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Families covered: Harbottle of Basingthorpe, Harbottle of Beamish, Harbottle of Egleton, Harbottle of Harbottle (Harbottel of Harbottel), Harbottle of Horton, Harbottle of Preston

Visitation spells the family name throughout as 'Harbottell', BHO as 'Harbotel'. We follow Hodgson in using 'Harbottle' as that appears to be more common nowadays.
Roger Harbottell or Harbottle of Harbottle, Northumberland (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Bryan Harbottell or Harbottle
  m. _ Welwick (dau/heir of Sir Roger Welwick)
  A. Thomas Harbottle
  m. Mary Fenwick (dau of Sir John Fenwick)
  i. Sir John Harbottle
  m1. _ Witherington (dau of Sir John Witherington)
  a. Humfrey Harbottle
  m. Isabell Millott (dau of John Millott)
  (1) Sir Widyard Harbottle of Northumberland
  m. Diana Hilton (dau of Sir William Hilton)
  (A) Sir Rafe Harbottle
  m. Grace Mounbocher (dau/heir of Thomas Mounbocher)
  (i) Widyard Harbottle
  m. Joan Gray of Northumberland
  (a) Sir John Harbottle
  m. Elianor Rosse (dau/heir of John Rosse)
  ((1)) Sir Widyard Harbottle ## see alternative ancestry below ##
  ## Visitation shows this as the Widyard who was father, by Jane Willoughby, of Elianor (m. "Sr. Thom. Herize. 2. sonn to Hen. Lord Heriz.") & Mary (m. Sir Edward Fitton). That there appears to be differences with Elianor's marriage(s) indicates that the above line may possibly apply but be for a different person to the undermentioned Guiscard.
  (b) Robert Harbottle of Basingthorpe, Lincolnshire
  m. Isabell Saye (dau/coheir of Sir William Saye)
  ((1)) Rafe Harbottle of Basingthorpe
  m. _ Harington of Grantham (heir)
  ((A)) Randolph Harbottle of Grantham, Lincolnshire
  m. Catherine Blewett (dau of John Blewett of Somerby, widow of Robert Bawde of Somerby)
  ((i)) Robert Harbottle of Basingthorpe
  m. Emme Fowler (dau/heir of William Fowler of Humbledon)
  ((a)) Edward Harbottle of Elglington (Egleton), Rutland
  m. Joane Gray (dau of Thomas Gray of Barwell)
  (((1))) Zachary Harboyyle
  m. Mary Smith (dau of Clement Smith of Hambleton)
  (((A)))+ issue (a 1618) - Robert (b c1606), Christopher, Rafe, Valentine
  (((2))) John Harbottle of Egleton
  m. Elizabeth Goodwin (dau of Anthony Goodwin of Egleton)
  (((A)))+ issue - William, Anne
  (((3))) Thomas Harbottle of Egleton
  m. Catherine Clifton of Clipsham
  (((A)))+ issue - John, Thomas, Henry, Alice, Elizabeth, Mary
  (((4))) Mary Harbottle
  m. Richard Sheppard of Wilbarston
(((5)))+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Edward, Elizabeth
  ((b)) Zachary Harbottle (dsp)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Harbottle
  m. John Butler of Okeham
  ((d)) Dorothy Harbottle
  m. Simon Burton of Brandston
  ((e)) Bridget Harbottle
  m. Geoffrey Johnson of Leicestershire
  ((f)) Jane Harbottle
  m. Thomas Tunstall of Melbank
  (((1))) Theophilus Tunstall
  m. Margaret Harvey (dau of Francis Harvey)
  (((2))) Tobias Tunstall
  m. Grace French (dau of Thomas French of London)
  (((A)))+ issue - Henry, Theophilus, Edyth
  (((3))) Sara Tunstall
  (((4))) Elizabeth Tunstall
  m. _ Dodsonn
  (B) John Harbottle (dsp)
  m. Julian Tempest (dau of Richard Tempest of Holmefrid)
  (C) Margaret Harbottle
  m. John Humfreyvile
  m2. _ Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther)



Robert Harbottle of Preston, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 06.05.1419, Constable of Dunstanburgh Castle)
