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Families covered: Graham of Blairceanoch, Graham-Burden of Feddal, Graham of Gartur, Graham of Leitchtown, Graham in Shannochill
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Walter Graham (d before 1558)
m1. Margaret Shaw (dau of _ Shaw of Knockhill)
1. Agnes Graham
m2. Isobel Graham
2. George Graham of Gartur and Blairceanoch
  m. Isobel Kinross (a 1593, dau of laird of Kippenross?)
A. Walter Graham (dsp before 01.01.1596-7)
  B. Jasper Graham of Gartur and Blairceanoch (d 1618)
  m. Agnes Graham
  i. John Graham of Gartur and Blairceanoch
  m1. (mcrt 28.01.1626) Catherine Buchanan (dau of Duncan Buchanan of Cashlie)
  m2. Isabella Drummond (dau of John Drummond of Coquhalzie)
  a. Walter Graham of Gartur and Blairceanoch (d c04.1702)
  m. Marion Graham (possibly dau of Sir James Graham of Airth)
  (1) James Graham of Gartur (b 15.05.1668, d 11.1719)
  m. Anna Graham (dau of James Graham of Orchill)
  (A) James Graham of Gartur (d before 10.08.1745)
  m. Elizabeth Wilkinson (dau of Captain P. Wilkinson)
  (i)+ issue - David, John
  (B) John Graham (dsp)
  (C) William Graham of Gartur (d 06.1766)
  m. Christian Somerville (dau of John Somerville of Glenhove)
  (i) John Graham of Gartur (b c1749, dsp 28.04.1818, 2nd son)
  m. (10.01.1800) Matilda Erskine (d 1839/c1844, dau of James Erskine of Cardross)
(ii)+ other issue - Walter, James, Janet
  (D) Marion Graham
  (2) Margaret Graham
  m. Thomas Stewart of Ballymoran
  (3)+) other issue - James (bpt 14.09.1664, d infant), Robert, Marie (bpt 18.12.1670)
  b. John Graham (d 06.1712, Captain)
  c. Robert (or George) Graham in Shannochill, later of Mount Keanston (b c1640, d 03.1710)
  m1. Jean Menteith (d 01.1686, dau of James Menteith of Auldcathie
  (1)+ issue - John of Mount Keanston, James
  m2. (before 15.02.1688) Mary Stirling (b c1669, d 1759, dau of John Stirling of Craigbernard)
(3) Mungo Graham (bpt 09.04.1700, d unm young)
  (4) Robert Graham in Shannochill (b 1705, a 1784)
  m. Catherine Menteith (dau of ?? Menteith of Auldcathie)
  (A) Robert Graham 'of Milntown of Strathgartney' in Shannochill, later Burden of Feddall (b 30.01.1741, d 1823)
  m. Agnes Campbell (dau of Robert Campbell of Torrie by Ann Burden of Feddall)
  (i) Robert Graham, later Graham-Burden of Feddal (d 21.03.1834)
  The following comes from Nisbet's 'Heraldic Plates' (1892, 'Burden of Feddal and Auchingarrich', p156) & 'The Genealogist' (vol 3, 'Burden of Auchingarrich and Feddal', p149+).
  m. (1798) Ann McDonald
  (a) Ann Graham-Burden of Feddal (d 08.184
  m1. (1824, spm) Alexander Clegohrn of Crieff (d 13.11.1833)
  m2. (10.1834, sps) James Dewar, later Burdemn
  (ii) John Graham (farmer in Brae Leny)
  m. Isabella Campbell (dau of Captain _ Campbell)
  (a) Charles Campbell Graham-Stirling of Craigbernard (dspm 24.07.1898)
  m. (02.12.1856) Elizabeth Agnes Napier (dau of Robert Dunmore Napier of Ballikinrain)
  ((1)) Caroline Francis Graham-Stirling
  m. (10.01.1883) George H. Miller (son of James of Muirshiels)
  (b) Agnes Graham
  (iii)+ other issue (d unm) - James (Captain in Jamaica), William (Captain in Guernsey), Thomas
  (B)+ other issue - George (b 31.08.1742), Mary
  (5) George Graham (d unm 1736)
  d. Henry Graham
  m. Margaret Menteith (dau of James Menteith of Aldcathie)
  ii. Janet Graham
  m. John Stewart of Annat
  iii.+ other issue - Walter, Robert, George, Elizabeth, Christian
  partner unknown
  viii. John Graham (a 1622)
  C. Mary Graham
  m. Gilbert Graham in Rednock
3.+ other issue - Walter, William
Not mentioned by TSP was the following David who is reported by Commoners which implies that David, along with his elder brother George, were sons of their father by Margaret Schaw who is the only wife mentioned. TSP does identify George as the "eldest son by second marriage" but also identifies Agnes as by the 1st marriage so it seems reasonable to assume that, if David was of this generation, he was of the 2nd marriage.
5. David Graham of Grahamstown
  m. ?? Kinross (dau of laird of Kippenross, "sister to the Lady Gartur")
  A. Patrick Graham of Blairqhuhoile or Blairchoille (later called Leitchtown), Perthshire
  m. _ Macquibbon, heiress of Blairqhuhoile ("only child of Baron Macquibbon")
  i. Gilbert Graham of Leitchtown (d 1714)
  m. Janet Smith (dau of James Smith)
  a. Patrick Graham of Leitchtown
  m. (1695) Margaret Napier (dau of William Napier of Culragsean)
  (1) James Graham of Leitchtown (d 1774)
  m. Ann Leckie (dau of Rev. Thomas Leckie of Kilmaronock, sister of William of Broitch)
  (A) John Graham of Leitchtown (d 1810)
  m. (c1796) Agnes Macewan (dau of James Macewan)
  (i) James Graham of Leitchtown
  m. (1835) Ellenor Smith Thwaites (dau of John Thwaites of Topsham)
  (ii) Marie Graham
  m. Hugh Galbraith of Glasgow
  (iii)+ other issue - John (d 1815), William, Jannet Ann (d unm 1828)
  (B) Margaret Graham
  m. _ Wodhouse of Falkirk
  (C) Ann Graham
  m. _ Mayne of Powie (Major)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Janet
  (2) Margaret Graham
  m. Robert Forrester
  (3) Janet Graham
  m. Colin James
  (4)+ other issue - William (dsp), John (d unm), Patrick in Southwark (d unm 1780)
  b.+ "several sons"
  B. daughter
  m. _ Campbell of Auchterharley

Main source(s): TSP (Menteith) with input from Commoners (vol 4, Graham of Leitchtown)
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