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Families covered: Jackson of Combehay, Jackson of Enniscoe, Jackson of Pontrilas, Jackson of Sneyd Park
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William (probably not Miles) Jackson of Combehay, Somerset
m1. Mary Birde (dau of W. Birde of Bristol)
1. William Jackson (b c1590, a 1614)
  We presume that William's wife Elizabeth was not 'dau of Christopher, an (a)pothecary of Stockton' but was (as identified) ...
  m. Elizabeth Pothecary (dau of Christopher Pothecary of Stockton)
  A. Miles Jackson (b c1617)
  Visitation (1672) shows that Miles had a younger brother called William, not mentioned by Visitation (1623), but records that William was aged 2 in 1672, when Miles was about 53 years old. Whilst the age/date may be wrong, provisionally we presume that William was not brother but son (or grandson) of Miles..
  i. William Jackson (b c1670?)
  B.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Eleanor (b after 1623?)
m2. Eleanor (relict of _ Davison)
Visitation (1623) shows that Mary was mother of William. We do not know which wife was mother of the following.
2. Miles Jackson of Combehay
m. Mary Davis of Somerset
  A. William Jackson, Sheriff then Mayor of Bristol (b c1635, a 1688)
  m. Elizabeth Perry (dau of Thomas Perry of Kingswood)
  i.+ issue (a 1672) - John (b c1669), William, Elizabeth
  B. Philip Jackson of Pontrilas (Herefordshire) & London possibly of this family, of this generation
  MGH (NS5 vol 4 (1922), 'Bourne Pedigree', p253+) identifies Philip as "son of Miles Jackson of Combe Hay. co. Somerset" and provides the following.
  m. Elizabeth Bourne (dau of John Bourne of Sutton St. Clears)
  i. Edward Jackson of Pontrilas (a 1695)
m. Constance Woodward (dau of Christopher Woodward)
  a. Sir Philip Jackson of Pontrilas (d 1734)
  b.+ other issue - Chrisopher (dsp?), Elizabeth
  ii. Philip Jackson
  m. Jane Vandeput (dau of Sir Peter Vandeput)
  a. Philip Jackson of Pontrilas
  b. John Jackson, Governor of Bengal
  (1) Mary Jackson of Pontrilas
  m. (10.02.1759) Henry Shiffner (MP)
  iii. Elizabeth Jackson
  m. John Pollen of Andover (MP)
  C. Elenor Jackson
  m. Eusebius Brooke of Bristol
  D. Elizabeth Jackson
  m. (c06.1664) John Bradney of Bristol
  E. Anne Jackson
  m. Francis Gleed of Bristol
  i.+ issue - Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
  F. Mary Jackson
  m. Anthony Hort of Westbury
i.+ issue - Anthony, John, Thomas, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth
  G. Martha Jackson
3. Joseph Jackson 'of Sneyd Park'
  Visitation (1672) shows Joseph and the other siblings (excepting William & Miles) in italics, indicating that they were added by the Harleian editor. We speculate [because the coats of arms suggest that the Jacksons of Enniscoe (later Carramore) were of the same family as the above-mentioned William, Mayor of Bristol] that this was the Joseph Jackson who is reported (on various web sites) to have bought Sneyd Park (near Bristol) from the Sadlier family in the 1650s.
  A. Joseph Jackson of Sneyd Park father of Catherine, probably of this (or the next) generation
  i. Catherine Jackson
m. John Martin of Overbury Park (b 1692, d 1767)
  BLG1886 & BLGI1912 start with the following Francis Jackson other than to identify him as "described as a younger son of Joseph Jackson, of Sneyd Park".
  B. Francis Jackson (d 1678, Captain, to Ireland with Cromwell's army) probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Oliver Jackson of Enniscoe, co Mayo (d 1691)
Both BLG1886 & BLGI1912 identify Oliver's wife Jane as "dau. of Dr. King, Archbishop of Tuam". However, Wikipedia ("Archbishop of Tuam", 07.01.24) shows no-one named King in the 17th century. Noting the dates, we speculate that she may have been ...
  m. Jane King (aunt of William King, Archbishop of Dublin)
  a. John Jackson (b 1681, dsp 1704)
  b. Oliver Jackson of Enniscoe (d 02.1722)
  m. Catherine Owens (dau of Simon Owens of co Louth)
  (1) George Jackson of Enniscoe (b 1717, d 1789)
  m. (22.11.1758) Jane Cuff (dau of James Cuff of Ballinrobe, sister/heir of James, Lord Tyrawley, niece of Arthur, Earl of Arran)
  (A) George Jackson of Enniscoe (b 1761, d 1805, Colonel)
  m. (1783) Maria Rutledge (dau/heir of William Rutladge of Foxford)
  (i) William Jackson of Enniscoe (b 1787, d 1822, Colonel) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Jane Louisa Blair (d 1817, dau of Col. _ Blair of Blair)
  (ii) George Jackson (d 1836, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1804) Sidney Vaughan (dau/heir of Arthur Vaughan of Carramore)
  (iii) Sir James Jackson (d 31.12.1871, General, Lt. Governor of Cape of Good Hope)
  (iv) Andrew Jackson (Rev., 6th son) had issue
m. Mary Louisa Stock (dau of Rev. Edwin Stock, son of the Bishop of Waterford)
  (v) Oliver Jackson
  m. (1849) Eleanor Cavendish (dau of Hon. Frederick Cavendish, widow of Walter James Burke)
  (vi) Barbara Jackson
  m. Thomas Carey of Rozel, Guernsey
  (vii) Jane Jackson
m. Chrisopher (L'Estrange) Carlton of Market Hill
  (viii) Elizabeth Jackson
  m. Thomas Orme of Abbeytown
  (ix) Anne Jackson
  m. William Orme of Glenmore
  (x)+ other issue - Francis (Major), Mary, Sarah (d unm), Belinda Cuff (d unm)
  (B) James Jackson (b 1765, d 1825)
  m. Mary Perry
(i) Jane Jackson
  m. William de Mesurier of Guernsey
  (ii) Mary Perry Jackson
  (C) Francis Jackson (b 1769, d 1834)
  m. Eliza Martin (dau of John Martin of Cleveragh)
  (i)+ issue including George Francis
  (D) Oliver Cuffe Jackson (Major) had issue
  m. (10.09.1812) Sarah Jones (dau of Humphrey Jones of Mulinabro')
  (E) Elizabeth Jackson (d 1830)
  m. John Ormsby of Gortner Abbey
  (F) Anne Jackson
  m. William Orme of Abbeytown
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Oliver (d 1785), William (d 1802)
4.+ other issue - Philip, Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth, Anne

Main source(s): Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Jackson), Visitation (Somerset & Bristol, 1672, 'Jackson of Bristol'), BLGI1912 ('Jackson of Carramore'), BLG1886 ('Jackson of Carramore')
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