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Families covered: Lambert of Brookhill, Lambert of Calton, Lambert of Creg Clare, Lambert of Thomastown, Lambert of Toher (Togher)

Thomas Lambert
m1. Jannet (Gotte or Tocts?)
1. Margaret Lambert
m2. Ellen Wyckes
2. John Lambert (d 07.08.1566, Vice Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  m. Anne or Agnes Midhope ('dau of Thomas Medhop of Medhop Hall')
  A. John Lambert of Calton (b 26.09.1522, d 29.10.1596)
  m1. (04.09.1539) Elizabeth Lambert (dau of Robert Lambert of Owton by Ann, dau of Robert Tempest of Holmside)
  i. Benjamin Lambert of Calton (b 04.1543, d 30.09.1598)
  m1. Elizabeth Clifford (dau of Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland)
a. Henry Lambert (dsp)
  m2. Mary Pickering of Westmoreland
  b. Elizabeth Lambert
  m. Thomas Wharton (d 1641)
  m2. (27.08.1545) Ann Redman (dau of Richard Redman)
  ii. Josias or Joseph Lambert (b 1554, d 02.09.1632)
  m1. Elizabeth Claxton (dau of William Claxton of Wyngard)
  a. Josias Lambert of Canbo Castle, co. Roscommon had issue
  m. (c1604) Anne Crofton (dau of John Crofton)
  b. John Lambert (b c1584, d 1655)
  m. Janet Taylor (dau of Walter Taylor)
  There may be some confusion over the next few generations. The following is supported by BLGI1958 (Lambert formerly of Brookhill) but our notes of that record miss out the generation of Joseph who married Ann Ruttledge.
  (1) John Lambert (b c1610, d 1683)
  m1. (1649) Redish Lynch (dau of Thomas Lynch)
  (A) Joseph Lambert in Kilmaine (b c1652, d 1694)
  (i) Joseph Lambert of Togher or Toher & Thomastown
  BLG1886 (Lambert of Brookhill) starts with this generation but identifies Joseph as younger son of John.
  m. (1699) Ann Ruttledge of Carrowkillen (dau of Peter Ruttledge of Cornfield)
  (a) Francis Lambert of Toher & Thomastown (b 1703, d c1794)
m1. (25.04.1759) Rebecca Lindsay (dau of Thomas Lindsay or Lindsey of Turin Castle)
  ((1)) Joseph Lambert of Brookhill, Sheriff of co. Mayo (b 1760, d 1813, Rev.)
  m1. (1780/3) Barbara Ruttledge (dau of Thomas Ruttledge of Bloomfield)
  ((A)) Thomas Lambert (d unm)
  ((B)) Francis Lambert, later Ruttledge (b 1788, rector & prebendary of Kilmaine) had issue
  m. (09.06.1819) Margaret Bruen (dau of Col. Henry Bruen of Oak Park)
  ((C)) Barbara Lambert
  m1. Arthur Knox of Bushfield
  m2. Charles White
  m2. (1790) Mary Clendenning (dau of Rev. Alexander Clendenning of Brookhill)
  ((D)) Joseph Lambert of Brookhill (b 1793, d unm 1855)
((E)) Alexander Clendenning Lambert of Brookhill (b 07.11.1808, d 27.09.1892) had issue
  m. (12.09.1848) Emma Maria Prendergast (d 08.03.1916, dau of Guy Lenox Prendergast)
  ((F)) Eleanor Lambert
  m. David Ruttledge Courtenay
  ((G)) Letitia Lambert (d 1870)
  m. John Veevers (RN)
  ((H)) Georgiana Lambert (b c1802, d 1902)
  m. Charles Bowen (not Brown) of Mitford
  ((I))+ other issue (d unm) - Rebecca (d c1818), Elizabeth (d 1888)
  ((2)) Letitia Lambert
  m. (1778) Thomas Elwood of Ashford
((3)) Anne Lambert
  m. Francis Goodwin of Spring Hill
  ((4)) Rebecca Lambert
  m. _ Goodwin (brother of Francis of Spring Hill)
  m2. (mncrt 12.1777) Mercy Ormsby (dau of Samuel Ormsby of Red Hill, co. Mayo)
  ((5)) Francis Lambert (dsp, RN) BLGI1958 reports he had issue
  m. _ Banks
  (B) Mary Lambert
