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Families covered: Kemeys of Cefn Mably, Kemeys of Llanvair, Kemeys of the Vaendre

David Kemeys in Roath
m. Cecil (dau of Llewelyn ap Evan ap Llewelyn ap Cynrig of Cefn Mably)
1. Lewis (Llewelyn) Kemeys of Cefn Mably
  m. Jent (dau of Philip ap Thomas ap Gwilim Jenkin of Llansaintfraed)
A. John Kemeys of Cefn Mably (a 1542)
  m. Catherine (dau of Lewis ap Richard Gwyn of the Van)
  i. David Kemeys of Cefn Mably (d befoe 04.12.1564)
  m1. Catherine Bawdrip (dau of Sir William Bawdrip of Penmark Place)
  a. Edward Kemeys of Cefn Mably and Llanvair, Sheriff (dsp 1609/10)
  m1. Elizabeth Morgan (dau of Robert Morgan of Machen)
  m2. Margaret Kemeys (dau of David Kemeys of Llanrhymney)
  m3. Catherine Kemeys (dau of William Kemeys of St. Mellon's)
  b. Mary Kemeys (a 1608)
  m. Watkin Evans (d by 1608)
  m2. Gwenllian Morgan (dau of Reynold Morgan of Machen)
  c. Reginald Kemeys of Lanishen and Velindree (d before 1582)
  m. Anne (dau of Jenkin Morgan Gwyn of Lanishen)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (dvpsp 1581), Anne (a 1583)
d. Rhys Kemeys of Heston then Bristol, Lanederne, Llanvair, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (d before 29.01.1609)
  m. Wilgiford Aubrey (dau of William Aubrey of Llantrithed)
  (1) Edward Kemeys (dvpsp)
  (2) David Kemeys of Cefn Mably, Sheriff of Glamorgan (d 30.11.1617)
  m. Rachel Hopton (dau of Robert Hopton of Witham Priory)
  (A) Edward Kemeys of Cefn Mably (d 12.01.1636)
  m. (03.03.1632) Theodosia Capell (d 01.1636, dau of Sir Henry Capell of Little Hadham)
  (i) Elizabeth Kemeys (d young 31.01.1636)
(ii)+ other issue (d infant)
  (3) Sir Nicholas Kemeys, 1st Bart of Cefn Mably (d Chepstow 25.05.1648)
  m1. Jane Williams (dau of Rowland Williams of Llangibby Castle)
  (A) Sir Charles Kemeys, 2nd Bart of Cefn Mably and of the Vaendre, Sheriff of Glamorgan (d 19.05.1658)
  m1. (by 04.1642) Blanche Mansell (d by 1650, dau of Sir Lewis Mansell of Margam)
  m2. Margaret Whitmore (d 28.07.1683, dau of Sir George Whitmore of Hackney, Lord Mayor of London)
  (i) Sir Charles Kemeys, 3rd Bart of Cefn Mably and of the Vaendre, etc., Sheriff of Glamorgan (b 18.05.1651, bur 22.12.1702)
  m1. (1678) Mary Wharton (b 1649, d 1699, dau of Philip Wharton, 4th Lord)
  (a) Sir Charles Kemeys, 4th Bart of Cefn Mably, Llanvair, etc., Sheriff of Glamorgan (b 23.11.1688, d unm 29.01.1734-5)
  (b) Jane Kemeys of Cefn Mably, Llanvair, etc. (b 1685, bur 16.10.1747)
  m. (25.12.1704) Sir John Tynte, 2nd Bart of Halswell (d 05.03.1709-10)
  In 1916, one of their descendants successfully claimed the title of Baron Wharton.
