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Families covered: Idle of Bulmer, Idle of Leeds, Ingowe of Barking, Ives of Bradden, Ives of Wellingborough

Ralph Idle of Bulmer
1. Ralph Idle of Bulmer
  m. Susanna Stapleton
  A. Jeremiah Idle of Bulmer presumed father of ...
  i. Robert Idle
  m. Sarah Idle @@ just below?
  a. John Idle (Lord Chief Baron (of the Exchequer) of Scotland)
  m. Barbara Musgrave (dau of Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart, widow of John Hogg of Scotland)
  B. Thomas Idle of Holbeck (d 1679, 3rd son)
  m. Rebecca Dawson (d 1677, dau of John Dawson, Mayor of Leeds)
  i. Susan Idle
m. (1680) Samuel Stubbs (son of Rev. Henry)
  a. Sarah Dorothea Stubbs (a 1712)
  m. William Haynes of West Chester
  ii. Sarah Idle
  m. Robert Idle (son of Jeremiah) @@ just above?
  C. Michael Idle, Mayor of Leeds (d 1696-7)
  m. Lucy Ward (d 1708, dau of (Anthony) Ward by Isabel, dau of Miles Dodson)
  i. Ruth Idle
m. Tobias Isles
  a.+ issue - William, Thomas
  ii. Lucy Idle
  iii. Susan Idle (b c679, d 12.02.1740)
  m. (22.06.1701) William Cookson, Mayor of Leeds (d 22.07.1743)
  a.+ issue - John, Thomas., William, Frances, Elizabeth
  D. Ruth Idle (bpt 20.10.1633, d 30.04.1669)
  m. (15.04.1651) John Thoresby of Leeds (d 1679)
  E. Abigail Idle (dsps 167*)
  m. John Joscelyn of Feering, Essex
  F.+ other issue - Richard of Bulmer, Timothy of Bulmer
2. Ursula Idle
  m. Richard Hickes of Nunnington



Robert Ingowe
m1. _ FitzLangley
m2. _ Malesdon of Paglesham
1. John Ingowe (a temp Henry 6 who r. 1422-1461)
  m. _ Clement of Hawkwell?
  A. Nicholas Ingowe (d temp Edward 4 who r. 1461-1483)
  m. _ Raynesford
  i. Robert Ingowe of Barking (bur 1498-9)
  m. Joanna Dorward (dau of Richard Dorward of Barking (Booking?))
  a. Mary Ingowe (d 1526)
  m. John Strangman (d 1503-4)



Francis Ives of Wellingborough
m. Sarah Pentlow (d 27.07.1666, dau of Thomas Pentlow of Wilby) possibly parents of ...
1. William Ives of Bradden (b c1629, dsp 23.01.1696-7, rector of Greens Norton & Bradden)
  m. Elizabeth
2. Francis Ives of Wellingborough (d c1687)
m. Anne (bur 03.09.1689)
  A. William Ives of Bradden (bur 19.04.1719)
  m1. Mary (bur 29.12.1701)
  i. Mary Ives (a 1717)
  m2. Jane (bur 15.01.1706-7) ## see here ##
  ii. Jane Ives (bpt 17.08.1705, bur 09.03.1705-6)
m3. Mary Clarke (d 01.08.1758, dau of Sir Gilbert Clarke of Chilcot, m2. Sir Thomas Samwell of Uton, Bart)
  B. Francis Ives (d 1728)
  m. Elizabeth Carpenter (d 07.02.1774, m2. _ Thompson)
  i. William Ives of Bradden (d 24.12.1794)
  m. (20.03.1748-9) Anne Van Mildert (bur 07.09.1785, dau of Abraham Van Mildert of Amsterdam then London)
  a. Cornelius Ives of Bradden (bpt 05.11.1758, d 14.11.1838)
  m. (12.07.1787) Anne Van Mildert (d 01.1835, dau of Cornelius Van Mildert of Newington, cousin)
  (1) Cornelius Ives of Bradden (b 18.07.1793, d 15.11.1883, ector of Bradden)
  (2) William Ives (vicar of Coddington then Haltwhistle) had issue
  m1. (26.09.1832) Mary Anne Richmond (dau of Henry Richmond of Humshaugh)
m2. (1842) Sarah Green (dau of Robert Green of South Shields)
  m3. (1859) Anne Mewburn (dau of John William Mewburn of Peterborough)
  (3) Anna Ives (d 11.10.1882)
  (4) Martha Ives of Bradden (d 31.03.1886)
  (5) Elizabeth Ives of Bradden (d 13.11.1888)
  b. Anne Ives (bpt 07.08.151, a 1833)
  m. (19.11.1776) Thomas Grant of Lichborough (d 07.09.1803)
  c. Elizabth Ives (bpt 01.12.1754, d 07.07.1830)
  m. (06.06.1787) William Master (b c1740, d 09.09.1817, rector of Paulers Pury)
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (d 1717), Calamy (bur 13.03.1783), other (d 1716)
  C. Frances Ives
  m. (1699) Rev. John Gilbert of Tiffield
  D. Susanna Ives
  m. _ Withers
  E.+ other issue (a 1686) - Anne (d unm 01.12.1689), Sarah, Elizabeth

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