  m. Robert French
  m2. (1659) Mary French
  (C) Charles Lambert of Creg Clare (b 1660, d Derry 1668-9) - continued below
  m. Janet Taylor (dau of Walter Taylor)
  c. Cassandra Lambert
  m1. Francis Morley
  m2. Lancelot Claxton
m2. (1594) Anne Herbert (d 1615, dau of Thomas Herbert by Jane Colthurst)
  d. Jane Lambert
  m. Nicholas Girlington
  m3. (30.05.1617) Anne or Amy Pigott (dau of George Pigott of Hesketh)
  e. John Lambert 'of Calton' (b 07.09.1619, bur 28.03.1684, Major General)
  m. Frances Lister (dau of Sir William Lister)
  (1) John Lambert, Sheriff of Yorshire (d 14.03.1701)
  m. (c1672) Barbara Lister (dau of Thomas Lister)
  (A) Frances Lambert
  m. Sir John Middleton of Baelsay Castle (d 1717)
  (B)+ other issue (d infant) - John (b 11.1675, d 09.03.1676), 2 sons
  (2) Thomas Lambert (d 08.1694)
  (3) Frances Lambert
  m. Charles Hatton (son of Lord Hatton, Governor of Guernsey)
  (4) Mary Lambert
  m. John Hooke (judge in Chester)
  iii. Samuel Lambert
  m. Helen Redmayne (dau of William Redmayne, she m2. Robert Baynes)
  a.+ issue - John, Robert, Frances, Dorothy, Isabella, Mary, Ann
  iv. Joshua Lambert
  m. (1616) Bridget Banaster (dau of Richard Banaster)
  v. Frances Lambert
  m. Ralph Greenacres
  vi. Pauline Lambert
m. John Banaster
  vii. Dorothy Lambert
  m. Thomas Robinson
  viii. Adeline Lambert
  m. William Redman
  ix.+ other issue - George (d 20.10.1600), Dina, Hester
  B. Benjamin Lambert (4th son)
  m1. Mary Pickering
  i. Elizabeth Lambert
  m2. Elizabeth
  C. Margaret Lambert probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. John Hewetson of York (d 20.01.1567)
  D.+ other issue - Joseph (d unm), Reuben (d unm), Susan



Charles Lambert of Creg Clare (b 1660, d Derry 1668-9) - continued above
Named Charles by the family web site, BLGI1958 & BIFR1976 but John by BLG1866.
m. Janet Taylor (dau of Walter Taylor)
1. Walter Lambert of Creg Clare (b 1676, d 17.05.1770)
m1. _ Hamilton
  A. Charles Lambert of Creg Clare
  m. (1742) Margaret Browne (dau of Dominick Browne of Castle Macgarrett)
  i. Walter Lambert of Creg Clare (d 25.09.1832)
  m1. (02.03.1778/9) Honoria Dillon (dsp, sister of Robert Dillon, 1st Lord Clonbrock)
  m2. (1784) Catherine Staunton (dau of James Staunton of Waterdale House)
  a. James Staunton Lambert of Waterdale, Sheriff of co. Galway (b 05.03.1789, d 01.07.1867) had issue
  m. (25.09.1832) Camden Elizabeth Macclellan (d 01.07.1874, dau of Camden Gray Macclellan, Lord Kirkcudbright)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas Dominick (b 07.1791), Harriet (d unm 1829), Maria Margaret (d unm 1853), Emily (d unm 1830)
  ii. Elizabeth Lambert
  m. John Burke of Tyaquin
  iii. Catherin Lambert
  m. _ Wilson of Belvoir
  iv. Ellice Lambert (d 08.1823)
m. (04.1780) Joseph Donnelan of Killagh (d 1789)
  v.+ 6 others (d unm)
  m2. Sibella Martyn (dau of Oliver Martyn of Tullyra)
  BLG1886 (Lambert of Waterdale formerly of Creg Clare) identifies Walter's 2nd wife as a Miss Martyn of Tullyra, reports that there were several daughters (showing the marriages given below) and "several sons, ancestors respectively of the Lamberts of Castle Lambert (...), Lamberts of Kilquain, Lamberts of Castle Ellen, &c." The following comes from the family web site with support from BIFR1976, BLG1886, etc. where shown.
