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Families covered: Hungerford of Cahirmore, Hungerford of Clonakilty, Hungerford of Fox Hall, Hungerford of Inchodony, Hungerford of The Island (Little Island)

BIFR1976 reports that "This family traditionally claims descent from the Hungerfords of Farley, Somerset" and that the following Thomas "accompanied his kinsman Col Sir Edward Hungerford, of Farley Castle, in his expdn to Ireland which started from Chester 27 May 1647".
Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry or Little Island (a 1680)
m. Mary
1. Richard Hungerford of Inchodony or Little Island (d c1729, Colonel)
m. Mary Moore (dau of Sir Emanuel Moore)
  A. Thomas Hungerford (dvp)
  m. (1719) Susannah Becher (dau of Col. Thomas Becher of Sherkin Island, m2. Samuel Jervois of Braade House)
  i. Richard Hungerford of The Island & Fox Hall, co Cork (d c1784)
  m1. Mary Becher
a. Thomas Hungerford of The Island & Fox Hall
  m. (1770) Mary Cranfield Becher (d 1836, dau of Sir John Becher, Mayor of Bristol)
  (1) Richard Hungerford of The Island (b 1771, d 16.02.1833)
  m. (07.1793) Frances Eyre Becher (d 12.09.1843, dau of Richard Hedges Becher of Hollybrook House)
  (A) Thomas Hungerford of The Island aka Inchodony (b 16.01.1795, dspms 29.04.1870) had issue
m. (01.12.1842) Caroline Sandes (d 01.04.1888, dau of George Sandes of Dunowen)
  (B) Richard Becher Hungerford (d 21.03.1904) had issue
  m. (18.09.1837) Frances Eyre Becher (dau of John Becher of Hollybrook House, cousin)
  (C) William Hungerford of Clonakilty (4th son) had issue
  m. (22.03.1831) Jane Toye (dau of Winspeare Toye)
  (D) George Hungerford had issue
  m. (07.10.1845) Mary Elizabeth Sandes (dau of George Sandes of Dunowen)
(E) Becher Hungerford of Inchidonny, later of London in Ontario, Canada (d 13.04.1895, 7th son) had issue
  m. (14.02.1845) Anne Jane Crossley (b 1818-9, d 30.05.1893, dau of William Lloyd Crossley)
  (F) Susan Jane Hungerford
  m. (04.06.1836) Winthrop Baldwin Sealy of Gortnahorn House (d 24.11.1887)
  (G)+ other isuse - John (dsp), Henry (dsp 10.10.1835), Fanny (d unm)
  (2) George Hungerford of Clonakilty, co Cork (d 15.09.1832, Dr) had issue
  m. (1802) Eliza Hungerford (d 1828, dau of John Hungerford of Burren) @1@ below
  (3) Thomas Hungerford of Broomley, co Cork (d 14.09.1849) had issue
  m1. Johanna (widow of Henry Hungerford)
  m2. (11.10.1823) Elizabeth Daunt (d 18.11.1869, dau of George Daunt of Cork)
  (4) Susanna Hungerford
  m. (05.1798) John Becher of Hollybrook House (d 20.02.1820, son/heir of Richard)
  (5) Jane Hungerford
  m. (1803) Richard Hungerford of Cappeen (son of John of Burren) @2@ just below
  (6) Sophia Hungerford (d 10.1830)
  m. (05.08.1805) Samuel Orpen of Woodville (d 1826, son of Richard of Ardtully)
  b. John Hungerford of Burren (d 1803)
m. Anne Daunt
  (1) Richard Hungerford of Cappeen, co Cork
  m. Jane Hungerford (dau of Thomas Hungerford of The Island, cousin) @2@ just above
  (A) Susan Becher Hungerford (b c1809, d 14.08.1903)
  m. (1829) Richard Beamish of Beaumont House (d 23.11.1867, son of George of Clogheen)
  (B)+ other issue including Becher
  (2) Thomas Hungerford
  m. (1809) Louisa Campbell
  (3) Henry Hungerford had issue
m. Johanna Daunt (m2. Thomas Hungerford of Broomley)
  (4) Emanuel Hungerford (b 01.02.1785, d 1872, Captain, 6th son, to Australia) had issue
  m. (01.02.1813) Catherine Loane
  (5) Eliza Hungerford (d 1828)
  m. (1802) George Hungerford of Clonakilty (d 15.09.1832, son of Thomas of The Island & Fox Hall) @1@ above
  (6) Anne Hungerford
  m. (1784) Robert Sealy of Gortnahorn House (d 1826)
(7)+ other issue - John (dsp), Becher (dsp), Mary, Susan
  m2. Mary Hungerford (dau of Rev. Emanuel Hungerford) @3@ below
  c. Richard Hungerford (Rev.)
