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Families covered: Halkerston of Carskerdo, Halkerston of Culross, Halkerston of Halkerston's Heath, Halkerston of Rathillet

(1) McCall reports that "The surname of Halkerston, Halkertoun, Hackstoun or Haxtoun, as it is variously written, is of great antiquity in Scotland, and is derived from the lands of Halkertoun in Fife".
(2) Descended from Sir John de Haukerston of that ilk (a 1296) was ...
Sir Thomas Halkerston of that ilk
1. Henry Halkerston, 1st of Rathillet, Fife
  m. Jean Gourlay (dau of William Gourlay of Kincraig)
  A. John Halkerston of Rathillet
  m. Elisabeth Paterson (dau of John Paterson of Hiltarvit)
  i. William Halkerston of Rathillet
  m. Margaret Paterson (dau of Andrew Paterson of Dunmore)
  a. James Halkerston of Rathillet
m. Margaret Falconer (dau of James Falconer of Craigfoodie)
  (1) David Halkerston of Rathillet (d unm 07.1680)
  (2) William Halkerston of Rathillet
  m. Margaret Halliday (dau of William Halliday of Tulliebole)
  (A) Robert Halkerston of Rathillet (d 12.1759)
  m. Helen Hay (dau of Robert Hay of Naughton)
  (i) Helenus Halkerston of Rathillet (d before 01.03.1782)
  (a) Charles (Carol?) Halkerston (a 1782, daughter)



McCall starts its pedigree of the following family, believed to be a cadet of the above, with 2 siblings shown as sons of ...
?? Halkerstoun
1. John Halkerstoun in Over Grange in Kinghorn Wester, 1st of Halkerston's Heath (a 1582, 1622)
  m. Mariota Johnesoun (a 1582)
  A. Henry Halkerstoun in Over Grange and of Halkeston's Heath (a 1603, 1641)
  m1. Margaret Anderson (dau of Robert Anderson in Dunnybirsell)
  m2. Helen Cunynghame (a 1621, 1641)
  i. John Halkerston of Halkerston's Heath (dsp before 03.05.1671)
  m. (1641) Margaret Pearson
  ii. James Halkerston of Halkerston's Heath (d 08.1685)
m1. ??
  a. Elizabeth Halkerston possibly of this marriage
  m2. Marian Moubray (sister of John Moubray in Keir's Beath)
  b. William Halkerston of Halkerston's Heath (d 14.10.1737)
  m. (1708) Eupham Ranken (dau of James Ranken of Colden by Anna Bogie)
  (1) James Halkerston of Halkerston's Heath (d before 1791)
  m. Katherine Beatson
  (A) William Halkerston, last of Halkerston's Heath (a 1801)
  (B)+ other issue - Andrew in Edinburgh (cabinet maker), James in Lochgelly (farmer)
(2) Margaret Halkerston
  m. (1732) Thomas Blackwood of Wester Coldrain
  c. John Halkerston of Kinnestoun (Kinross) & Carskerdo (Fife) (d 14.04.1767, Town Clerk of Culross)
  m. (23.03.1711) Janet Ranken (dau of James Ranken of Colden by Anna Bogie)
  (1) Robert Halkerston of Carskerdo (b 31.12.1724, d 15.05.1799, Town Clerk of Culross, 2nd son?)
  m. Christian Johnston (d 10.04.1799, dau of Laurence Johnston ("ancestor of Johnston of Sands"))
  (A) John Halkerston of Greenside (dvp 21.04.1799)
  m. (1787) Agnes Butter (dau of John Butter of Gormack)
  (i) Agnes Helenor Halkerston (d unm 20.09.1810)
  (ii) Christian Halkerston (dsp 1812)
  m. (08.11.1807) James Kerr, younger of East Grange, later of Carskerdon (d 07.03.1848), son/heir of James of East Grange
  (B) Janet Halkerston (b 15.04.1762, dsp 19.09.1833)
  m. (1805) Thomas Sands (Bailie of Culross)
  (C) Agnes Halkerston (b 08.03.1765, dsp)
  m. (1808) Rev. Thomas Blair
  (D)+ other issue - Robert (b 06.09.1759, d 14.11.1786), Christian (b 22.04.1775, d unm)
  (2) Margaret Halkerston (b 06.02.1714, d 1749, son of Rev. John of Culross)
  m. William Geddes of Edinburgh (d 02.12.1751)
  (A) Christian Geddes of Vieworth (b 1747-8, d 08.04.1830)
m. Katherine Ranken (b c1768, dsp 1844, dau of Robert Ranken of Colden)
  (B) Robert Geddes of Torbanehill, co. Linlithgow (dsps)
  m. (21.07.1786) Elizabeth Geddes (1st cousin)
  (C) Janet Geddes
  m. (06.1766) David Ireland (Town Clerk of Culross)
  (i) Margaret Ireland (b 30.10.1771, d 24.05.1802)
  m. (21.10.1793) Henry Liston (b 1771, d 1836, minister of Ecclesmachan)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (b 23.04.1767), Elizabeth (a 1805), Jenny (d unm 20.09.1797), Alison (b 04.09.1777)
  (D)+ other issue - John (dsp), Patrick in Ashem (dsp c1824)
  (3) Anne Halkerston (b 12.10.1719, d 04.06.1805)
  m. (1743) Henry Hardie (b 1716, d 1752, minister of Culross)
  (4)+ other issue - James (b 1714, d unm 1742, Dean of Guild of Culross), son (d young), 3 daughters (d young)
  d. Margaret Halkerston
  m. David Baverage
2. James Halkerstoun (a 1601, burgess of Burntisland)

Main source(s): 'Some old families' (H.B. McCall, vol 2 (1890), Chapter III: 'The Halkerstons of Halkerston Beath', p37+)
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