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Families covered: Heath of Durham, Heath of Kepyer, Heath of Little Eden, Heath of Ramside

Surtees shows that the following family had the following arms: "Party per chevron Or and Sable, in chief two mullets, in base a heathcock counterchanged". Visitation (Norfolk) describes them as "Per chevron or and sable, in chief two mullets of the second, in base a moorcock of the first".
John Heath of Heath (Heth of Heth), Middlesex
1. John Heath (dsp)
2. John Heath of Twickenham, Middlesex
  m. Agnes Lee (dau of Thomas Lee of Kent)
A. John Heath of London then King's Lynne (Norfolk) then Kepyer (co. Durham)
  Visitation (Norfolk) suggests that John's 1st wife was Margaret Elyarde. Mundy shows Margaret (Elyarde?). Surtees & Visitation (Durham) show her as ...
  m1. Margaret Cloker
  i. John Heath of Kepyer (bur 01.1617-8)
  m. Elizabeth Parker (d 20.10.1612)
  a. John Heath of Kepyer (b c1568, bur 06.01.1639)
m. Dorothy Blakiston (bur 19.10.1631, dau of John Blakiston of Blakiston)
  (1) Thomas Heath (bpt 30.01.1591-2, bur 06.1594)
  b. Thomas Heath of East Grange, later of Kepyer (a 1627)
  m. (12.11.1600) Dorothy Bunny (bur 11.05.1642 (17.01.1642?), dau of Richard Bunny of Newlands)
  (1) John Heath of Old Durham (bpt 20.09.1604, bur 07.03.1664)
  m. (27.10.1623) Margaret Smith (dau of William Smith of Durham)
  (A) Elizabeth Heath (bpt 12.10.1626, bur 20.10.1684)
  m. (27.10.1642) John Tempest (son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  (2) Dorothy Heath
  m. Richard Cradock of Durham
  (3) Elizabeth Heath (bpt 05.02.1608)
  m. (30.10.1628) George Middleton of Silksworth
(4) Thomasine Heath (bpt 03.02.1610)
  m. (12.08.1631) Lancelot Serafton of York
  (5) Anne Heath (bpt 24.11.1616)
  m. (08.08.1634) Richard Belt
(6)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 01.11.1607, a 1615), Henry (bpt 12.02.1610, bur 10.03.1610), Parker (bpt 19.12.1613, a 1615), Edward (bpt 05.11.1615), Mary (bpt 13.04.1612, bur 06.09.1612), Margaret (bpt/but 12.04.1618)
  b. Thomasine Heath (bur 12.1654)
  m. (09.11.1590) Thomas Lever of Little Lever
  c. Elizabeth Heath
  ii. Nicholas Heath of East Greenwich (Kent), 1st of Little Eden (co. Durham) (4th son?)
  The following comes from 'History & Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham - Hartlepool Section' by Robert Surtees (Hills & Co., 1910, 'Pedigree of Heath of Little-Eden', p49).
