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Families covered: Hamond of Carshalton, Hamond of Haling, Hamond of Holly Grove, Hamond of Okewill, Hamond of Pampisford, Hamond of Westacre, Hamond of Widford, Hamond of Wootton
[We are not aware of any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

John Hamond of Okewill
1. Hugh Hamond of East Downe
m. (1588) Jane Wyatt (dau of William Wyatt or Wiatt)
  A. John Hamond of Okewill
  m. (13.02.1645-6) Elizabeth Baker (dau of William Baker of East Downe)
  i. John Hamond of Okewill
  m. Agnes Mortimer (dau/heir of George Mortimer of Kentisbury)
  a. Agnes Hamond (d 14.03.1760)
  m. (1711) John Nott of Cobbaton (d 09.05.1756)
  ii.+ other issue



Edmund Hamond of Wootton (b 1580, d 1643)
m. Maria Salter
1. Anthony Hamond (b 1617, d 1685)
  m. Alice Hamond (dau of Richard Hamond)
  A. Anthony Hamond of South Wootton, Norfolk (d 07.02.1743)
  m. Susan Walpole (dau of Robert Walpole, sister of Robert, 1st Earl of Orford)
i. Richard Hamond (d unm 1776)
  ii. Robert Hamond
  m. Elizabeth Swan
  a. Anthony Hamond of Westacre, Norfolk
  m1. Polly Ameila Payne
  (1) son
  m2. Sarah Case (dau/coheir of Philip Case of King's Lyyn)
  (2) Philip Hamond of Westacre (d 07.1824) had issue
  m. (1803) Anne Packe (dau of Charles James Packe of Prestwold)
  (3) Susan Hamond
  m. Henry Elwes of Colesbourne
  iii. Horace Hamond (prebendary of Norwich) probably of this generation
  m. Dorothy Walpole Turner (a 02.1773, cousin)



Samuel Hamond of Blackheath, Kent (d 1715)
m. Lydia Medows (dau of William Medows)
1. Robert Hamond of London (d 1775)
m. (c1732) Susanna Snape (dau/heir of Robert Snape of Limekilns (near Blackheath), niece of Andrew (royal chaplain, Provost of King's College, Cambridge))
  A. Sir Andrew Snape Hamond of Holly Grove (Berkshire), 1st Bart (d 1786, Admiral, Comptroller of the Navy)
  m. (08.03.1779) Anne Graeme (d 1838, dau/heir of Henry Graeme of Hanwell by Anne, dau/coheir of Henry Doughty of Broadwell)
  i. Sir Graham Eden Hamond of Holly Grove, 2nd Bart (b 30.12.1779, d 20.12.1862, Admiral of the Fleet) had issue
  m. (30.12.1806) Elizabeth Kimber (dau of John Kimber of Fowley)
  In 1873, their elder son assumed the additional name of Graeme and became Hamond-Graeme.
  ii. Caroline Hamond (d 11.03.1858)
  m. (11.10.1804) Francis Wheler Hood (dvp 1814, son/heir of Henry, Viscoun Hood)
  B. Lydia Hamond
Betham's Baronetage (vol 4, #362, 'Hamond of Holly-Grove', p136+) provides some support for this family but has confused the family of the under-mentioned Sir Andrew Snape Douglas with that of the above-mentioned Sir Andrew Snape Hamond.
  m. William Douglas of Leith
  i. Sir Andrew Snape Douglas (d 04.06.1797, Captain RN)
  m. Anne Burgess of New York
  a. Anne Hamond Douglas (d 1844)
  m. (19.11.1808) Sir George Bowyer, Bart
  b.+ other issue - Andrew Snape (b 06.01.1788), Harriet
  ii. Susanna Douglas mentioned by Betham
  m. _ Redmill
  iii. Lydia Douglas mentioned by Betham
  C. Jane Hamond (d unm 1806)
  D. Bidia ("Biddy") Hamond (dsp)
  m. Thomas Hunter
2. Anne Hamond (b 1698)
  m. Henry Middleton



Sir William Hamond of Carshalton, Surrey (b c1670, d 24.11.1747, "a South Sea Director")
m. Mary (bur 19.02.1759)
1. William Hamond (d 26.08.1750, "a Turkey merchant")
m. (1723) Anne Parker (d 1736, dau (by Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Ashton) of John Parker of London then Croydon (son of John of Frenches) by Anne, dau of John Ashe of Freshford)
  A. William Hamond of Carshalton (bur 14.04.1777)
  m. (22.07.1756) Elizabeth Parker (bur 12.11.1789, dau of William Parker (by Elizabeth, dau of John Parker by Elizabeth Ashton), cousin)
  i. William Parker Hamond of Haling (d 09.1812)
  m. (22.07.1790) Mary Carr (dau of Sir Robert Carr, Bart, & niece of Sir William of Etal)
  a. William Parker Hamond of Haling & Pampisford Hall, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (b 24.11.1793, d 1873) had issue
  m. (1824) Margaret Maling (dau of John Maling of The Grange (Durham), relict of Robert Nicholson of Bradley)
  b. Peter Hamond (b 24.12.1797, General, 4th son) had issue
  m. Christina Mary Bird (dau of Lt. Colonel _ Bird)
  c. George Hamond (b 24.01.1804, 6th son) had issue
  m. Mary Brouncker (dau of Lewis William Brouncker of Boveridge)
  d. Henry Hamond (bpt 16.04.1805, rector of Widford)
  m. Sophia Edridge (dau of Rev. _ Edridge)
  e. Isabella Jane Hamond (b 06.07.1792)
  m. James Rolleston (Captain RN)
  f. Louise Grace Hamond
  m. George Dering of Barham Court
  g.+ other issue - Robert Carr (b 06.01.1795, d 1837), Edmund (b 26.11.1796, d unm 26.01.1826, rector of Widford), Francis (b 27.12.1799, d 11.1817, RN), Elizabeth Anne (bur 29.09.1794)
  ii. Francis Thomas Hamond (d 01.05.1824, rector of Widford & Quidenham)
  m. (09.1806) Maria Lovelace (dau of Colonel _ Lovelace of Quidenham)
  a. William Hamond (cleric)
m. _ Budgen (dau of General _ Budgen)
  b. Elizabeth Hamond
  iii.+ other issue - Edmond, Peter Ashton (d 01.09.1806, rector of Widford & South Mimms)
  B. Cordwill or Cordwell Hamond (dsp 28.05.1760)
  C. Peter Hamond (d 24.12.1794)
  m. Anne Jarman (1769)
  i. Anne Hamond
  m. (06.04.1786) Somerset Davies of Croft Castle
2.+ other issue - Peter (d 1753), John (d 1759)

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