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Families covered: Johnstone of Annandale, Johnstone of Corrie, Johnstone of Hartfell, Johnstone of Johnstone, Johnstone of Raecleuch, Johnstone of Wamphray

James Johnstone of Johnstone and that ilk (d 08.1524)
m. Mary Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, 4th Lord of Carlaverock)
1. John Johnstone of Johnstone (d 1558 / 08.11.1567)
  TSP and BE1883 disagree on some of the attributions of John's children between his wives. We follow TSP.
  m1. Elizabeth Jardine (d 12.1544)
  A. James Johnstone (dvp c1551)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Samuelston)
i. Sir John Johnstone of Johnstone and Dunskellie (b c1550, d 05.06.1587)
  m. (mcrt 07.08.1568) Margaret Scott (bur 01.02.1618, dau of Sir William Scott of Kirkurd, younger of Buccleuch)
  a. Sir James Johnstone of Johnstone (in Annandale). Lochwood, etc. (b c1567, d 06.04.1608)
  m. Sara Maxwell (d 29.03.1636, dau of Sir John Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries of Terregles, m2. Earl of Wigton)
  (1) James Johnstone, 1st Earl of Hartfell (d 04.1653)
  m1. (12.1622) Margaret Douglas (d before 1643, dau of Sir William Douglas, 1st Earl of Queensberry)
(A) James Johnstone, 2nd Earl of Hartfell and Annandale (b 1625, d 17.07.1672)
  m. (mcrt 29.05.1645) Henrietta Douglas (b 1633, d 01.06.1673, dau of William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas)
  (i) James Johnstone (b 17.12.1660, d infant)
  (ii) William Johnstone, 1st Marquess of Annandale (b 17.02.1664, d 14.01.1721)
  m1. (02.01.1682) Sophia Fairholm (b 19.03.1668, d 13.12.1716, dau of John Fairholm of Craigiehall)
  (a) James Johnstone, 2nd Marquess of Annandale (d unm 21.02.1730)
  (b) John Johnstone (b 03.08.1688, d young)
  (c) William Johnstone (b 08.1696, d unm 24.12.1721)
  (d) Henrietta Johnstone (b 11.11.1682, d 25.11.1750)
  m. (31.08.1699) Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun (b 1681, d 26.02.1742)
  (e) Mary Johnstone (b 15.06.1686, d infant)
  m2. (20.11.1718) Charlotte Van Lore Bempde (d 23.11.1772, dau of John Vanden Bempde of Hackness)
  (f) George Johnstone, 3rd Marquess of Annandale (b 29.05.1720, d unm 29.04.1792)
  (g) John Johnstone (b 08.06.1721, d unm 10.1742)
(iii) John Johnstone (b 03.09.1665, Captain)
  According to TSP, despite indications that John dsp by 1730, he may have had a family as follows ...
  m. Mary Maclean
  (a) Janet Johnstone
  m. Alexander Macdonald, younger of Camiscross
  (b)+ 2 daughters
  (iv) George Johnstone (b 21.06.1667, d 10.05.1674)
  (v) Mary Johnstone (b 31.01.1652)
  m. (18.03.1670) William Lindsay, 18th Earl of Crawford, 2nd Earl of Lindsay (b 04.1644, d 03.1698)
  (vi) Margaret Johnstone (b 14.08.1654, bur 18.10.1726)
  m. (mcrt 14.09.1678) Sir James Montgomery, 4th Bart of Skelmorlie (d 09.1694)
(vii) Henrietta Johnstone (b 21.01.1669)
  m. (15.05.1684) Sir John Carmichael of Bonnington (Bonnytoun)
  (viii) 4 daughters (d young - Henrietta b 18.01.1657, Janet b 18.06.1658, Isabel b 28.04.1659, Anna 30.07.1671-06.1675)
  (B) William Johnstone of Blacklaws (dsp 1656)
  (C) Mary Johnstone (a 1680)
  m1. (c1647) Sir George Graham of Netherby, 2nd Bart of Esk (b c1624, d 19.03.1657-8)
  m2. (c1665) Sir George Fletcher of Huttonhill (b c1633, d 23.07.1700)
(D) Janet Johnstone (d 04/5.1675)
  m. (06.02.1653) Sir William Murray of Stanhope
  (E) Margaret Johnstone (dsp 10.1655)
  m. (mcrt 11.10.1652) Sir Robert Dalzell, younger of Glenae
