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Families covered: Layton (Laton) of Sexhow

(1) There were at least 2 main families in Yorkshire who took the name Laton or Layton. They appear to be connected to each other but we have not (yet) identified with any certainty the exact connection between them, not helped by inconsistencies between the sources we have seen so far. We provide below what we have on one of the families, that of Sexhow, and report on a possible connection with the other family, the Laytons of West Layton, but hold back from uploading much data on the latter until we have ascertained the connection between them with more certainty. Walker starts his article on the Latons of Sexhow with the undermentioned Gilbert, brother of Alan of Laton (1259, m. Letia). It is noted that the last date given for any person in that article is 1680 so it should not be assumed that Walker, whose work was published by The Harleian Society in 1942, reviewed evidence more recent than 1680.
(2) The Visitation to Yorkshire of 1612 appears to have produced at least two folios on the Latons of Sexhow that disagree with each other on the early generations of the family. The first (folio 135) is included within Walker's report. The second (folio 232b), which Walker appears to reject, provides the apparent connection with the Laytons of West Layton which family is the focus of a compilation of the 1584/5 & 1612 Visitations produced by J. Foster in 1875. We first report the first few generations of the Laytons of West Layton as reported in Foster's compilation.
Thomas Layton (a 1333)
1. Alexander Layton (a 1333)
  A. Sir Robert Layton (a 1390)
  m. Catherine
  B. John Layton of Layton (a 1363)
  m. Christian Sheffield (dau of Nicholas Sheffield)
  i. Robert Layton (a 1378)
  m. Joane Robinson of Cumberland
  The compilation follows Robert's descendants, showing him as having 2 daughters plus 2 sons who both had issue who were 'of West Layton'.
  ii. Nicholas Layton
  iii. Elizabeth Layton see ## below
  m. Henry Pudsey (son of John of Bolton) ## see here ##
  C. Alexander Layton (dsp 1357-8)
Folio 232b of the Heralds' College copy of the 1612 Visitation starts with the following John, showing him under, as if descended from but (apparently) with no connection actually made to, Sir Robert Laton (m. Johanna), son of Sir Thomas by Matilda.
John Laton
m. Elena
1. John Laton
  A. Elizabeth Laton see ## above
  m. Henry Pudsey
2. Robert Laton
  A. Thomas Laton
  m. Elizabeth Gower (dau of _ Gower of Sexhowe)
  Continues with John father of Robert (m. Eleonora) father of Thomas (m1. Margaret Clervaux, m2. Anna Maleverer) i.e. overlaps with the pedigree reported for the Latons of Sexhow by Walker and below.
  B. John Laton
  m. _ Newsam (dau of Henry Newsam)
  i. John Laton
m. Agnes
  ii. William Laton (d 1514-5)
  m. Margery Mountford (dau of Thomas Mountford of Hackforth)
  a. Thomas Laton (d 1535-6)
  m. Muriel Linley (dau of Thomas Linley of Scutterskeife)
  Continues with Thomas (m. Elizabeth Metcalfe) father of Charles (m1. Anna Preston, m2. Mary Milner) i.e. overlaps with the pedigree reported for the Latons of Sexhow by Walker and below.
  b. John Laton 'of Sexhowe'
  m. ?? Dodsworth of Watlass
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John of Siddall, Christopher, George, Henry
  iii. Thomas Laton (dsp)
The following is as reported by Walker with some support from folio 135 of the Heralds' College copy of the 1612 Visitation.
Gilbert of Laton (a 1251, brother of Alan of Laton who m. Letia)
m. Isabella
1. Thomas Laton of Laton
  A. John Laton of Laton (a 1334)
  m. Christiana (a 1360)
  i. John Laton of Laton (a 1389)
  m. Lettice (a 1365)
a. Thomas Laton of Laton ("in Richmondshire") and Sexhow & Brathwith
  m. Elizabeth Gower (dau of Nicholas Gower of Sexhow)
  (1) John Laton of Melsonby & Sexhow (d 04/5.1467)
  m. Elizabeth
(A) Robert Laton of Melsonby & Sexhow (d after 27.04.1480)
  m. Eleanor (d before 22.05.1503)
  (i) Thomas Laton of Sexhow (bur 02.03.1524)
  m1. Margaret Clervaux (d before 03.10.1525, dau of Richard Clervaux of Croft by Elizabeth, dau of Henry Vavasour)
  (a) Edward Laton (dvp 30.01.1524)
  (b) Anna Laton
  m. Edward Warcop (son of Reginald)
  m2. Anne Mauleverer (dau of Robert Mauleverer of Seamer)
(c) Lancelot Laton (b 1518)
  m. Agnes Bulmer (dau of Sir John Bulmer by Anne, dau of Sir Ralph Bigod of Settrington)
  ((1)) Robert Laton of Sexhow (d by 1531) - continued below
  m. Anne Rokeby (dau of Ralph Rokeby of Marske)
  (d) George Laton
  (ii) John Laton of York (d before 10.01.1504)
  m. Margaret
  (iii) Richard Laton of West Laton (a 1494)
  m. Johanna
  (vi)+ other issue - Geoffrey, Edward
  (B) daughter possibly of this generation (could be Elizabeth?)
  m. Roger Vincent of Great Smeton (a 1492)
  (C)+ other issue (a 1466) - George, Roger, Elizabeth
  (2) Thomas Laton (d before 11.09.1480, rector of St. Saviour's Chapel)
  b. John Laton (a 1425, rector of Ronaldkirk)
  ii. Elizabeth Laton (a 1353)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1359, parson of Marske), Elizabeth
2. John Laton of Barton
  m. Maude (widow of John de Halnathby)
  A. Robert Laton of Barton (a 1368)



