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Families covered: Innes of Coxton, Innes of Inaltrie, Barclay-Innes of Towie-Barclay

Alexander Innes, 1st of Coxton (b 1532, d 05.10.1612)
m1. Janet Reid
1. John Innes, 2nd of Coxton (b c1565, d c1635)
  m1. (15.12.1586) Margaret Kinnaird (dau of Walter Kinnaird of Culbin)
  A. James Innes (dvp c1621)
  m. (c1612) Marjory Innes (dau of Alexander Innes of Cotts and Leuchars)
i. Sir Alexander Innes, 3rd of Coxton (b c1615, a 08.1677, dsp)
  m1. Mary Gordon (d 20.08.1647, dau of Sir George Gordon, 6th of Gight)
  m2. (1649) Mary Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mckenzie of Coul)
  ii. John Innes of Culdrain
  m. Helen Gordon (dau of Sir Adam Gordon, 1st of Park, by Helen Tyrie)
  a. Sir Alexander Innes, 1st Bart of Coxton (b c1652, d 28.01.1709)
  m1. (c1678) Jean Rollo (dau of Sir John Rollo of Bannockburn)
  (1) Sir George Innes, 2nd Bart of Coxton (d c12.1715)
m. (10.01.1706) Jean Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Rothiemay by Elizabeth Barclay, heiress of Towie-Barclay)
  (A) Sir Alexander Innes, later Barclay-Innes or Barclay of Towie-Barclay, 3rd Bart of Coxton (d 1735-6)
  m1. Helen Duff (dau of James Duff of Crombie)
  (i) Jane Barclay-Innes of Towie-Barclay (b 1727, dsps 05.1746)
  m. (22.07.1745) Robert Dalrymple (doctor)
  m2. Jean Ogilvy (dau of Patrick Ogilvy of Balpur)
  (ii) Isobel Barclay-Innes or Barclay of Towie-Barclay (d 23.10.1761)
  m. Charles Barclay-Maitland of Tillicoultry (d 28.11.1795)
  (B) Sir James Innes, 4th Bart of Coxton (d 03.06.1790)
  m. Margaret Brodie (d 17.10.1756, dau of James Brodie of Muiresk)
  (i) Sir John Innes, 5th Bart of Coxton (dsp 1800)
  (ii) Sir David Innes, 6th Bart of Coxton (dsp 10.1803)
(iii) Elizabeth Innes (d 04.01.1823)
  m. George Innes of Parkside (d 20.05.1790) @@ below
  (C) Elizabeth Innes (b 1709, d 03.01.1756)
  m. William Fraser of Meunzie
  (D) Ann Innes
  m. Alexander Leslie
  (2) John Innes (dsp)
  m. Jean Ross (dau of John Ross of Allanbuie)
  (3) James Innes (d 21.10.1746)
  m. Mary Ramsay (dau of John Ramsay of Laithers)
  (A) Mary Innes
  (4) Elizabeth Innes
  m. (29.08.1710) John Ord of Findochty (cousin)
  m2. Jean Neldrum (a 02.1710, dau of Patrick Neldrum of Laithers)
  b. John Innes, 1st of Inaltrie (d before 1706)
  (1) Alexander Innes, 2nd of Inaltrie (d before 1767)
  m. Isobel Anderson
(A) Alexander Innes of Clerkseat (b c1710, d 12.03.1790)
  m. Anne Rose (d 28.09.1807, dau of Hugh Rose of Tillysnaucht)
  (i)+ 6 sons (dsp) and 11 daughters
  (B) George Innes of Parkside (d 20.05.1790)
  m. Elizabeth Innes (d 04.01.1823, dau of Sir James Innes, 4th Bart of Coxton) @@ above
  (i) Sir Alexander Innes, 7th Bart of Coxton (dsp 1821)
  (ii) Sir David Innes of Orton and Cockstoune, 8th Bart of Coxton (b 1781, d 11.08.1866)
  m. (1833) Mary Anne Williamson (d 07.07.1844, dau of _ Williamson of Stewarton)
  (a) Sir George Innes, 9th Bart of Coxton (b 1834, dsp 25.08.1886)
  m1. (20.01.1855) Judith Stirling (d 1864, dau of William Colquhoun Stirling of Edinbarnet)
  m2. (1865) Elise Watts (dau of H. Watts of Wooley)
  (ii) Margaret Innes
  m. (1795) James Ure in Alloa
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 1719, a 1745, in Turriff), Patrick (of Mickle Hill of Esslemont), Peter (dsp c 1766, captain)
  c. George Innes of Bogton in Pittenseir (a 1675)
  d. Patrick Innes of Soccoch (d 02.1722)
  m. Helen Innes
  (1)+ 5 sons and 3 daughters
  e. Jean Innes
  m. (11.1677) William Ord of Findochty
  iii. Marjory Innes
  m. (16.09.1634) George Gordon of Over Skibo
  iv.+ other issue
  B. Walter Innes of Pittenseir
  m. (before 1621) Jean Gordon
  C. John Innes (a 1634)
  m. (before 1633) _ Innes (dau of Walter Innes, 4th of Inverbreakie)
  i. son
  ii. James Innes of Newseat of Scurdargue (b 1635, d 21.01.1723)
  m. (c1671) Elizabeth Gordon (dau of George Gordon of Tewchiens)
  a. John Innes at Andover (b 1676, d 04.1762)
  m. (12.05.1713) Mary Mendham (d 18.03.1755)
  (1) Edward Innes (b 03.10.1719, d 18.11.1788, prebendary of Netheravon)
  m. (18.12.1755) Elizabeth Moore (d 29.05.1809, dau of George Moore)
  (A) George Innes (b 05.08.1759, d 17.07.1842, rector of Hilperton, headmaster)
  m. (1793) Isabella Stodart (dau of Captain Henry Stodart)
  (i) Elizabeth Innes of Islips Manor (dsp 06.02.1893)
  m. (13.12.1848) George Harris
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp)
  (B) Charles Innes (b 12.07.1763, d 10.11.1824)
  m1. Anne Neate (d 19.09.1796, dau of Thomas Neate)
  (i) Edward Innes (b 17.08.1792) had issue
  m1. (11.06.1818) Jane Josepha Lightfoot (d 09.03.1832, dau of Samuel Lightfoot)
  m2. (20.04.1841) Emma Webb (dau of James Webb)
  m2. (12.06.1798) Mary Stodart (dau of Captain Henry Stodart)
  (ii) James Innes (b 27.12.1814, d 19.01.1880) had issue
  m1. (21.05.1839) Frances Oldham (d 15.07.1840, dau of William Oldham)
  m2. (19.07.1842) Amelia Mary Anne Muston (d 30.07.1860, dau of William Pitt Muston)
  m3. (10.10.1861) Catherine Biggs Harpour (dau of George Cosby Harpour of Castletown)
  (iii)+ other issue - 4 sons (d unm), Maria
D. Jean Innes
  m. (before 07.08.1624) Robert Innes (baillie of Elgin)
  E. Barbara Innes
  m1. _ Dumbreck of Orton
  m2. Archibald Innes of Westerton (d before 1642)
  F. Grizel Innes
  m. (10.1631) Alexander Innes of Mathiemill (d 01.11.1656)
  m2. Margaret Gordon
m2. Catherine Gordon (dau of George Gordon, 2nd of Cairnborrow)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Innes of Newseat of Scurdargue formerly of Coxton')
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