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Families covered: Hough of Great Meoles, Hough (del Hoghe) of Leighton, Hough (del Hoghe) of Thornton

Thomas del Hoghe
m1. Jane Pull (dau/coheir of _ Pull (by Margaret, sister/coheir of John Blount of Little Neston), sister of Cecilia (m. Richard le Grosvenor of Little Budowrth))
m2. ??
2. ?? del Hoghe possibly of this generation
  A. Richard del Hoghe (d 1369-70)
  m. Ellen Thornton (dau/heir of Roger Thornton of Thornton in le Hogh by dau/heir of William de Leighton)
i. Henry del Hoghe of Leighton & Thornton
  a. William Hough of Leighton & Thornton
  (1) Thomas del Hoghe or Hough of Leighton & Thornton (d by 1409?)
  (A) Christopher del Hoghe or Hough of Leighton & Thornton
  m. Ellen or Margery de Malpas (dau/coheir of David le Malpas of Hampton & Bickerton)
(i) Thomas del Hoghe or Hough of Leighton & Thornton (d 1477-8)
  m. Margery Davenport (dau of _ Davenport of Davenport)
  (a) Richard Hough of Leighton & Thornton
  m1. _ Glegg (dsp, dau of _ Glegg of Gayton)
m2. ?? Poole (dau of Sir ?? Poole of Poole)
  ((1)) Thomas Hough of Leighton & Thornton (d 1513-4)
m. Katherine Grosvenor (dau of Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton, m2. William Venables of Kinderton)
  ((A)) Richard Hough of Leighton & Thornton (b c1507, d 10.12.1567)
  m. Christiana Calveley (dau of Sir G. Calveley of the Lea)
  ((i)) William Hough of Leighton (d by 1584)
m. Jane (base dau of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex)
  ((a)) Alice Hough (a 1584)
  m. William Whitmore (son of Thomas of Thurstanston)
  ((ii)) Thomas Hough of Thornton le Hough - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Wilbraham (dau of Richard Wilbraham of Woodhey)
  ((iii))+ other issue - John, Anthony, Henry
  ((B)) Margaret Hough
m. John Minshull of Minshull (d 1574)
  ((C)) Anne Hough
  m. Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Leigh
  ((D)) Margaret Hough
  m1. William Hurleston of Chester
  m2. William Hocknell of Prenton
  ((E)) Elizabeth Hough
  m. James Marbury of Marbury
  (b) Margaret del Hoghe or Hough
  m1. Sir William Troutbeck
  m2. Sir William Poole of Poole (a 1525)
  ii. Joan del Hoghe
  m. Thomas Capenhurst (son of John of Capenhurst)



Thomas Hough of Thornton le Hough - continued above
m. Elizabeth Wilbraham (dau of Richard Wilbraham of Woodhey)
1. Richard Hough of Thornton
  A. John Hough of Thornton
  m. Ellen Gwyn (dau of Edward Gwyn of Caernarvon)
  i. William Hough of Thornton
  m. Elizabeth Meoles (dau of Thomas Meoles of Meoles)
  The following comes from Ormerod (History of Cheshire, vol 2, 'Meoles of Meoles', p272) which just shows Charles as son/heir. The other children are mentioned in Ormerod (vol 3, Appendix, p447) which notes that its source (Harl. MSS. 2119, 61, b) mentions only those other children and not Charles, raising the options that either Charles was born after those others & omitted from that source or he was a generation later.
  a. Charles Hough of Great Meoles
  (1) William Hough of Great Meoles
  (A) Jane Hough
  m. James Ramsbottom of Liverpool & Great Meoles (a 1814)
  b.+ other issue - John, Thomas, Henry, William, Anne, Katherine, Jane
  ii. Jane Hough
  m. Elias Best of Dublin
  iii. Elizabeth Hough
  m. John Bedson of Little Neston
  iv. Alice Hough
  m. Jeremy Raddams of Dublin
  v. Anne Hough (dsp)
  vi. Mary Hough
  m. William Fallon of Dublin
  B. Elizabeth Hough
  m. David Morris of London
  C. Alice Hough
  m. Henry Handcock of Moreton
2. Margery Hough
  m. John Aston of Aston Mondrem
3. Margaret Hough
  m. William Andrew of Moreton
4.+ other issue - Thomas, Henry

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Hough of Leighton and Thornton-Hough', p304)
(2) For lower section : Ormerod (vol 3, Appendix, p447) with input as reported above
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