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Families covered: Greenwell of Corbridge, Grenwell of Grenwell (Greenwell of Greenwell), Greenwell of London, Grenwell of Wolsingham

(1) BP1934 reports that "This venerable family was seated at Greenwell in the parish of Wolsingham from time immemorial." BLG1886 ("Greenwell of Greenwell') adds that it "is one of the three hosues in co. Durham (the other two being Lumley, of Lumley, and Lambton, of Lambton), which retain in the male line the estates from which they take their name."
(2) The family that claims to be the senior line is shown on Greenwell2. We hope to find a connection between that family and the following one in due course.
John de Grenwell of Park Yate in Wolsingham, co. Durham (d before 13.01.1391)
m. Catherine
1. John de Grenwell of Park Yate (d before 06.11.1419)
  A. John de Grenwell of Grenwell, Wolsingham (d before 21.10.1461)
  m. Joan
  i. Lawrence Grenwell of Grenwell (d before 21.02.1499)
  a. John Grenwell of Grenwell (d before 10.04.1543)
  m. Agnes
  (1) Peter Grenwell of Grenwell (Greenwell of Greenwell)
  (A) Peter Grenwell of Wolsingham (d 1573, youngest son)
  (i) Anthony Greenwell of Corbridge, Northumberland (2nd/4th son) - continued below
  Craster starts with Anthony who was "according to a pedigree at Heralds' College, second son of Peter Greenwell of Wolsingham, a younger son of Peter Greenwell of Greenwell" and identifies Anthony's wife as ...
  m. Agnes
  (B)+ other issue



