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Families covered: Lascelles (Jackson) of Ganthorpe, Lascelles of Harewood, Lascelles of Hinderskelfe, Lascelles of Northallerton, Lascelles of Stank
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(1) BP1934 does not refer to the fact (showing the family name as Lascelles throughout) but Visitation, supported by 'The History and Antiqutiies of Harewood' (which is used as a source for Lascelles1), shows that for several generations the family was known as Jackson as much as Lascelles.
(2) Probably descended from the family shown on Lascelles1, but exactly how is unknown, was ...
John de Lascelles of Hinderskelfe. Yorkshire (a 1315)
m. Joanna
1. John 'Jackson' de Lascelles of Hinderskelfe (a 1392)
  A. William (alias Jackson) de Lascelles of Hinderskelfe (a 1428)
  i. William (alias Jackson) de Lascelles of Hinderskelfe
  a. William Jackson alias Lascelles of Ganthorpe
  (1) Robert Jackson alias Lascelles of Ganthorpe and Eyholme Grange (d 1556)
  m. Dorothy Newport
  (A) Thomas Jackson alias Lascelles of Ganthorpe (a 1584)
  m. Mary St. Qintin (dau of Sir William St. Quintin of Harpham)
(i) Henry Jackson (b c1561)
  m. Beatrix Boteler (dau/heir of John Boteler of Nunnington)
  (a)+ issue (a 1612) - Robert, Richard, George, Francis
  (ii)+ other issue - Walter, William, John, Roger, Edmond, James, Robert, Dorothy, Mary
  (B) John Jackson alias Lascelles
  m. _ Maleverer
  (i)+ issue - Christopher, Thomas
  (C) Francis Jackson alias Lascelles of Stank Hall and Northallerton (d 1628, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Charter (dau of John Charter or Carter of Northallerton)
  (i) William Lascelles (dvp bur 16.11.1624)
  m. Elizabeth Wadeson (dau of Robert Wadeson of Yafforth)
  (a) Francis Lascelles of Stank and Northallerton (b 1612, d 1667) - continued below
  m. Frances St. Quintin (bur 20.09.1658, dau of Sir William St. Quintin, 1st Bart of Harpham)
  (ii) Elinor Lascelles
  m. Laurence Meynell of Thornaby
  (iii)+ other issue - Cuthbert, Philip, Francis, Thomas, Margaret, Jane
  (D) Jane Jackson or Lascelles
  m. James Butler
  (E) Dorothy Jackson or Lascelles
  m. _ Griffin
  (F) Elizabeth Jackson or Lascelles
  m. John Bell
  (G) Margery Jackson or Lascelles
  m. Robert Knight
  (H)+ other issue - Rober,t Margaret



Francis Lascelles of Stank and Northallerton (bpt 23.08.1612, bur 28.11.1667, Colonel) - continued above
m. Frances St. Quintin (bur 20.09.1658, dau of Sir William St. Quintin (St. Quinton), 1st Bart of Harpham)
1. Daniel Lascelles of Stank and Northallerton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 06.11.1655, d 05.09.1734)
  m1. Margaret Metcalfe (bur 20.12.1690, dau of George Metcalfe of Northallerton)
  A. George Lascelles of Stank (bpt 02.03.1681, dvp 12.02.1728-9) had issue
  m. Mary Doldren (d 1723, dau of William Doldren)
  B. Henry Lascelles of Harewood and Northallerton (bpt 20.12.1690, d 16.10.1753)
  m1. (08.04.1711-2) Mary Carter (dau of Edwin Carter of Barbados)
  i. Edwin Lascelles, Lord of Harewood (bpt 05.02.1712-3, dsp 25.01.1795)
  m1. (05.01.1746-7) Elizabeth Dawes (d 31.08.1764, dau of Sir Darcy Dawes, 4th Bart, by Sarah Roundell)
  m2. (31.03.1770) Jane Colman (d 11.04.1813, dau of William Colman of Garnbay)
  ii. Daniel Lascelles of Goldsborough (bpt 20.05.1714, dsp 24.05.1784)
  m. (div 1751) Elizabeth Southwick
iii. Henry Lascelles (b 18.08.1716, dsp 14.07.1786, captain)
  m. Jane Raine (d 06.1784, dau of John Raine of Scarborough)
