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Families covered: Lee of Dinton, Lee of East Claydon, Lee of Hartwell, Lee of Moreton, Lee of Totteridge Park

William Lee of Dinton (bur 09.10.1486)
m. Alice
1. John Lee of Morton in Dinton (bur 06.03.1503)
  m. Anne
  A. Thomas Lee
  i. Rafe Lee of Sanderson (a 1572)
  m. _ Jones (dau of Henry Jones)
a. Edward Lee
  B. John Lee of Lincolnshire
  C. Francis Lee of Moreton (d before 17.11.1558)
m. Elizabeth
  i. Thomas Lee of East Claydon & Moreton (d c12.1571)
  m. Ursula Yate (dau of Leonard Yate of Witney (son of Edmund of Stanlake), relict of John Hicks of Tortworth)
  a. Sir Thomas Lee of East Claydon & Moreton (d 1626, bur 27.01.1626/7)
  m. (20.11.1570) Eleanor Hampden (bpt 04.06.1554, bur 06.04.1633, dau of Michael Hampden, sister of Sir Alexander)
  (1) Thomas Lee of Moreton & Hartwell, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (bur 23.03.1641/2) - continued below
  m. Jane Throckmorton (d 05.1641, dau of Sir George Throckmorton of Fulbrook)
  (2) Michael Lee of Bottle (sb Botolph) Claydon (a 1634)
  (3) Francis Lee
  m. ?? of Shoreditch
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, James
  (4) Joane Lee (bpt 16.10.1575) shown a generation earlier by Visitation (Buckinghamshire)
  m. Thomas Duncombe of Bulbec Castle in Whitchurch and of East Claydon
  (5)+ 20 other children
  b.+ other issue (a 1571) - Margaret, Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue (a 1557) - Richard, Robert, Francis, William, John



Thomas Lee of Moreton & Hartwell, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (bur 23.03.1641/2) - continued above
m. Jane Throckmorton (d 05.1641, dau of Sir George Throckmorton of Fulbrook)
1. Thomas Lee of Moreton & Hartwell
  m1. (sp) Mary Dowse ( dau of George Dowse of Sparsholt, relict of Sir Nicholas Fuller)
  m2. (30.09.1633) Elizabeth Croke (dau of Sir George Croke, m2. Sir Richard Ingoldsby)
  A. Sir Thomas Lee of Hartwell, 1st Bart (bpt 26.05.1635, d 24.02.1690, MP)
  m. (by 1660) Anne Davis (b c1635, d 23.09.1708, dau of Sir John Davis of Bere Court in Pangbourne by Anne, dau of Sir John Suckling)
  i. Sir Thomas Lee of Hartwell, 2nd Bart (b 1661, bur 13.08.1702, MP)
m. (by 1686) Alice Hopkins (bur 17.01.1728-9, dau/coheir of Thomas Hopkins of London)
  a. Sir Thomas Lee of Hartwell, 3rd Bart (b 31.03.1687, d 17.12.1749, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Sandys (d 10.12.1728, dau of Thomas Sandys of London by _ Congreve)
  (1) Thomas Lee (b 16.02.1722-3, dvp 26.07.1740)
  (2) Sir William Lee of Hartwell, 4th Bart (b 12.09.1726, d 06.07.1799)
  m. (20.06.1763) Elizabeth Harcourt (d 21.01.1811, dau of Simon, Earl Harcourt, by Rebecca Le Bass)
(A) Sir William Lee of Hartwell, 5th Bart (b 06.1764, d unm 07.02.1801, Lt. Colonel)
  (B) Sir George Lee of Hartwell, 6th Bart (b 08.07.1767, d unm 27.09.1827, vicar & rector)
  (C) Elizabeth Lee (b 22.09.1765, d 13.04.1767)
(3) Anne Lee (b 14.03.1721-2, dsp 22.09.1742)
  m. (12.1741) George Venables Vernon, Lord Vernon of Kinderton
  b. Sir William Lee of Totteridge Park (b 02.08.1688, d 08.04.1754, Lord Chief Justice of England)
  m1. Anne Goodwin (d 11.1729, dau of (Henry) Goodwin of Bury St. Edumund's)
  (1) William Lee of Totteridge Park, Hertfordshire (bur 13.08.1778)
  m. Philadelphia Dyke (b 1729-30, d 05.03.1799, dau of Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart)
  (A) William Lee, later Lee-Antonie of Colworth (b c1766, dsp 09.1825, MP)
  (B) Harriet Lee
  m. John Fiott
  Their eldest son assumed the name Lee.
  (C) Louisa Lee
  m. Edward Arrowsmith of Totteridge
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Philadelphia, Sophia
  m2. Margaret Drake (d 20.05.1752, dau of Roger Drake, relict of Francis Melmoth)
  c. John Lee (b 08.05.1695, d 1760, Colonel)
  m1. (05.07.1739) _ Hardy (d 07.1740, dau of Sir Thomas Hardy)
  m2. Mary Browne (dau of John Browne of Arlesley, m2. Col. Schutz)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas of Hampton Court (b c1734, d unm bur 18.09.1814), John (d before 1802)
  d. Sir George Lee (b c1700, d 18.12.1758, MP, PC)
m. Judith Morice (b c1710, d 19.08.1743, dau of Humphrey Morice of London)
  e. Sarah Lee (bur 1693)
  ii. Anne Lee (d 1707)
  m1. Richard Winkworth of Maudins
  m2. _ Nashack (Captain)
  iii. Martha Lee (d 29.12.1721)
  m. John Padmore
  iv. Elizabeth Lee (bpt 28.07.1662, d 1737)
  m. Richard Beke or Beck (d 1707, Colonel)
  v.+ other issue - John (bpt 19.10.1666, a 1690, Captain), Lionel (bpt 12.11.1674, a 1707, dsp), Frances (a 1707), Jane (bpt 15.11.1672, d unm 05.02.1738), Mary (d unm bur 25.05.1749)
  B. Mary Lee
  m. Sir John Morley of Bere Court
  C.+ other issue - William (d unm), George (bur 1679), Samuel (b 16.01.1639)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Lee and Duncumbe of Duncombe, of East-Claydon', p163+) with some support deom Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Lee of Moreton and Hartwell')
(2) For lower section : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Lee of Hartwell', p307+) with support from BEB1841 ('Lee of Hartwell'), TCB (vol 3, 'Lee of Hartwell', p111+)
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