  m. (1775) Mary Hungeford (m2. Michael French)
  (1) Richard Hungerford (b 1776)
  m. (1794) Isabella Masters
  (A) Richard Hungerford of Carrigeen, co Cork had issue
  m. Mary Cranfield Campbell (dau of Capt. Colin Campbell by Elizabeth, dau of Col. Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore) @4@ below
  d. Letitia Hungerford
  m. (1772) Richard Hedges Becher of Hollybrook
  e. Elizabeth Hungerford
  m. Jeremiah Donovan (Captain)
  f. Susan Hungerford (d unm)
ii. Elizabeth Hungerford
  m. (28.11.1733) Philip Townsend of Derry (Captain, son of Bryan of Castle Townsend)
  iii. Mary Hungerford
  m. (1739) Rev. Horatio Townsend (d 10.1772, rector of Donnoughmore, son of Bryan of Castle Townsend)
  B. Emanuel Hungerford (Rev.)
  m1. ??
  i. Mary Hungerford
  m. Richard Hungerford of The Island & Fox Hall (d c1784) @3@ above
  m2. ??
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, John, Thomas
  C. Richard Hungerford
  m. Rachel
  i. Rachel Hungerford
  m. _ O'Grady of Elton
D. daughter
  m. _ Daunt
  E. Katherine Hungerford
  m. (1715) Thomas Knowles of Killeghy
  F. Jane Hungerford
2. John Hungerford of Cahirmore, Rosscarbery, co Cork (b 1658, Rev.)
3. Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore
  m. (1684) Frances (?) Synge (dau of Edward Synge, Bishop of Cork, sister of Archbishop of Tuam)
  A. Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore (Colonel)
  m. (1724) Barbara Townsend (dau of Bryan Townsend of Castle Townsend, cousin)
  i. Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore
  m. (1751) Sarah Boisseau (dau of Dr John Boisseau ("a Huguenot"))
  a. Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore (dvp bur 27.03.1789)
  m. (c10.1787) Jane Travers (dau of Jonas Travers of Lissicurrane & Butlerstown, m2. Rev. William Stewart of Wellfield)
  (1) Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore (b 04.1789, d 21.06.1861) had issue
  m. (15.12.1814) Alicia Jones (d 08.05.1851, dau of Rev. Henry Jones of Drombeg)
  b. John Hungerford
  m. Anna Blair (dau of Captain Richard Blair of Blair's Cove & The Abbey)
  (1) Thomas John Hungerford of Rose Bank, co Clare had issue
  m. Catherine Masters (dau of Henry Pyne Masters)
c. Richard Hungerford
  m1. ??
  m2. Mary Shaw
  (1)+ issue - Richard (had issue), Robert (had issue)
  d.+ other issue - Helena, Sarah
  ii. Elizabeth Hungerford
  m. (28.03.1789) Colin Campbell (Captain)
  a. Mary Cranfield Campbell apparently of this generation
  m. Richard Hungerford of Carrigeen @4@ above
  B. Francis Hungerford
  C. John Hungerford
  m. Catherine Jones (dau of Henry Jones of Drombeg House)
  i. Thomas Hungerford
  m. Ellen Payne (dau of Capt. _ Payne of Tralee)
  a. John Townsend Hungerford
m. Mary Anne Payne (dau of J. Payne, niece of T. Price of Ardmoyle & Clonmore)
  (1) John Hayes Hungerford (d 1823)
  (2) Townsend James William Hungerford (b 1814, d 1858/9, Colonel) had issue
  m. (28.07.1855) Harriet Willoughby (d 1869, dau of George Willoughby of Madrreas, sister of George Dobson, m2. _ Wallace)
  (3) Ellen Hungerford
  m. Rawson Hart Boddam (son of Rawson Hart (Governor of Bombay) by Eliza Maria, dau of W. Tudor of Mons)
  (4) Mary Anne Hungerford
  m1. Ewan Law (d 1818, son of Ewan of Horsted Place)
  m2. (1826) George Williamson (Captain)
  (5) Katherine Hungerford (d 03.09.1836)
  m. (01.04.1823) Welby Brown Jackson (d 17.11.1890, Judge, son of Sir John, 1st Bart)
4. Elizabeth Hungerford
  m. (1667) Achilles Daunt of Tracton Abbey (d 1711)
5. Margaret (or Anne) Hungerford
  m. (1667) Francis Poole of Mayfield
6. Jane Hungerford
  m. Thomas Hewitt

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Hungerford) with support from BLGI1912 (Hungerford of Inchodony), BLGI1912 (Hungerford of Cahirmore)
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