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Families covered: Gordon of Dalpholly, Gordon of Drummoy, Gordon of Invergordon, Gordon of Kilcalmkill, Gordon of Rogart, Gordon of Sallagh, Gordon of Sidderay

Adam Gordon (d 05.06.1529, Dean of Caithness)
TSP (Gordon of Huntly) reports that Adam "had several natural sons, and a daughter, Elizabeth, ... and he is represented by the Gordons of Beldornie, Wardhouse, Embo, Invergordon, Ardoch, Carroll, and others." Bulloch reports that John was son by Katherine "of. .. (the) lineage (of the) ... Earl of Huntly" but adds that he is shown as brother of William & George who were sons of ...
p. May or Mariote (bastard dau of Sir John Duffus)
1. William Gordon (Chancellor of Dunkeld, Treasurer of Caitherness, rector of Petty)
2. George Gordon of Beldornie (Captain of Radenoch) apparently 'of Rothie', ancestor of Gordons of Beldornie & Wardhouse
  m. Janet Ross, heiress of Beldorney
3. John Gordon of Drummoy & Ballelon mother uncertain
  m. Margaret Mackreth (MacRa) (d 1598)
  A. Hugh Gordon of Drummoy & Ballelon (b c1530, d 03.03.1612)
m. Ursula Tullloch (dau of Provost of Forres)
  i. Oliver Gordon of Drummoy (a 1634)
  m1. Jane Monro (dau of Andrew Monro of Milton)
  a. Hugh Gordon of Drummoy & Ballelon
  m. Margaret Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Embo)
  (1) Robert Gordon of Rogart (d before 1621?)
  m. Janet Gray (dau of Robert Gray of Overskibo)
  (A) William Gordon of Rogart probably of this generation
  (2) Oliver Gordon
  m. Janet Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Carroll)
  (3) Andrew Gordon
  (4) Jane Gordon ("Lady Fors")
  m. ??
  m2. Katherine Clunas (dau of James Clunass, burgess in Cromartie)
  b. John Gordon of Kilmallie
  m1. Jane Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Kilcalmkill)
  (1)+ issue - John, Robert, Gilbert
m2. ??)
  (4)+ other issue - Oliver, George, Robert, 2 daughters
  ii. Patrick Gordon
  iii. Janet Gordon ("eldest daughter") probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m1. (1633) James Sutherland of Forse (d before 1655)
  m2. William Rorison or Henderson of Wester Nottingham
partner(s) unknown
  iv. John Gordon in Midgarty
  m1. Florence Monro (dau of Farquhar Monro of Petbure)
  a. Mary Gordon
  m. Adam Gordon (natural son of George of Marl, natural son of Gilbert of Garty)
  m2. Annas Sutherland (dau of William Hectorsone in Berridell)
  b. Gilbert Gordon of Sallagh
  m. Christian Murray (dau of George Murray of Pulrosie)
  (1) John Gordon of Sallagh
  (2)+ other issue - Robert, Lucy
  c. John Gordon
  d. Jane Gordon
  m. Adam Gordon in Culgour/Kilgour (son of Adam of Golspiekirktoun, natural son of Adam of Ferack, son of Adam, Earl of Sutherland)
  m3. Isobel Anderson
  Not clear who was mother of ...
  e. Elizabeth Gordon
  m. Alexander Gordon in Killen (natural son of William of Overskibo)
  (1)+ issue - William, Anne
  f. Katherine Gordon
  m. Angus Mackenzie in Pettarchusie
  v. Thomas Gordon in Helmsdale
  m. Margaret Murray (dau of John Murray)
  a. John Gordon
  m. _ (dau of William beg Gun in Berridell)
  (1) John Gordon
  b. Margaret Gordon
  m. Malcolm Macleod
vi. Katherine Gordon (dsp)
  m. Alexander Cuthbert in Inverness
  B. Alexander Gordon of Sideray (Sidderay or Ciderhall) (b c1535, d 03.1630)
  m1. Jane Innes (sister of William Innes of Calrossie)
  i. Margaret Gordon
  m1. Charles Pape in Meklereny
m2. Hutcheon Ross of Kindease
  m2. (c1586) Margaret Keith (dau of Rev. John Keith of Duffus)
  ii. John Gordon of Sidderay (dvp 04.1622)
  m. Jane Summer or Symer of Edinburgh
  a.+ issue - John, Alexander
  partner unknown
  c. Adam Gordon (d 1624)
  iii. Bessie (Elizabeth) Gordon
  m. Robert Gray of Ospisdal & Creigh (brother of George of Skibo)
  iv. Katherine Gordon
  m. George Murray (brother of John of Abirscors)
  partner(s) unknown
v. William Gordon
  m. Annabel Bailzie
  a.+ issue - Oliver, Hugh, daughter
  partner unknown
  d. Adam Gordon
  vi. Gilbert Gordon (d 13.02.1602)
  partner(s) unknown
  a.+ issue - Arthur in Sweden, William, Oliver
  C. Adam Gordon (d young)
  D. John Gordon of Golspitour, later of Embo (d 23.11.1628)
  m. Jean Gordon (dau of Gilbert Gordon of Garty)
  E. ('Little') John Gordon of Kilcalmkill & Backies
  m. Margaret Innes
  i. Robert Gordon (d c1603)
  partner unknown
a. William Gordon
  m. Margaret Smyth
  ii. Gilbert Gordon in Rein
  m. Anne (dau of John, chief of the Mathesons)
  a.+ issue - Robert, John, Alexander
  iii. Adam Gordon of Kilcalmkill
  Adam is identified as ancestor of the Gordons of Invergordon. We presume that he was father of ...