  (F) Bethia Johnstone (a 1640)
  m2. (mcrt 06.03.1643) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir Samuel Johnstone of Elphinstone)
  m3. (mcrt 30.01.1647) Margaret Hamilton (dau of Thomas Hamilton, 1st Earl of Haddington)
  (2) Margaret Johnstone probably of this generation
  m. (before 28.09.1626) Sir William Hamilton of Manor Elieston (b 1604, d 1662)
b. Elizabeth Johnstone
  m. (before 12.1587) Sir Alexander Jardine of Applegirth
  c. Margaret Johnstone (d before 1599)
  m. (before 11.1594, sp) Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall (d 05.1633 / 1639)
  d. Grisel (or Sara) Johnstone
  m1. Sir Robert Maxwell of Spottes & Orchardston (d before 31.10.1615)
  m2. (c1615) Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch (d 1673)
  partner unknown
  e. Simon Johnstone of Brydeholm
  ii. Jean Johnstone (d 1608)
  m1. (mcrt 01.08.1551) William Carlyle, Master of Carlyle (dvp 1572)
  m2. (sp) Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord Saltoun (d 04.1587)
  m3. (c1588) William Kerr (dspms, of Lothian family)
  B. Robert Johnstone of Raecleuch (d 10.05.1592)
  m. (before 1571) Marion Maxwell (d c11.1601)
  i. Robert Johnstone, 2nd of Raecleuch (d c1627)
  a. Robert Johnstone of Stapleton (d before 1656)
  (1) Mary Johnstone
  m. Robert Young of Auchenskewoth
  b. William Johnstone (dsp before 1656)
  c. Alexander Johnstone (dsp before 1656)
d. Elizabeth Johnstone
  m. James Grierson of Dalgonnor
  ii. Mungo Johnstone of Howcleuch
  a. Robert Johnstone (dsp c1630)
  iii.+ other issue
  C. Janet Johnstone
  m. (mcrt 18.03.1563-4) William Livingstone of Jerviswood (d 04.1601)
m2. (c09.1550) Nicola Douglas (a 1576, dau of Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig)
  D. John Johnstone of Over Cogrie (b after 1553, d 23.09.1603)
  i. James Johnstone of Lochhouse (a 1634, dsp)
  E. James Johnstone of Lochhouse (dspl before 1632)
  F. Dorothea Johnstone
  m. (mcrt 12.02.1570) John Maitland of Auchingassel
  G. Margaret Johnstone
  m. (1566) Christopher Irving (son of Edward of Bonshaw)
  H. Elizabeth Johnstone
  p1. Gelis Ewart
  I. Margaret Johnstone
  m. Ninian Graham (son of Robert of Thornick)
partner(s) unknown
  J. James Johnstone of Hardgraif
  K. John Johnstone of Harthope, Howcleuch, and Raecleuch
  L. David Johnstone
2. Adam Johnstone of Corrie (d 1544)
  A. James Johnstone of Corrie
  i. ?? Johnstone
a. George Johnstone of Girthhead (a 1623) had issue
3. James Johnstone of Wamphray (6th son)
  The following comes from 'Johnston of Wamphray' within Sir Robert Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland'.
  m. Margaret McLellan (dau of Sir Thomas McLellan of Bomby)
  A. James Johnstone of Wamphray (dsp 1591)
  B. Gilbert Johnstone of Wamphray
  m. ?? Carruthers (dau of (John) Carruthers of Holmains)
  i. Robert Johnstone of Wamphray
  m. Mariot Montgomery (dau of Sir Nicol (Niel) Montgomery of Longhaw (Lainshaw))
  a. John Johnstone of Wamphray (d 1656)
  m. (mcrt 28.01.1647) Mary Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Kelhead)
  (1) Janet Johnstone
  m. William (not Samuel) Johnstone of Sheens (a 1726)
  b. Mariot Johnstone
  m. _ Jardine of Applegarth
4.+ other issue - William, John, Simon
Possibly also a legitimate son was ...
7. James Johnstone, Abbott or Commendator of Soulseat (d before 1558)
partner(s) unknown
8.+ other issue - David, John

Main source(s): TSP (Annandale), BE1883 (Johnstone of Annandale)
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