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Families covered: Jollie of Sheffield, Jolley of Standish, Joliffe of Tredidon

John Jolley (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
1. James Jolley of Standish, Lancashire
  A. Laurence Jolley of Standish
  m. ?? Gerard (dau of Miles Gerard of Ince)
  i.+ issue - James (d Marston Moor, had issue), Edward (d Marston Moor), others
  B. Edward Jolley of Blackrode
  m. _ Vause
  i.+ issue - James, John, daughter
  C. Thomas Jolley of Abram, Lancashire
  m. Jane Aldred (dau of John Aldred or Alred of Abram)
  i. James Jolley of Manchester & Chester (b c1600, d 1666, "Provost Marshal General of the Parliament Forces in Lancashire & Cheshire, etc.")
  m. Elizabeth Lowe (b c1596, bur 22.02.1688-9, dau of John Lowe of Denton, relict of John Hall of Droilsden)
  a. Thomas Jollie (b 30.09.1629, d 16.04.170 or 14.03.1702, minister of Altham in Lancashire, 2nd soin)
  m1. (10.1651) ?? (d 1653)
  m2. ?? (d 11.10.1654)
m3. ?? (d 1657)
  (1) ?? Jollie (dvp 1671)
  (2) Samuel Jollie (dsp 1688 or 1690)
  m. ??
  (3) Timothy Jollie (b c1657, d 28.03.1714, minister in Sheffield)
  m. (02.07.1681) Elizabeth Fisher (bpt 15.04.1647, d 017.01.1708-9, dau of Rev. James Fisher of Sheffield)
  (A) Timothy Jollie of Sheffield then London (b 21.08.1691, d 08.08.1757, minister, 2nd son)
  m. (19.10.1714) Mary Simmons (b c1691, d 09.12.1761, dau of Nevil Simmons of Manchester)
  (i) Timothy Jollie (b 01.06.1723)
  m. (21.01.1755) Thomas Bridges of Sheffield
  (ii)+ other issue - Timothy (b 28.07.1715, d 1738 in Rhode Island), Nevill (b 04.03.1718-9, d 27.07.1731), Thomas (b 17.05.1721, d 18.09.1721), Phliip (b 16/20.05.1727, d 26.02.1748), John (b 08.06.1729, d 25.11.1729), Samuel (b 14.11.1730, d 25.11.1731), Ruth (b 20.11.1716, d 27.07.1731)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (d 26.04.1685), Elizabeth (b 08.1682, d unm 17.11.739), Theodosia (a 1709, m. ??, dsp)
  m4. (1670) ??
  A grandson of Thomas was the undermentioned Thomas, possibly son of ...
  (4) John Jollie of Norbury coiuld be the eldest son?, possibly father of ...
  (A) Thomas Jollie (minister at Bradfielkd, Sparth & Cockermouth)
  m. (c1713) _ Leigh of Barnsel
  (i) Thomas Jollie (b 1718-9, d 05.09.1794)
  m. _ Towers of Cockermouth (widow?)
  (i) Sara Jollie
  m. Joseph Thornthwaite
  (i)+ other issue - John, Richard, son
  b. John Jollie (b 1641-2, d 16.06.1682, cleric)
  (1) John Jollie (d 29.06.1725, minister of Sparth)
  m. (25.01.1713-4) Rebecca Grimshaw (d 17.11.1720, dau of Thomas Grimshaw of Okenshaw, widow of John Livesey)
  (A) John Jollie (2nd son?)
  m. (05.08.1719) Margaret Hamar (dau of John Hamar in Bradshaw)
  (B) Rebecca Jollie
m. _ Burgess
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Dorothy
  c.+ other issue - James, Nathan in Chester, Mary
  ii. John Jolley
  m1. Elizabeth France (dau/heir of Richard France)
  a.+ issue - Richard, Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. ?? Torkington (dau of ?? Torkington of Torkington, relict of _ Ardron of Crokeley)
  d.+ other issue - James, John
  iii. Ellen Jolley
  m. Robert Aldred of Atherton
  iv. Jane Jolley
  m. Thomas Yate of Worthey
  v. Mary Jolley
  m. William Hanson of Himley



John Joliffe of Powgill
m. Maria Windsor (dau/heir of Thomas Windsor by Jone, dau/heir of John Tredidon son of Thomas (by Elizabeth, dau of William Penfound of Penfound) son of John (by Joane, dau/heir of Richard Fowler of Twynyo) son of Stephen Tredidon by Magdalena)
1. John Joliffe (a 1507)
  A. William Joliffe of Tredidon
  m. Emma
  i. Nicholas Joliffe of Tredidon (a 1532)
  m. Elinor Trehauke (dau of John Trehauke of Trehauke)
  a. Degorie Joliff(e) of Tredidon (d 04.02.1606)
m. Margaret (Burdon?) (relict of _ Nicholls)
  (1) Nicholas Joliffe of Tredidon (b c1566, d 22.06.1616)
  m. Elizabeth Risdon (a 1616, dau of Thomas Risdon)
  (A) Peter Joliffe of Tredidon (b c10.1598, bur 18.03.1665)
  m. (17.11.1619) Anna Spoure (dau of Richard Spoure of Northill)
  (i)+ issue - Elizabeth (b c1614, a 1620), Anna (bpt 26.10.1623, bur 01.01.1630)
  (B) Grace Joliffe
  m. Nicholas Mayow of Minhinnet
  (C) Mary Joliffe
  m. (10.021619) Nicholas Rutter of Costentin
  ii. Digory Joliffe of Tresmere (d before 01.07.1589)

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