  m. Anne Topp (dau of John Topp (the elder) of London)
a. Topp Heath 'of Little Eden' (d 01.04.1620)
  m. Anne Blakiston (a 1627, dau of Sir William Blakiston of Blakiston, m2. ?? Lisle)
  (1) Nicholas Heath of Little Eden (b c1614, a 1659)
  m. Barbara (bur 13.06.1693)
  (A) Ralph Heath of Durham & Little Eden (dsp bur 25.05.1692)
  (B) Dorothy Heath (bpt 10.09.1639, bur 29.02.1709)
  m. (21.12.1671) Thomas Cradock (dsp 25.02.1689)
  (2) William Heath of Sunderland then Grindon & Herrington (bpt 05.12.1615)
  (A)+ issue - Topp (bpt 16.03.1657), Mary (bpt 20.02.1653), Anne (bpt 01.06.1654), Elizabeth (bpt 23.08.1663)
  (3) Anne Heath (bpt 30.11.1617)
  b. Nicholas Heath of Little Eden (d before 26.11.1662)
  m. Elizabeth Smyth (a 1663, dau of Roger Smyth of Finchley)
  (1) Thomas Heath of Little Eden (bpt 02.04.1639, d c1677, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 06.05.1691)
  (A) George Heath of Little Eden (bpt 24.03.1662, a 1740, 2nd son)
  m1. Frances Midford (dau of William Midford of Pespoole)
  (i)+ issue - Nicholas (a 02.1715), George (bpt 20.12.1686, bur 21.10.1694), Eleanor (bpt 15.09.1681)
  m2. (15.08.1697) Mary Stout (bur 28.02.1731)
  (i) John Heath of Whitby, later of Little Eden (bpt 10.04.1706, a 1740, younger son)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 15.04.1703, bur 14.04.1711), George (bpt 18.07.1708), Topp (bpt 22.07.1814, of Westoe?), Margaret (bpt 21.11.1698, bur 18.07.1710), Elizabeth (bpt 04.04.1700, bur 15.03.1713), Dorothy (bpt 01.08.1712, bur 06.08.1712), Deborah (bpt 16.07.1713, bur 20.07.1713), Margaret (bur 03.04.1731)
  (B) Fortune Heath
  m. _ Brandling
  (C)+ other issue - Nicholas (a 1659), Elizabeth (a 1680)
  (2) Elizabeth Heath
  m. Archibald Waddell
  (3)+ other issue - Roger (bpt 05.12.1626, dvp bur 01.07.1647), Margaret (bpt 16.09.1627), Catherine (bpt 18.10.1629, a 1662, d unm?), Mary (bpt 20.12.1634)
  c. John Heath (bur 10.08.1618)
  (1) John Heath (a 1627)
  d. Margaret Heath (a 1659)
  m. John Burnell (d by 1627)
  iii. Edward Heath of Ramside (bur 24.09.1599)
  m. Anne Peckover of Norwich (b 1548-9, d 22.09.1638, m2. _ King)
  a. John Heath of Ramside
  m1 Anna Burwell (bur 23.07.1609, dau of Thomas Burwell of York)
  (1) Thomasine Heath
m. (18.04.1638) Christopher Barker of York
  (2) Dorothy Heath (bpt 29.01.1608)
  m. (05.12.1631) John Hicks (rector of Whitburn)
  (3)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 06.12.1607, a 1615), Anne (bpt 03.05.1604, bur 22.11.1621), Elizabeth (bpt 13.07.1606, a 1615)
  m2. (22.05.1616) Isabel Beckwith
  b. Anne Heath
  m. John Buttam (or Bussam) of Norwich
  c. Margaret Heath
m. John Smaithwaite (preacher)
  iv. daughter
  m. Henry Smith of Durham
  a. Grace Smith
  m. Robert Maire of Hardwicke-by-the-Sea
  v. Agnes Heath mentioned by Mundy
  m. Thomas Collet of London
  vi. Margaret Heath probably of this generation
  m. Baldwin Derham of London then Crimplesham (d 1610)
  vii.+ other issue (a 1613) - Bartholomew (dvp?), Walter (dvp?), Elizabeth
  m2. Thomasine Derham (dau of Thomas Derham of Crymplesham, widow of John Reppes)
  B. Stephen Heath of London
  m. Agnes Mildmay (dau of _ Mildmay of Chelmsford (uncle of Sir Walter), niece of Sir Henry Mildmay)
  i. Mary Heath
  m. Lawrance Fynes or Tynes of London (grocer)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1613) - Thomas, William, Margaret, Elizabeth, Agnes

Main source(s): "The History & Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham" by Robert Surtees (vol 4?, 1840?, 'Pedigree of Heath of Kepyer', p70), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 23.10.13) for providing us with the relevant extract, and with some support from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, 'Heath of Kepier') and a little support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Hethe'), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, 'Heth of Twickenham') and with input as reported above
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