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Families covered: Hopton of Armley, Hopton of Hopton

(1) Thoresby identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, 2 Bars Sable, each charged with 3 Mullets of 6 Points Or".
(2) Thoresby shows 17 generations between the following Sir Ingram (a 1066?) and Christopher ( d 30.06.1585). That is plausible.
Sir Ingram Hopton ("came into England with William the Conqueror")
1. Sir Robert Hopton
  m. Matild Basset (dau of Sir Wyman Basset)
  A. Sir Richard Hopton (dsp)
  m. Joan Sandford (dau of Henry Sandford)
  B. Sir Robert Hopton
  m. Florence Odensal (dau of William Odensal)
  i. Thomas Hopton
  m. Katherine Mountney (dau of Thomas Mountney)
  a. Humphrey Hopton
  m. Beatrice Normanvil (dau of John Normanvil)
  (1) John Hopton
  m. Cassandra Rockley (dau of William Rockley)
  (A) Thomas Hopton
  m. Jane Fulthorp (dau of William Fulthorp)
(i) Sir Robert Hopton of Hopton
  m. Anne Green (dau of Sir Thomas Green)
  (a) Sir Adam Hopton of Hopton
  m. Margery Headon (dau/heir of Thomas Headon of Armley)
  ((1)) John Hopton
  m. Anne Heton (dau of Sir John Heton)
  ((A)) Robert Hopton of Hopton & Armley - continued below
m. Jennet Savile (dau of Henry Savile)
  ((2)) Margery Hopton
  m. John Heton
  (ii) Edmund Hopton
  m. Barbara Swillington (dau of Sir John Swillington)
  Thoresby, slightly confusing the issue by showing the note under Barbara rather than under Edmund, reports "from whom descended Sir Owen Hopton, Lieutenant of the Tower". That leads us to make the following speculative connection.
  (a) Robert Hopton of Westwood possibly of this generation
  m. Mary Scargill
  (iii) John Hopton
  m. Edith Ashton (dau of Sir William Ashton)
  (2) Owen Hopton
  b. Thomas Hopton (monk at Whalley)
  c. Richard Hopton
  m. Margery de lay Hay (dau of Henry de lay Hay)
2.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Ralph