Anthony Greenwell of Corbridge, Northumberland - continued above
m. Agnes
1. Ralph Greenwell of Corbridge (d before 1647)
  m. Isabel Fenwick (bur 20.02.1657/8, dau of Ralph Fenwick of Dilston)
  Of their children, BP1934 just mentions William, identifying him as their 3rd son. Craster provides the other children but the connecting lines in our (downloaded) copy of that work are not fully clear so some of the connections may have been misinterpreted. For example, Craster mentions that Mabel, shown below as wife of Matthew of Corbridge, was "named in the will of her son Ralph". However, were it not for the fact that BP1934 identifies Nicholas as eldest son of William, we would have interpreted the (incomplete) connecting lines as suggesting that Ralph was William's eldest son, not Matthew's, something that remains possible given that 'eldest son' is sometimes an abbreviation of 'eldest surviving son'. For the following to be accurate, there must have been a (perhaps unlikely) crossing-over of the connecting lines. However, that applies mainly to that Ralph and his brother John (who may also have been a son of William rather than Matthew) and should not spoil the rest of the pedigree.
  A. Anthony Greenwell of Corbridge (bur 24.01.1671/2)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Isabel Greenwell
  m. William Todd
  ii. Mary Greenwell
  m. John Hudspeth
  B. Matthew Greenwell of Corbridge (bur 27.02.1670/1)
  m. Mabel (bur 16.11.1678)
  i. Ralph Greenwell (bpt 28.07.1654, bur 09.02.1673/4)
  ii. John Greenwell of Corbridge (bpt 25.06.1662, a 1710)
  m. (c08.1684) Barbara Hudspeth of Corbridge (a 1710)
  a.+ issue - William, Ralph of Newcastle (bur 02.11.1700), Ralph (bpt 23.04.1696), Mabel (bpt 01.1686/7), Isabel (bpt 07.02.1688/9), Barbara (bpt 08.1691?), Elizabeth (bpt 01.1693/4), Hannah (bpt 03.1698/9)
  C. William Greenwell of Corbridge (bur 30.11.1688)
m. Mabel Leadbitter (dau of Nicholas Leadbitter of Wardon/Warden)
  ii. Nicholas Greenwell of Corbridge & Kingwood (bpt 17.07.1659, bur 09.01.1714/5)
  m1. (c05.1683) Frances Whitfield (bur 09.12.1694, dau of Richard Whitfield of Haltwhistle)
  a. Whitfield Greenwell of Corbridge & Elrington (d 1719, Captain)
  m. (28.02.1713/4) Jane Aynsley (bur 09.01.1770, dau/coheir of John Aynsley of Threepwood, m2. Samuel Brewer, m3. Ralph Redhead of Corbridge)
(1) John Greenwell of Corbridge & Follingsby (bpt 18.11.1714, bur 02.02.1774, surgeon)
  m1. (23.06.1737) Elizabeth Wharton (bpt 12.02.1714/5, bur 06.09.1763, dau/coheir of John Wharton of Shildon)
  (A) Whitfield Kellet Greenwell of North Shields (bpt 20.08.1742, a 1802)
  m. (18.03.1780) Margaret Hood (bpt 16.03.1743/4, dau of William Hood of Newcastle)
  (i)+ issue - William Kellet (b 07.05.1786, a 1809, surgeon), Hannah (bur 07.07.1783), Elizabeh Margaret (bpt 07.1782, bur 02.1788)
  (B) Anne or Emme Greenwell (bpt 12.05.1738, bur 02.11.1742)
  (C) Hannah Greenwell (bpt 03.07.1746)
  m. (16.05.1772) John Patrick of Durham
  m2. (17.04.1765, separated) Margaret Smart (d 10.09.1786, dau of John Smart of Belford, widow of Robert Simon of Newcastle)
  (2) Nicholas Greenwell of Corbridge, Hexham then Marylebone (bpt 05.07.1716)
  m1. Barbara (bur 12.04.1742)
  Craster does not follow Nicholas's line but indicates that he had issue by Barbara and that he was ancestor of the baronets possibly but not clearly by Catherine. BP1934 is clear that the baronets descended from ...
  m2. (11.11.1744) Catherine Hickman
(A) John Greenwell of London (d 07.02.1814)
  m. Jane Sheridine (d 20.09.1832, dau/heir of James Sheridine of Marylebone by Mary Thirkeld)
  (i) James Hugo Greenwell of London (b 14.06.1779, d 05.07.1838)
  m1. Livia Sophia Ward (d 28.12.1815, dau of Colonel _ Ward of London)
  (a) James Greenwell (d 1826)
  (b) Livia Jane Greenwell
  m. John Tweddell
  m2. (01.01.1818) Bridget Lloyd (d 06.09.1821, dau of Edmund Lloyd of London by Bridget, dau of John Salmon of Holcham House by _ Eyre)
  (c) Walpole Eyre Greenwell of London (b 14.11.1819, d 13.03.1897) had issue
  m. (09.08.1843) Eliza Theophila Morris d 01.03.1888, dau/coheir of John Morris of Hastings by Sarah, dau of Arthur Bott)
  Their 3rd son was created a baronet in in 1906.
  (ii) John Greenwell (b 14.05.1785)
  (iii) Anne Greenwell
  m. (15.10.1803) Francis Tweddell of Highlaws & Threepwood (m1. ??)
  (iv) Catherine Mary Greenwell
  m. (23.05.1801) Edward Balfour ("of the Admiralty")
  (v) Mary Anne Greenwell
  m. (1814) Rev. Okey Balfour (brother of Edward)
  b. Ralph Greenwell (bpt 04.08.1689)
  m1. ??
  (1)+ issue - Whitfield (bpt 2*.07.1711), William (bpt 28.11.1717, bur 10.07.1719), Frances (bpt 19.09.1714), Ann (bpt 07.09.171*)
  m2. (17.12.1724) Mary Green of Rowgreen (bur 25.06.1733)
  c.+ other issue - William (bpt 26.07.1689, d infant?), Isabel (bur 12.06.1689)
  m2. Hannah (bur 11.10.1747) 
  e. Margery Greenwell (a 1711)
  m. _ Lee
  f.+ other issue - William (bpt 12.05.1698, bur 10.11.1708), Mabel (bpt 03.11.1696, a 1711), Elizabeth (d (unm?) before 01.03.1743/4)
  D.+ other issue - Arthur of Durham (bur 07.09.1696), George
2.+ other issue - John, William, Agnes, Alice

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Greenwell') with input & support for the lower section from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 10, H.H.E. Craster, 1914, 'Greenwell of Corbridge', p176+)
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