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Families covered: Barns-Graham of Carbeth, Barns-Graham of Craigallian, Barns-Graham of Lymekilns
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Allan Graham, later Graham Barns-Graham, 3rd of Craigallian, 8th of Lymekilns, etc. (b 23.04.1835, d 29.12.1913)
As reported on the Barns1 page, Allan ("AGBG") was obliged to add Barns to his family name when (in 1875/6) he inherited the entailed estate of Kirkhill, in Ayrshire. He was Convener of the County of Lanark, "the Premier County of Scotland".
m. (07.04.1868) Wilhelmina Carstairs (b 09.11.1847, d 15.11.1910, dau of William Carstairs)
1. Patrick Barns-Graham (b 1869, dvp 03.09.1894)
2. Jean Meldrum Barns-Graham (b 1870, d 22.09.1948)
3. Allan Barns-Graham of Carbeth, 9th of Lymekilns (b 09.08.1874, d 25.06.1957)
  m. (05.09.1911) Wilhelmina Menzies Bayne-Meldrum (b 18.01.1889, d 15.11.1990, dau of Charles Bayne-Meldrum of Dura & Balmungo)
  A. Wilhelmina Barns-Graham of Balmungo & St. Ives (b 08.06.1912, dsp 26.01.2004, artist)
  m. (08.10.1949, div 1963) David Neville Lewis (b 1922, son of Alfred Neville Lewis by Theodosia Madeleine Cecilia Townshend)
  B. Jean Christian Barns-Graham (b 17.06.1913, d 13.02.1945)
  m. (1940) Kenneth Broun (d 1963)
C. Patrick Allan Barns-Graham of Carbeth (b 19.02.1915, d 04.06.1997, Dean of Guild of the Merchant House of Glasgow)
  m. (31.12.1944) Daphne Blanche Rosemary Skaife d'Ingerthorpe (b 13.02.1923, d 15.11.2013, dau of William Henry Braisty Skaife d'Ingerthorpe)
  i. Peter Charles Barns-Graham (founder & proprietor of Stirnet, 2nd son) has issue
  m. (1981) Jacqueline Patricia Owen (dau of William Thomas Owen by Patricia Elizabeth Stannard, co-director of Stirnet Limited)
  ii.+ other issue
4. John Barns-Graham (b 1877, d 03.08.1954, to New Zealand) had issue
  John, founder of the New Zealand branch of BGs, was the first person actually born with the family name of Barns-Graham (his elder brothers and sister were born 'Graham' but had their family name changed when very young) despite the fact that the marriage which eventually led to the joining of the two names (between Patrick Graham, 3rd of Lymekilns, and Margaret Urie, niece of John Barns, 4th of Kirkhill) had taken place in 1759, some 118 years before his birth. This 'delay' was because, as shown on Barns1 and Graham06, the entailed estate of Kirkhill (which carried the Barns name with it) passed to various cousins before it came to this branch.
  m. (22.03.1904) Somerville Catherine Barclay-Grahame (b 07.1877, d 1971, dau of John Barclay-Grahame, 6th of Morphie)
5. Marion Barns-Graham (b 1878, d 04.1939)
  m1. (24.07.1900) Charles Edward Horsbrugh (d 1937)
  m2. (1937) Edward Lang
6. Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (b 1880, d 28.08.1907)
  m. (24.07.1906) William Berry of Tayfield (b 09.05.1864, d 1954)
7. Katherine Isobel Barns-Graham (b 1883, d 11.09.1962)
8. Gordon Barns-Graham (b 1885, d 1891)

Main source(s): Stirnet's BG family records
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