  B. John Lambert of Milford (d 1787)
  The following is supported by BIFR1976.
  m. Mary Burke (dau of Sir Henry Burke of Glinsk)
  i. Thomas Lambert (d 1828, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Lydia Fetherstonhaugh of Mosstown
  ii. Letitia Lambert
  m. (06.10.1784) John Fallon of Runnemead
iii. daughter
  m. Edmund Kelly of Scregg
  iv.+ other issue - Walter of Kilquain (dsp), Henry of Aggard (dsp 1820), Jane (d unm), Eliza (d unm)
  C. Peter Lambert
  The following is supported by BIFR1976, BLG1886 (Lambert of Castle Ellen), BLGI1958 (Lambert formerly of Castle Ellen).
  m. _ Carroll of Ardagh
  i. Walter Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen (d 17.01.1836)
  m. _ Tubbs
  a. Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen (b c1785, d 17.01.1844) had issue
  m1. (1810) Eleanor Seymour (d 20.11.1828, dau of Thomas Seymour of Ballymore Castle)
  m2. (19.07.1829) Maria Louisa Carroll
b. Charles Lambert had issue
  m. Elizabeth (widow of James Mahon of Northampton, co. Galway)
  D. Thomas Lambert
  The following is partly supported by BLG1886 (Lambert of Castle Lambert).
  m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of _ Wood of Chappell Field)
  i. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert (b 1769, d 16.12.1824)
  m. (1791) Elizabeth Persse (dau of Burton Persse of Persse Lodge (Moyode Castle))
a. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert, Sheriff (b 10.09.1795, d 09.08.1867) had issue
  m. (21.10.1817) Anne Eyre (b 04.1800, d 21.07.1879, dau of Col. Giles Eyre of Eyre Court Castle by Anne Daly)
  b. John Lambert (b 1800, d 04.03.1871) had issue
  m. Jane Peyton (dau of Lt. Col. John Peyton of Raheen by Mary Anne Reynold)
  c. Richard Lambert of Lyston Hall, Essex (b 07.04.1807, d 25.01.1878) had issue
  m. (27.06.1828) Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Lyston Hall)
  d. Parsons Lambert (d unm)
  e. Charles Lambert (b 1810, to USA) had issue
  m. Mary Kesse (b 1816)
  f. Robert Lambert (b 03.04.1811, d 29.09.1885, to USA) had issue
  m. (22.09.1846) Martha Weir Kesse (b 28.02.1821, d 04.02.1906, dau of John D. Kesse)
  g. Sarah Lambert (b 07.1796)
  m1. (1816) Charles Barry Bingham, 2nd Lord Clanmorris (b 1796, dsp 03.06.1829)
  m2. (1830) Edward S. Hickman
  h. Elizabeth (Bessy) Lambert
  m. Matthew St. George of Kilcolgan Castle
  i. Anna Maria Lambert
  m. Richard Rathborne of Ballymore (d 30.07.1854)
  Shown by both the family web site and BIFR1976 as daughters rather than sisters of Walter but by BLG1886 (Lambert of Castle Lambert) as of this generation were ...
  ii. Margaret Lambert shown by the family web site as daughter rather than sister of Walter
  m. George Boat of Duck's Pool
  iii. Anne Lambert
  m. Henry Lambert of co. Galway
  E. Belinda Lambert named in BIFR1976
  m. Francis Butler of Creg (son of Theobald of Ballgegan)
  F. daughter
  m. _ Morgan of Monksfield

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : www.familylambert.net/History/ with support from BLGI1958 (Lambert formerly of Brookhill)
(2) For lower section : www.familylambert.net/History/ with support from BLG1886 (Lambert of Waterdale formerly of Creg Clare), BLGI1958 (Lambert formerly of Castle Ellen), BIFR1976 (Lambert of co. Galway)
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