  a. Sir Adam Gordon of Dalpholly, Sutherland (MP) - continued below
  m. Anne Urquhart (dau of Alexander Urquhart of Newhall)
  iv. Alexander Gordon (a 1621)ancestor of Gordon of Carroll
  partner unknown
  v. John Gordon of Brora
m. Margaret Anderson
  F. Eleanor Gordon (dsp)
  m. Hugh Murray of Abirscors
  G. Isobel Gordon
  m1. George Duff of Craighead
  i. Isobel Duff
  m. (c1602) Patrick Gordon of Criagton (son of Gordon of Cairnburrow)
  a.+ issue - John (Lt. Colonel), Robert (Colonel), James, Jane
  m2. Walter Murray (brother of Hugh of Abiscors)
4. Elizabeth Gordon (b c1509) mother uncertain
  m1. (Alexander) Ogilvie of Findlater
  m2. John Gordon (d 11.1562, son of 4th Earl of Huntly)



Sir Adam Gordon of Dalpholly, Sutherland (MP) - continued above
m. Anne Urquhart (dau of Alexander Urquhart of Newhall)
1. Sir William Gordon of Dalpholly, later 1st Bart of Invergordon (previously Inverbreakie, co. Ross) (d 09.06.1742)
  m. Christian or Isabel Hamilton (dau/heir of Sir John Hamilton of Halcraig)
  A. Sir John Gordon, 2nd Bart of Invergordon (dsp 25.05.1783)
  m. ?? (d 22.08.1775)
  B. George Gordon (a 02.1745/6, dspm?)
  C. Charles Gordon, later Hamilton of Halcraig (a 02.1745/6, dspm?) who married ...
  m. (11.12.1743) Helen Cunningham of Buquhen
  D. Isabella Gordon (b c1705, d 23.04.1769)
m. (23.09.1724) George Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Cromarty (b c1702, d 28.09.1766)
  E. Anne Gordon
  TCP (Melville) notes that Anne's father is sometimes called Robert or John, as well as William, but confirms that she was probably sister of Isabel.
  m. Robert Dundas of Arniston (b 09.09.1685, d 1753, Lord President, judge as Lord Arniston)
  F. Catherine Gordon apparently of this generation
  m. Francis Fraser, 3rd of Findrack (b 18.09.1707, d 24.10.1791)
2. Adam Gordon of Dalpholly
  m. Helen Gray (dau of Robert Grey or Gray of Skibo)
  A. Robert Gordon of Covent Garden
  i. Sir Adam Gordon, 3rd Bart (d 02.11.1817, prebendary of Bristol)
  m1. (1779) Charlotte Holden (d 07.05.1793, dau of Robert Holden of Pulters by Elizabeth Winch)
  a. Brydges O'Brien Gordon (b c1779, dvp 13.01.1790)
  m2. _ Kinleside (dau of William Kinleside of London, widow of Jukes Coulson)
  B. Alexander Gordon of Falmouth (b c1721, d 11.1781)
  m. (24.06.1763) Mary Incledon (dau of Caleb Incledon of Falmouth)
  i. Sir George Gordon, 4th Bart (d unm 1840)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The Gordons of Embo with other families of the name in the County of Sutherland' by John Malcolm Bulloch (1908), available at archive.org, with thanks to a contributor (CV, 19.05.13) for bringing this book to our attention, with just a little support from BP1934 (Gordon of Embo)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded within a Temporary page on 05.05.06) : TCB (vol iv, Gordon of Dolphally, afterwards of Invergordon)
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