. Johanna, dau of Hugo Pigot of Chetwynd), John (m. Matilda, dau of Watkin Cambrey of Stretton Dale), Edward (m. Elizabeth, dau of John Stepleton of Stepleton ie. Stapleton), Thomas (m. Margaret, dau of John Drake of Wiltshire), Richard (m. Jocosa (Joyce), dau of Hugo Cornwall), then John (m. Ancareta, dau of John Burgh of Mouthney). Some of these wives are mentioned by BP1934 but not always for the same husband.
1. Richard FitzTihel
  A. Sir Richard de Leighton of Leighton (a 1203)
  i. Richard de Leighton of Leighton (a 1241)
  a. William de Leighton of Leighton, Constable of Oswestry (a 1256)
  (1) Richard de Leighton of Leighton, Constable of Oswestry (a 1300)
(A) Sir Richard de Leighton of Leighton (a 1324) father or grandfather of ...
  (i) Richard de Leighton (a 1339)
  (a) John de Leighton (a 1358)
  ((1)) John Leighton
  m. Margaret Drake (dau of John Drake)
  ((A)) John Leighton
  m. (1383) Ellen or Mawde Cambray (dau of Watkin or William Cambray of Stretton-in-le Dale)
  ((i)) Edward Leighton of Stretton (d 1455)
m. Elizabeth Stapleton (dau of Sir John Stapleton of Stapleton)
  BP1934 mentions that Edward and Elizabeth had 2 sons, John his heir and Edward, ancestor of Leighton of Cotes. Visitation, which from the next generation starts reporting the successor's siblings, shows two intervening generations (Thomas who m. Margaret Drake and Richard who m. Jocosa Cornwall) before John & Edward. We follow BP1934 and show the various other siblings as children of this Edward and Elizabeth.
  ((a)) John Leighton of Stretton, later of Wattlesborough & Loton, Sheriff of Shropshire (d 1493)
  m. Ankeret Burgh (dau of Sir John Burgh of Wattlesborough)
  ((b)) Edward Leighton of Stretton - continued below
m. Anne or Amicia Hopton (dau of Thomas Hopton)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Leighton
  There is some confusion between this Elizabeth and her niece Elizabeth, dau of John. This Elizabeth is shown by various sources, including Commoners (Lyster) and Stemmata Botevilliana (p184), as the wife of William Lyster. We suspect that he was her 2nd husband, and that she 1st married ...
  m1. John Bawdewyn or Baldwyn of Diddlebury (b by 1418)
  m2. (by 1451) William Lyster of Rowton
  ((d)) Alice Leighton
  m. John Stapleton
  ((e))+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Joyce, and (?) Margaret or Mary



Edward Leighton of Stretton - continued above
m. Anne or Amicia Hopton (dau of Thomas Hopton)
1. John Leighton of Cotes
  m. Jane Salter (dau of John Salter of Wrokemardin)
A. Ralph Leighton of Cotes
  m. Anne Trentham (dau of Thomas Trentham)
  i. Richard Leighton of Cotes
  m. Cecilia Cresset (dau of Robert (sb Thomas?) Cresset of Upton Cresset)
  a. William Leighton (3rd son)
  m. Maria Langley (dau of Richard Langley of Salop)
  b. Anna Leighton
  m. Thomas Austen of Ludlow
  c. Frances Leighton
  m. Edward Brooke of Stretton
  d. Margery Leighton
  m. Robert Dicher
  e. Katherina Leighton
  m. Edward Bagulegh of Staffordshire
  f.+ other issue - Richard, Nicholas, Francis, Thomnas, Edward
  ii. Elizabeth Leighton
  m. Robert Dycher
iii. Anna Leighton
  m. Thomas Acton of Brockton (Bockleton)
  iv. Joyce Leighton
  m. George Mason of Hereford
  v. Johanna Leighton
  m. Thomas Mason of Salop
  B. Elizabeth Leighton
  m. Thomas Caston or Coston
  C. Anna Leighton
  m. John Jenings or Jenkes of Wolverton
2. Jane/Joan or Elizabeth Leighton
  m. John Jenings or Jenkes of Wolverton

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Leighton)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Leighton of Leighton, Stretton, etc.)
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