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Families covered: Gunter of Andover, Gunter of Gunters Town, Gunter of Inkpen, Gunter of Kintbury, Gunter of Milton, Gunter of Reading, Gunter of St. Silliens

Perhaps too cynically, we view the upper section of this page as a bit 'dodgy' (but are prepared to reconsider that view should we find an independent source to support it). As reported in the large note below, the connection with the lower section is certainly 'dodgy'. We make the connection not least to preserve the data shown in Visitation (Wiltshire) for these early generations.
Sir William Gunter of Gunters Town (a temp William Rufus who r. 1087-1100)
1. William Gunter of Gunter in Wales
  A. William Gunter of Gunters Town
  m. Margaret Pichard (dau of Sir Milo Pichard)
  i. Phillpp Gunter
  a. William Gunter
  m. Elianora Walberfe (dau of William Walberfe)
  (1) Wilcock Gunter
  m. Lucy (dau of Mored ap Mady Havard)
  (A) Oliver Gunter
  (i) Lewes Gunter
  (a) William Gunter
  ((1)) Watkin Gunter
  ((A)) Jacob Gunter
  ((i)) Robert Gunter of Abergenie
  m. Maria (dau of Richard Loyd)
  ((2)) Lewis Gunter
  (ii) Thomas Gunter
  (a) Philip Gunter
Visitation (Wiltshire) shows that Phillip had 3 sons, William plus Henry and another (unnamed), the last 2 being connected by dotted lines which normally signifies either uncertainty or illegitimacy. The unnamed son is shown as father of (William &) Henry, father of the John of Kinberie who m. _ Foller. Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, Gunter of Kintbury) shows that John as son of Henry son of Roger son of John of Inkpen. We combine these, which effectively inserts an additional generation into what is shown by Visitation (Wiltshire), but note that there is little foundation for this other than a wish to preserve the information on the earlier generations. As implied above, we suggest that this whole upper section be viewed as not to be relied on.
  ((1)) John Gunter of Inkpen, Berkshire
  ((A)) Roger Gunter of Inkpen
  ((i)) William Gunter (dsp 20.03.1502/3)
  ((ii)) Henry Gunter of Andover and/or Inglewood
  ((a)) John Gunter of Kintbury - continued below
  m. _ Fowler
  ((b)) Ralph Gunter of WInton (b by 1469)
  (((1))) William Gunter of Andover (d before 06.06.1559)
  m. Joan
  (((A))) John Gunter
  (((B))) William Gunter of Andover (d before 26.09.1570)
  m. Ann
  (((2))) Roger Gunter
  (((A))) Joan Gunter
  (((3))) Alice Gunter
  m. Robert Cowslade
  (((4)))+ other issue - John, Katherine (d before 07.06.1559)
  ((iii)) Edith Gunter
  m. John Donford of Lamborne
  ((2))+ other issue - William, Henry
  (B) Jenkin Gunter of St. Silliens
  m. Johanna (dau of Oliver ap Roos Loyd ap Adam)
  (i) William Gunter of St. Silliens
  m. ?? (dau of Thomas "ap gr. of Owen Gethin)
  (a) Howell Gunter of St. Silliens
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Richard Lewes of Abercaned)
  ((1)) Thomas Gunter of St. Silliens
  m. ?? (dau of Morgan ap Kenkin ap Morgan)
  ((A)) Lewis Gunter
  m1. ?? (dau of Edward de Upton)
  m2. ?? (dau of David Jonna ap Keth)
  (2) Phillpp Gunter
  (A) Matilda Gunter
  m. H. Dee of Newcourt
  ii.+ other issue - Oliver, Wilcock
2. Alice Gunter
  m. William Aufrey of Aberkinfrey



