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Families covered: Kemeys of Began, Kemeys of Caldicot, Kemeys of Kemeys, Kemeys of Llantrissent, Kemeys of Slough (St. Loo), Cameys of Llanmartin

Ralf de Kameys (a 1246)
m. Joan (dau of Sir John Gwyn ap Gwythred, lord of Winston)
1. Walter de Cameys, lord of Kemeys and Llanmartion (d before 1313)
  A. Sir Maurice de Cameys of Kemeys and Llanmartin (a 1327)
  m. Christy (dau of David ap Meyric ap Jevin ap Sitsylt, prince of Gwent, by Anne, dau of Robert de Cameys, cousin) @@ below
  i. Walter de Kemmeys of Kemeys
  m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of R. Grey)
  a. Ralph de Kemeys of Kemeys (a 1363)
  m. Margaret Seymour (dau of Sir John Seymour)
  (1) John (Jenkin) de Kemeys of Kemeys
  (A) William Kemeys of Kemeys
  m. Joan (dau of David ap Howel ap Gwilym Jenkin)
(i) John Kemeys of Kemeys
  m. Margaret (dau of William Vychan ap William Philip Llewelyn ap Ivor)
  (a) John (Jenkin) Kemeys of Kemeys
  m. Joan (dau of William Jenkin Philip (ap Ivor) of Langston)
  ((1)) Griffith Kemeys of Kemeys (d before 1515)
  m. Joan (dau of Sir Thomas ap Llwelyn Vychan of Ruperra)
((A)) George Kemeys of Kemeys and Llantrissent (d c1585)
  m1. Blanche Kemeys (dau of Edward Lewis Kemeys of the Van)
  m2. Cecil (dau of John ap Thomas of Treowen)
  ((B)) daughter
  m. Morgan Thomas Morris of Caereon
  ((2)) William Kemeys of Llantrissent (a 1543)
  m. ?? (dau of Thomas of Pencoed)
  ((A)) Ann Kemeys
  m. Reinalt Thomas
  (b) Sybil Kemeys
  m. William Rosser (Thomas) of Bertholey
  (ii) Joan (Jane) Kemeys
  m. Griffith Cadwgan of Trostre Vach
  (iii) Jenet Kemeys
  m. Llewelyn ap Gwilym Clifford of Trostrey
  ii. Anne de Kemeys
  m. John ap Grous Bennet, of Kilfeugan (a 1326)
2. Robert de Kemeys of Striguil (a 1270)
  A. Robert de Kemeys of Striguil (a 12.1306)
  i. Henry de Kemeys
  m. Leiky (dau of Ivon Seys)
  a. John de Kemeys
  m. Agnes Stradling (dau of Sir William Stradling of St. Donat's)
  (1) John de Kemeys (b c1373)
  (A) John Kemys of Syston Manor and Roggiet (a 1450)
  m. (c12.1422) Margaret Russell (dau of Sir Maurice Russell of Kingston Russell)
  (B) William Kemeys of Slough (St. Loo) (bpt 1409)
  m. _ Lucy (dau of Wilfred Lucy, lord of Caerwent)
  (i) Thomas Kemeys of Slough
  m. _ Flemyng of Glamorgan
(a) William Kemeys of Slough (b c1483)
  m. _ Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Crick)
  ((1)) John Kemeys of Slough (bur 01.09.1572)
  m. Elizabeth Read (d 06.09.1589, dau of Rich\ard Read of Boddington)
  ((A)) daughter
  m. _ Butcher
((B)) Bridget Kemeys
  Commoners (vol II, Huntley of Boxwell) identifies Bridget as widow of John Nanfan when she married Edward but BLG1952 shows her marriages as:
  m1. Edward Huntley of Boxwell (Colonel)
  m2. John Nanfan of Barnesley (bur 15.07.1590)
  m3. Sir Henry Blomer of Hagthorpe
  ii. Joan de Kemeys
  m1. Jenkin David of Grosmont
  m2. Sir Gilbert Denys of Syston
  B. Anne de Kemeys
  m. David ap Meyric ap Jevan ap Sitsylt, prince of Gwent
  i. Christy
  m. Sir Maurice de Cameys of Kemeys and Llanmartin (a 1327) @@ above
3. Edward de Cameys (d before 1270)
  m. Elizabeth (Nest) (dau of Sir Andrew Gamage, lord of Began)
  A. Meurice de Kemmeys of Began (a 1315)
  m. Catherine (dau of Llewelyn ap Howell Velyn)
  It is likely that at least some of the following generations did not use Kemeys as a family name but instead followed the traditional Welsh custom of identifying sons by their father's name (for example, this Meurice's son John would have been known as John ap Meurice). We are showing Kemeys as their family name to make it easier to distinguish between this family and other Welsh families and thereby make it easier to make more connections between the families.
  i. John Kemeys of Began (a 1346)
  a. John Kemeys of Began (a 1384)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Morgan ap Llewelyn ap Blendeni of Tredegar)
  (1) Morgan Kemeys of Began (d before 1399)
  (A) John Kemeys of Began, etc.
  (i) Maurice Kemeys (a 03.1473)
(a) John Kemeys of Caldicot
  m. Alianora Basyng (d 07.11.1486, dau of Gilbert Haysing of Kentsford Manor)
  ((1)) Thomas Kemeys of Caldicot and Shirehampton
  ((A)) Thomas Kemeys of Caldicot (d before 1504)
  m. Elizabeth
((i)) Bridget Kemeys of Caldicot
  m1. Thomas Herbert of Magor, later of Caldicot
  ((a)) Bridget Herbert
  m. Thomas Kemeys of Rumney and Eboth, etc
  m2. Henry Lewis of St. Pierre, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (d 1547)
  ((B)) William Kemeys of Caldicot and Lawrence Weston (a 1495)
  (2) Jenkin Kemeys (d before 1384)
  m. Maud (dau of Rhun ap Sytsylt, lord of Sengenydd)
  (A) Jevan ap Jenkin Kemeys (a 1401, forester of Machen)
  m. Jenet (dau of Jevan ap Lleison ap Jestyn ap Gwrgent, prince of Glamorgan)
  The large amount of information given in BLG1952 (Kemmis) makes it difficult to be certain that the following Margaret fits here.
  (B) Margaret Kemeys probably of this generation
  m1. Jevan ap Morgan ap Williams of New Church
  m2. Raffe Langley of Christchurch

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Kemmis of Terwick Wood (formerly Kemeys of Kemeys and of Cefn Mably, and Kemmis of Bertholey, Shaen, and Ballinacor)')
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