Robert Laton of Sexhow (d by 1531) - continued above
m. Anne Rokeby (dau of Ralph Rokeby of Marske by dau of Hutton of Hunwick)
1. Thomas Laton or Layton 'of Newsom' of Sexhow (d 1535)
  Walker continues spelling the family name as 'Laton' but, somewhat arbitrarily but to be consistent with the more general method of spelling the name, we change to 'Layton' from this generation.
m. Muriel Linley (dau of Thomas Linley of Skutterskelfe by Margery, dau of Sir Robert Newport)
  A. Thomas Layton of Sexhow (d 22.12.1583)
  m. Elizabeth Metcalfe (dau of Sir James Metcalfe of Nappa by Margaret, dau of Thomas Pigott of Clotheram)
i. Charles Layton of Sexhow
  m1. Ann Preston (dau of Christopher Preston of Holker by Elizabeth (sb Margaret?) Southworth)
  m2. (27.02.1595) Maria Milner (bur 01.03.1653, dau of Thomas Milner of Skutterskelfe)
  a. Sir Thomas Layton of Sexhow and 'of Estlayton' (b 1597, bur 27.02.1651)
  m. Mary Fairfax (dau of Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton by Catherine, dau of Sir Henry Constable)
  (1) Sir Thomas Layton of Sexhow (d before 22.01.1680)
  m. Anna
(2) Mary Layton (bur 21.11.1657)
  m. Sir Henry Foulis, Bart of Ingleby Manor (b 1607, bur 11.10.1643)
  (3) Katherine Layton (bpt 13.12.1618) possibly (but note that this is an assumption) the Catherine (dau of Sir Thomas 'of Layton') who married ...
  m. John Eden of West Auckland (d 1675)
(4)+ other issue - Charles (b 05.04.1655), Margaret
  b. Brian Layton
  m1. (23.11.1662) Alice Turner (dau of John Turner of Kirkleatham, widow of Richard Seaton of Skinningrove)
  m2. (27.05.1673) Catherine (Mrs. Dawson)
  c. Robert Layton
  ii. Thomas Layton (a 1567)
  m. Clara Thwaites (dau of Christopher Thwaites of Marton)
  B. John Laton of West Laton (a 1567)
  C. Robert Laton (a 1571)
  m. Ann
  D. Mary Laton (a 1558)
  m. Cuthbert Conyers of Layton (son of Sir William)
2.+ other issue - Robert, William

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Laton of Sexhow in Cleveland)
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