Robert Hopton of Hopton & Armley - continued above
m. Jennet Savile (dau of Henry Savile)
1. John Hopton of Armley
  m. Anne Gower (dau of Sir Richard Gower)
  A. Sir Robert Hopton
m1. Elizabeth Crackenthorp (dau of Sir William Crackenthorp)
  i. John Hopton
  m. Margaret Scargill (dau of Sir Richard Scargill)
  a. Sir Robert Hopton of Armley (Armeley) Hall
  This and the next few generations are supported by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Hopton') & Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Hopton of Armley').
  m. Grace Langton (dau of Sir John Langton of Ferneley)
  (1) John Hopton 'of Armley'
  m. Jane Mauliverer (dau (sb granddau/sister) of Sir William Mauliverer of Wodersome)
  (A) Thomas Hopton (dsp)
  m. Joan Delavale (dau of Ralph Delavale)
(B) Ralph Hopton
  m1. Mary Elson (dau/coheir of William Elson (Ellson) of Selby)
  (i) Christopher Hopton 'of Armley' (d 30.06.1585, 2nd son)
m. Margaret Danby (dau of Sir Christopher Danby of Thorproo)
  (a) John Hopton 'of Armley' (d 13.11.1615)
  m. Joane Grimstone (dau of Thomas Grimstone)
((1)) Thomas Hopton 'of Armley' (bpt 12.05.1577, dsp)
  m. Bridget Metham (dau of Thomas Metham of Metham)
  ((2)) Ralph Hopton (bpt 21.05.1583, d 10.09.1643)
  m1. Mary Nowel (b 23.02.1614, dau of Roger Nowel (by Katherine Marston), sister of Roger & Florence)
  ((A)) Sir Ingram Hopton 'of Armley' (bpt 23.02.1614, d 1643)
m. Ellinor Lindley (dau/coheir of Arthur Linlsey of Leathley, m2. Colonel Robert Brandling)
  ((i)) Ralph Hopton (d young)
  ((ii)) Mary Hopton
  m1. (18.06.1647) Sir Miles Stapleton (d 01.1668)
  m2. Richard Aldburgh
  ((a)) Alice Aldburgh (a 1712)
  m. Robert Hitch of Leathley (a 1712)
  ((b))+ other issue - Hopton (d young), Richard in Jamaica (a 1708)
  ((B)) Joan Hopton (b 1612)
  m. (23.12.1635) Roger Portington
  m2. (sp) Isabel Musgrave (dau of Sir William Musgrave, widow of _ Calverley, m3. Dr. Leighton)
((3)) John Hopton (bpt 20.04.1584)
  ((4)) Christopher Hopton (bpt 222.07.1589, bur 27.10.1658)
  m. _ Wright
  ((A)) John Hopton (bpt 23.04.1622, d 15.01.1679)
  m1. (sp) Susan (dau of Ralph *croft of Leeds, widow of * Jackson of Leeds)
  m2. Mary Rymer (a 1712, sister of Thomas Rymer (Historiographer Royal))
  ((i)) John Hopton of Hingerskill (dsp)
  m. Katherine Stapleton (d 31.01.1703/4, dau of Sir Miles Stapleton, Lady Mauliverer)
  ((ii)) Ralph Hopton (a 1711)
  m. Thomasine Metcalfe (dau of George Metcalfe of Thornburgh)
  ((a))+ issue - Ralph, Anne
  ((iii)) Ellinor Hopton
m1. Robert Lumley
  ((a)) Robert Lumley of Cookridge (a 1712)
  m2. Edmund Barstow of Hingerskill
  ((b))+ other issue - Edward, Thomas, Mary, Eleanor, Henrietta
  ((B )) Mary Hopton
  m. _ Musgrave
  ((C)) Sarah Hopton
  m. Marmaduke Croft
((D))+ other issue - Ralph (bpt 04.01.1626, bur 21.11.1689), Ingram (bpt 22.05.1634), Benjamin (bpt 22.05.1634)
  ((5)) Jane Hopton
  m. Richard Waterhouse
  (b) Susan Hopton
  m. Thomas Wentworth
  (c) Jane Hopton
  m. Miles Burton of Weston (Westowe)
  (d) Ellen Hopton
  m. John Dineley
  (e) Dorothy Hopton
  m. Henry Gascoigne
  (f) Elizabeth Hopton
  m. Edward Beaumont
  (g)+ other issue - Ralph (d 1582), Thomas, Margaret (d 1576?), Jane
  (ii) Elizabeth Hopton
  Thoresby shows a daughter Margaret m. _ Mauliverer. Foster shows Elizabeth m2. as follows.
  m1. William Maleverer (son/heir of Robert of Wothersome)
  m2. Peter Roos of Ingmanthorpe
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - John (d young), William, Hellen
  m2. _Strangeways (dau/coheir of Sir James Strangeways)
  m3. Mary Vavasor (dau of John Vavasor)
  (C) Christopher Hopton
  (D) Jane Hopton
  m. Thomas Wilson of Leeds
  (E) Anne Hopton
  m. James Tomson (Thompson) of Skelton (yeoman of the Guard)
  (F) Sibil Hopton
  m. Robert Gaiton (Gayton)
  (2) Sir Roger Hopton
  (3) William Hopton
  m. Alice Harrison (dau of Richard Harrison)
  (A) John Hopton, Bishop of Norwich (d 12.1558)
  (4) Elizabeth Hopton
  m. John Saville of Hulleneg Hall
  m2. (sp) "The Lady Arundel"
  B.+ other issue - Nicholas, daughter

Main source(s): 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p186+)
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