m. Isabel Monbouchon (d 23.10.1426, dau of Bertram Monbouchon (Monboucher), widow of Sir Henry Hetton)
1. Sir Robert Harbottle of Horton & Preston, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 14.11.1443)
  m. (1424) Margaret Ogle (dau of Sir Robert Ogle, m2. Nicholas Bellingham)
  A. Bertram Harbottle of Horton, Beamish & Tanfield, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1426, d 02.08.1462)
m. (1439) Joan Lumley (a 1492, dau of Thomas Lumley of Lumley Castle, Lord, m2. William Cowell)
  i. Sir Ralph Harbottle of Horton & Beamish (b c1455, d 06.1504)
  m. Margaret Percy (a 1506, dau of Sir Ralph Percy, son of Henry, 2nd Earl of Northumberland)
  a. Sir Guiscard or Guischard (Richard) Harbottle of Horton, Beamish, Sutton, etc. (b c1484, d Flodden 09.09.1513 or 1516) ## see alternative ancestry above ##
  m. (c1502) Jane Willoughby (dau of Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton (Woolaton))
  (1) George Harbottle of Horton (b c1509, dsp 20.01.1527/8)
  m. Margaret (Margery) Ogle (dau of Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord, m2. Thomas Middleton of Belsay, m3. Richard Dacre)
  (2) Eleanor Harbottle (b c1504, d 04.1567)
  m1. Sir Thomas Percy (d 06.1537, son of Henry Algernon, Earl of Northumberland)
  m2. (c1541, sp) Sir Richard Holland of Denton
  (3) Mary Harbottle (b c1506, d 12.12.1556)
  m. Sir Edward Fitton of Gosworth (d 1549)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Harbottle of Horton Demesnen', p272) which identifies the following Thomas as an illegitimate son of Sir Guischard.
  (4) Thomas Harbottle of Horton Demesne (a 1531)
  m. Magdalen
  (A) Ralph Harbottle of Horton Demesne (d before 08.09.1591)
  (i) Thomas Harbottle of Stickley (a 1613)
  (i) Robert Harbottle of Choppington then Hebburn (a 1635) had issue
  m. Elizabeth (a 1651)
  (B) Henry Harbottle of Ellingham (a 1595)
m. Barbara (widow of Ralph Muschamp of Ellingham)
  (C) Thomas Harbottle of Horton (b c1556, d before 24.06.1610)
  m. Jane (a 1625)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas of Horton, Robet, Martin, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Mary
  b. Alice (Alison) Harbottle
  m. John Hebburn of Hardwick
  c. Eleanor Harbottle
  m. George Bird of Newcastle
  d. Isabel Harbottle
m. (1492?) John Swinhoe of Rock
  e. Anne Harbottle (a 1492)
  ii. Anthony Harbottle of Cawsey
  m. Joan
  iii. Robert Harbottle of Grantham (a 1480) ancestor of Harbottle of Egleton, Rutland
  iv. Elizabeth Harbottle
  m. Richard Harding of Hollinside
  v. Lucy Harbottle
  m. Sir John Carnaby of Halton (b 1423, d 08.1479)
  vi. Agnes Harbottle
  m. Sir Roger Fenwick of Stanton
  v.+ other issue - Isabel, Joane
2. Thomas Harbottle of Cramlington (a 01.1465/6)
  m. Agnes Cramlington (d 16.10.1466, dau/heir of Sir William Cramlington, widow of Thomas Lawson)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper secton : Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, 'Harbottel')
(2) For lower section : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Harbottle of Horton', p266), Hodgson's 'A History of Northumberland in three parts' (Part II, vol II, 1832, p261+, 'Pedigree of Charron, &c.'), BHO ('The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol 2 (1820), Chester Ward, 'Chapelry of Tanfield', 'Descent of Charron, Monboucher, Harbotel, and Percy, Lords of Beamish and Tanfield')
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