  iv.+ other issue (d young) - Thomas, George
  m2. (1731) Janet Whetsone (dsp 22.04.1754, dau of John Whetsone of Barbados)
  C.+ other issue (d young)
  m2. Mary Lascelles (d 28.10.1734, dau of Edward Lascelles)
D. Edward Lascelles in Barbados (bpt 25.02.1702, d 31.10.1747)
  m. (01.01.1732) Frances Ball (d 18.05.1761, dau of Guy Ball of Barbados)
  i. Edward Lascelles, 1st Earl of Harewood (b 07.06.1739-40, d 03.04.1820, 2nd son)
  m. (12.05.1761) Anne Chaloner (d 22.02.1805, dau of William Chaloner of Guisborough)
a. Edward Lascelles (dvp unm 03.06.1814)
  b. Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood (b 25.12.1767, d 24.11.1841)
  m. (03.09.1794) Henrietta Sebright (d 15.02.1840, dau of Lt. Gen. Sir John Saunders Sebright, Bart)
  (1) Edward Lascelles, 'Viscount Lascelles' (b 13.07.1796, dvpsp 17.12.1839)
  m. (1821) Louisa Rowley
  (2) Henry Lascelles, 3rd Earl of Harewood (b 11.06.1797, d 22.02.1857) had issue
  m. (05.07.1823) Louisa Thynne (d 07.11.1859, dau of Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath)
  (3) William Saunders Sebright Lascelles (b 29.10.1798, d 02.07.1851) had issue
  m. (24.05.1823) Caroline Georgiana Howard (d 27.11.1881, dau of George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle)
  (4) Edwin Lascelles (b 25.12.1799, d 26.04.1865)
  (5) Arthur Lascelles of Norley (b 25.01.1807, d 19.07.1880, Major) had issue
  m. (18.11.1834) Caroline Frances Brooke (d 08.01.1895, dau of Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart)

(6) Harriet Lascelles (b 19.06.1802, d 01.01.1889)
  m. (06.06.1825) George Augustus Frederick Charles Holroyd, 2nd Earl of Sheffield (b 16.03.1802, d 05.04.1876)
  (7) Frances Anne Lascelles (dsp 06.12.1855)
  m. (02.03.1835) John Thomas Hope (d 17.04.1835)
  (8) Emma Lascelles (b 16.03.1809, d 08.02.1865)
  m. (16.06.1827) Edward Berkeley Portman, 1st Viscount of Bryanston (b 09.07.1779, d 19.11.1888)
  (9) Louisa Lascelles (d 10.03.1886)
  m. (04.07.1835) Lord George Henry Cavendish (d 23.09.1880)
  c. Frances Lascelles (b 11.06.1762, d 31.03.1817)
  m. (04.10.1784) John Douglas (b 01.07.1756, d 01.05.1818)
d. Mary Anne Lascelles (d 10.06.1831)
  m. (1801) Richard York of Wighill Park
  ii. Francis Lascelles (b 01.11.1744, d unm 1799, General, 4th son)
  The following details come from www.rebus.demon.co.uk/biogs/a_catley.htm which cautions that it is possible that not all of the children were by Francis although he did accept paternity of them all.
  p. Anne Catley (b 1745, d 14.10.1789, singer)
a. Francis Lascelles (b 25.11.1768)
  m. (28.09.1793) Margaret Bushby (dau of William Bushby of Tinwald)
  b. Frances Lascelles (bpt 18.04.1774, d 11.08.1841)
  m. Robert Jenner (b 08.11.1776, d19.03.1824)
  c. Jane Lascelles
  m. Montagu John Wynyard
  d. Charlotte Lascelles (d 26.02.1832)
  m. (09.07.1800) Edward Rice, Dean of Gloucester (b 19.11.1779, d 15.08.1862)
  e. Elizabeth Lascelles (b 30.11.1784, d 1824/29.07.1828)
  m. (14.09.1803) Sir Herbert Jenner-Fust (d 20.02.1852)
  f. Edward Robert Lascelles (b 1787)
  m. (1808) Anne Taylor of Camberwell
  g.+ other issue - Edward Paoli (bpt 03.09.1770), Hugh (bpt 06.07.1772), Rowley (bpt 20.02.1775), George Robert (d 1824)
  iii.+ other issue - Henry (b 01.11.1737, d 12.05.1755), Daniel (d young)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Harewood) with some support & input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Lascelles alias Jackson of Ganthorpe)
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