  (c)+ other issue - George (bpt/bur 06.1691), Margaret (b 05.1687, d 10.06.1687), Mary (bpt 13.06.1690, d 08.01.1709)
  m2. (31.12.1701) Mary Lewis (dau of William Lewis of the Van)
  (ii) George Kemeys of Llanvair Castle, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (b 25.01.1655, d unm 26.03.1702)
  (iii) Mary Kemeys of Nash and Dunhill's (b 11.12.1652, d unm 05.10.1708)
(iv) Anne Kemeys of Nash (b c1657, d unm 21.12.1708)
  (B) Cecil Kemeys
  m. Walter Jones of Magor
  (C) Rachel Kemeys (d before 1675)
  m. Thomas Jones of Llantrissant
  (D) Mary Kemeys
  m. (23.01.1644) Thoms Morgan, younger of Llanrhymney
  (E) Florence Kemeys (b c1618, d 02.12.1711)
  m. Miles Button of Cwry-y-faid or Sheep's Court, Sheriff of Glamorgan
  m2. (11.07.1625) Mary Powell (widow of Walter Griffith of Monmouth)
  m3. (04.11.1644) Jane Bussey (dau of Sir Rawley Bussey)
  (4) Charles Kemeys of Kevengelly and the Vaendre (d before 25.02.1631)
  m1. Mary Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Llanrhymney)
  (A) Edward Kemeys (dspm 1702)
  m2. Margaret Merrick (dau of Morgan Merrick of Cotterell)
  (B)+ other issue - David of St. Mellon's (a 07.1652), Charles of St. Mellon's (d unm before 03.07.1652), Barbara, Margaret, Wingilford, Cicill
  (5) Edmond Kemeys of Llanvair (b c1598)
  (A) John Kemeys of Llanvair (b before 1623)
  (i) Edward Kemeys
  m. Anne Kemeys (bur 21.06.1723, dau of Charles Kemeys of Llanvair)
  (a) John Kemeys of Llanmellin, later of Nash (bpt 28.04.1687, d 06.10.1738, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth
((1))+ issue - John (bpt 25.11.1726, d 05.11.1729), Anne (bpt 02.07.1732), Elizabeth (bpt 24.03.1735)
  (b)+ other issue - Charles (bur 24.03.1689), George (bpt 25.05.1685, bur 12.06.1685)
  (B) Lewis Kemeys of Llanvair (d 12.1623, d unm 23.01.1694)
  (6) Henry Kemeys of Llanederne, London and Cadiff (d by 1635)
  m. Catherine Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Llanrhymney)
  (A) Nicholas Kemeys of Llanederne, London and Cadiff (b 1626, bur 08.12.1697)
  (B) Blanche Kemeys
  m1. Hoo Games of Newton, Sheriff of Brecon (d 1657)
  m2. William Morgan (Colonel, cousin)
  (C) Mary Kemeys
m. (after 04.1666) _ Miles (d before 1697)
  (D) Elizabeth Kemeys (d before 05.07.1736)
  m. William Horton (d after 1697)
  (E) Ann Kemeys of Radir (d unm before 06.04.1666)
  (7) Anne Kemeys
  m. Llewelyn (son of Howelap Jevan)
  (8) Cecil Kemeys
  m. Lewis Vanne of Marshfield
  (9) Anne Kemeys
  m. (after 01.1609) William Powell of Castell Madoc (d 1637)
  (10) Ciceley Kemeys (d 1610-1)
  m. (after 01.1609) William Vaughan of Magor and Caldicot
  ii. Anne Kemeys
  m1. John Williams
  m2. Thomas Massy
  m3. Edward Turner (Tyrrell)
  m4. Thomas Bowen of Fishwear
  iii. Mary Kemeys
  m1. Lewis ap Rees Vychan
  m2. Watkin ap Jevan Vychan
  iv. daughter
  m. Thomas ap John ap Jenkins
  B. Morgan Kemeys
  i. Johanna Kemeys in Tredunnoc (a 04.1552)
2. Jenkin Kemeys
  m. Juliana (dau of Jorwerth ap Roger ap Adam Rosser of the Vaendre)
  A. John 'the Marshal' Kemeys of the Vaendre
  m. Margaret Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Machen)
i. Thomas Kemeys (d by c1547)
  ii. Rowland Kemeys of the Vaendre, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (a 1576)
  m1. Mary Lewis (dau of Edward Lewis of the Van)
  m2. Mary Welsh (dau of Anthony Welsh of Llanwern)
  a. Anne Kemeys of Ditchell (d before 12.02.1595)
  m3. (before 1587) Florence Mathew (d before 09.06.1601, dau of Sir George Mathew of Radyr)
  b. Edward Kemeys (dsp)
  c. Jenet Kemeys
  m1. Sir Henry Jones of Albemarle
  m2. Robert Hopton of Witham
  d. Margaret Kemeys
  m. Morgan John of Coed Cernew (of family of Gwern-y-Cleppa)
  iii. Margaret Kemeys (a 1589)
  m. John Mower (d before 1589)
  B. Rosser Kemeys
3. Ann Kemeys
  m1. Thomas ap David Jenkin
  m2. Lewis ap Philip ap Thomas ap Gwilim of Llansanfraed

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Kemmis of Terwick Wood (formerly Kemeys of Kemeys and of Cefn Mably, and Kemmis of Bertholey, Shaen, and Ballinacor)')
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