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Families covered: Houlton of Farley Castle, Houlton of Grittleton, Houlton of Trowbridge

Commoners identifies the arms of this family as "Arg. on a fess wavy between three talbot's heads erased az. three bezants" and reports that "This family, one of antiquity in the Isle of Wight, settled in Wiltshire in the reign of James I."
Joseph Houlton of Trowbridge, Wiltshire (a 1623)
m. Anne Yorke (dau of _ Yorke, eEcorder & MP for Devizes)
1. Joseph Houlton of Trowbridge, later of Farley (Farleigh) Castle, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d 1720)
m1. _ Cooper (dau of _ Cooper of Beckington)
  A. Joseph Houlton of Farley Castle (d 1731)
  m1. Mary Green (dau of Colonel Nicholas Green of Brook)
  i. Joseph Houlton of Farley Castle & Grittleton, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d 1750)
  m. Anna Hook (dau of Abraham Hook of Bristol)
  a. Mary Houlton of Farley Castle (dsp 1762)
  m. (20.08.1746) James Frampton of Moreton
  ii. John Houlton of Bristol & Monckton Combe (d 1767)
  m. Susannah Watts (dau of William Watts of Bristol)
  a. Joseph Houlton of Trowbridge ("whose issue is extinct")
  m. Mary Gibbs (dau of Philip Gibbs)
  b. Robert Houlton of Farley Castle & Grittleton (d 1785)
  m. Susannah Tindal (dau of Thomas Tindal of Bristol)
  (1) Joseph Houlton of Farley Castle (d 06.01.1806, Captain)
  m. Dorothea Sarah Torriano (dau of Captain Charles Torriano)
  (A) John Houlton of Farley Castle, Sheriff of Somerset (b 29.05.1773)
  m. (02.01.1799) Mary Anne Ellis (dau/heir of Thomas Ellis of Rolleston)
  (i) John Torriano Houlton of Farley Castle (b 10.11.1799, d 17.04.1868) had issue
  m. (03.01.1854) Ferdinandine de Furstenberg (dau of Baron de Furstenberg by Marie de Lillien)
  (ii) George Frederic Houlton (d 20.05.1844, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (06.06.1837) Eliza Hart (dau of Henry Hart)
  (iii) Arthur Houlton (b 1817, d 09.10.1878)
  m. (01.10.1859) Martha Agatha ?? )widow of Henry Petre of Dunkenhaugh)
  (iv) Sir Edward Victor Houlton (b 1823, 6th son)
m. (1860) Hyacinthe Harriette Wellesley (dau of Richard Wellesley)
  (v) Dorothea Frances Houlton (d 1828)
  m. Henry Shirley of Peppingford House
  (vi) Amelia Elizabeth Bridgman Houlton (d 07.07.1864)
  m. (1824) Sir John Morillyon Wilson of Chelsea College (Colonel)
  (vii) Isabella Jane Houlton
  m. (01.1834) Quintin Vivian of Knuston Hall
  (viii) Eliza Houlton (d 12.04.1877)
  m. James Jackson (Vicar in London, son/heir of James of Doncaster)
  (ix) Catherine Ann Houlton
  m. (1836) Arthur W. Ward (son/heir of John of Holwood & Calverley Park)
  (x) Florentina Louisa Houlton
  m. (1839) Neville Ward (d 26.11.15872, brother of Arthur)
  (xi)+ other issue - Charles Gore (d 1826), Mary Ann Maxwell (d 04.08.1857), Ella Catherine
  (B) Sir George Houlton (youngest son)
  m. Anna Cruickshank (dau of John Cruickshank of Bath)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert of Bath (Captain RN), Joseph (d unm 1795), Charles Torriano, Samuel (d 1827)
  c. Nathaniel Houlton of Bristol (dsp 1767)
d. John Houlton of Seagry & Grittleton (d unm 1791, Rear Admiral RN)
  iii. Nathaniel Houlton of Seagry, Wiltshire (dsp 1754)
  m. Mary Newton (dau of Francis Newton of Taunton)
  iv. Robert Houlton of Grittleton (dspm 1771)
  v. Anne Houlton possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Edward Parsons of Bristol
  a. Eleanor Parsons (d 1792)
  m. (06.05.1731) William Sheppard of Frome Selwood (b 17.10.1708)
  m2. Priscilla White (dau of Colonel Walter White of Grittleton, Governor of Bristol Fort)
  m2. Mary Ewer (dau of Colonel Isaac Ewer, Governor of Carisbrook Castle)
  B. Robert Houlton of Trowbridge (dsp)
  C. Mary Houlton (b 1679, d 06.08.1752) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Walters
  D.+ 3 other daughters
2. Catherine Houlton
  m. John Mortimer of Trowbridge

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Houlton of Farley Castle', p602+), BLG1886 ('Houlton of Farley Castle')
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