John Gunter of Kintbury - continued above
m. _ Fowler (dau of _ Fowler or Foller of Hungerford) "of Hungerford" comes from Visitaiton (Berkshire, 1566, Gunter of Kyntbury)
1. Jeffrey Gunter of Milton, Wiltshire (d before 17.12.1557)
  m. Agnes Yate (dau of Simon Yate of Highworth)
  A. Simon Gunter of Milton
  m. Alice Platt (dau of Richard Platt or Plott of Berkshire)
  i. Nicholas Gunter of Reading (b 1563-4)
The following comes from Visitation (Berkshire, 1623 & 1665-6, Gunter of Reading).
  m1. Mary Lovell (dau of John Lovell of Marleborow)
  a. Edward Gunter of Reading (d 1660, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Morell (dau of John Morell or Morrell of London)
  (1) Sarah Gunter
  m. Robert Gibbons of Burley
  (2) Elizabeth Gunter
  m. Francis Young of Kinbury
(3) Judith Gunter
  m. Alexander Zinzan of Tilehurst
  (4)+ other issue - Nicholas of Reading, Thomas
  b. Maria Gunter
  m. John Ellis of Shinfield
  b.+ other issue - Brian (dsp), John, Anna
  m2. Alice Hatcher (sister of John Hatcher of Kirkbiehat)
  ii. William Gunter of Milton (3rd son)
  m. Agnes Fisher (dau of John Fisher of Weeks)
  a. Judith Gunter
  m. John Gunter @@ below
b. Susanna Gunter
  m. (c04.1618) Edward Hamlin of Reading
  c.+ other issue - Brian (b c1599, a 1629), William (a 1619), John (b c1605), Jacob (b c1617), Henry (b c1611), Gilbert (b c1614)
  iii.+ other issue - Jeffrey, John, Jacob
  B. Edward Gunter of Apford, Wiltsthire, and/or North Mourton, Berkshire (d before 28.10.1585)
  m. Sibilla Keblewhite (dau of Thomas Keblewhite of Berkshire)
  C. John Gunter of Kintbury
  m. Alice Keblewhite (d before 26.04.1627, dau of Thomas Keblewhite of Blewberie in Berkshire)
The following comes from Visitation (Berkshire, 1623 & 1665-6, Gunter of Kintbury).
  i. Charles Gunter of Kintbury (Kinbury)
  m1. Anna or Jane Turvill (dau of Richard Turvill or Turvile of Thurleston)
  a. John Gunter of Kintbury (a 1623)
  m. Judith Gunter (dau of William Gunter of Melton) @@ above
  (1) John Gunter (dvp?) named Galfridus (Geoffrey) in Visitation (1623)
  b. Ursula Gunter
  m2. Jane Gray (dau of Anthony Gray of Martin & Carbroke in Norfolk)
  c. Ferdinando Gunter of Kintbury (b c1606, a 03.1664, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Mary Elgar (dau of Robert Elgar of Kintbury, relict of Francis Sherward of Faringdon
  (1)+ issue (a 03.1664) - Ferdinand (b c1650), Elizabeth, Anne
  d. Charles Gunter
  m. Elizabeth Kidwell
  e. Alice Gunter
  m. William Baker of Great Shelford
  f. Anne Gunter
  m1. Anthony Adams
  m2. _ Gibbs of Shefford
  g. Temperance Gunter
  m. William Smith of Midgiam
  h. Jane Gunter
  m. Richard Perrot of Sutton
  i.+ other issue - Anthony (dsp), Ferdinand, Charles, Robert
  ii. Edward Gunter
  m. Elizabeth Clif (dau of William Clif of London)
  a.+ issue - John, Thomas, Daniell
  i.+ other issue - Dorothy, Maria
  D. Johanna Gunter
  m. John Heliar of Fackomb
  E. Elizabeth Gunter
  m. Robert Hitchman of Kimpsford or Kempsford
  F.+ other issue - Brian, Humphrey, Helen
2. daughter
  m. _ Hurlebatte
3. daughter
  m. _ Chaynay
4.+ other issue - Roger, William/Walter of Andover
  Possibly duplication with the Roger & William shown above as nephews (rather than sons) of John.

Main source(s): Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Gunter)
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