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Families covered: Halton of Barnsbury, Halton of Clee, Halton of Halton (Northumberland), Halton of Little Sandford (Samford), Halton of Worlaby

1. Waldief of Halton presumed father of ...
  A. William of Halton (a 1177, 1205, d by 1219)
  m. Maud of Clarewood (a 1227)
  i. William of Halton (a 1212, 1230)
  a. Sir John of Halton, Sheriff of Northumberland (d before 09.08.1287)
  (1) Sir William (Halton) of Halton, Great Whttington, Clarewood, etc. (b by 1247, d 21.04.1299)
  m. Eleanor (a 1320)
(A) Sir John Halton of Halton (b c1280, d 321.03.1345)
  m. Isabella
  (i) Eleanor Halton
  m. Robert de Lowther (dsp 03.03.1383, m2. Agnes (widow of Rocert de Raymes of Shortflat))
  (ii) Agnes Halton
  m1. William Coteler
  m2. Henry de Ingayne
  (a) Eleanor Ingayne
  m. William Ferrour
  (iii) Margaret Halton (d 26.11.1361)
  m1. Thomas de Lowther (dsp)
  m2. (before 1345) William de Carnaby
  (2)+ other issue - John, Hugh
  ii. Thomas of Halton (a 1202, 1212)



Supposed to have descended from John Halton of Swansea, "a gentleman of Cambridgeshire" (a 1433), was the following unnamed father of John & Robert.
?? Halton
1. John Halton of Worlaby, Lincolnshire
  A. Robert Halton of Clee (Lincolnshire) & London (b c1522, d 29.08.1582, serjeant-at-law) the first mentioned by BEB1841 & Betham
m. Joan Drayner (d 05.05.1629, dau/heir of John Drayner of Hoxton by Elizabeth Butler of Rydenham)
  i. Sir Roger Halton 'of Clee' of Mablethorpe (Lincolnshire) & Great Carlton (b c1566, bur 26.12.1616)
  m. (12.10.1590) Mary FitzWilliam (d c05.1634, dau of William FitzWilliam of Mablethorpe)
  a. William Halton 'of Clee' of Clerkenwell, Middlesex (d 16.09.1624)
  m. Hannah Wray (bpt 04.02.1599-1600, a 1655, dau of Sir William Wray of Glentworth, Bart, m2. Anthony Meres of Bonby & Lincoln)
(1) Drayner Halton (d young)
  (2) Elizabeth Halton (b c1620)
  m1. William Palmer of Winthorpe (d before 05.08.1657)
  m2. James Moseley
  b. Philip Halton (a 1634, youngest son)
  m. Dorcas Ayscough (dau of Thomas Ayscough of Fulstow)
  c. Mary Halton (bpt 14.01.1606-7)
m. (10.07.1633) Thomas Cheales of Hagworthingham
  d.+ other issue - Roger (a 1634), Robert (bpt 07.11.1596), Francis (bpt 11.04.1598, a 1634), Thomas (bpt 12.11.1615), John (a 1634), George (a 1634), Elizabeth (bpt 20.01.1599-1600, a 1634)
  ii. Sir William Halton of Great Abington, Cambridgeshire (b c1570, d unm 20.11.1639, of the Middle Temple)
  a.+ issue - George, John, Francis, Robert mentioned by Maddison, illegitimate?
  iii. Robert Halton of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire (a 1634)
m1. Hesther Booth (dau of William Booth of Wootton, Lincolnshire)
  a. Sir William Halton of Little Samford Hall (Essex), 1st Bart (b c1620, d c1662, 3rd son)
  m1. Mary Altham (b c1618, d 29.12.1644, dau of Sir Edward Altham of Marks Hall by Joan Leventhorpe)
  (1) Sir William Halton of Little Sandford, 2nd Bart (d unm 04.03.1675/6)
(2) Mary Halton (d unm)
  m2. (12.06.1649) Ursula Fisher (dau of Sir Thomas Fisher, Bart of Islington (by Sarah Fowler), m2. Matthew Meriton of London)
  (3) Sir Thomas Halton of Barnsbury in Islington (Middlesex), 3rd Bart (d 06.09.1726)
  m. Elizabeth Cressener (d 26.08.1716, dau of John Cressener of London)
  (A) Sir William Halton of Barnsbury & Turnham Green, 4th Bart (dsp 12.02.1754)
  m. Frances Dalston (dau/heir of Sir George Dalston of Heath Hall (son/heir of Sir William), widow of John Jermy of Sturton Hall)
  (B) Mary Halton (d 20.05.1739)
  m. James Nicholl of Court Lodge, Sussex
  (C)+ other issue (d unm)
  (4) Richard Halton (d 1703)
  m. Mary Johnston (dau of George Johnston)
  (A) George Halton (d 07.05.1720/29)
  m. Hannah Lambert (dau of Fenwick Lambert of London)
  (i) Sir Thomas Halton, 5th Bart (d 1766)
  m. Mary Burton of London
  (a) Sir William Halton, 6th Bart (b c1751, d 09.02.1823)
  m. (by 1771) Mary Garner (dau of Kings Ripon)
  ((1)) Mary Halton
  m. John Haughton James of Haughton Hall, Jamaica
(ii)+ other issue (d unm) - William, George
  (B)+ other issue - Ursula, Susan
  b. Mary Halton bpt 11.03.1603-4)
  m. Ralph Grundy ("upholsterer to the Queene")
  c.+ other issue - Roger, Thomas (bpt 23.03.1609-10), Robert, John, Margaret (bpt 08.01.1612-3), Hester (bpt 22.04.1614)
  m2. (sp) ?? (Mrs. Shute, widow)
  iv. Frances Halton
  m. Thomas Massingberd of Braytoft
  v. Mary Halton
  m. John Ward of London
2. Robert Halton of Worlaby & Killingholme in Lincolnshire (dsp)

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