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Families covered: Gordon of Ardneidle, Gordon of Cairnfield, Gordon of Letterfourie

Sir James Gordon, 1st of Letterfourie (a 1513, Admiral)
m. Janet Butter (dau of ?? Butter of Gormack)
1. John Gordon of Corriedoune
2. Patrick Gordon, 2nd of Letterfourie (d 1606)
  m. Helen Innes (dau of James Innes, 3rd of Drainie)
  A. James Gordon, 3rd of Letterfourie (d 1656)
  m. _ Gordon (dau of Gordon of Buckie)
  i. Beatrix Gordon
  m. Robert Arbuthnot
  ii. Lilias Gordon
  m. William Hay of Fodderletter
B. John Gordon of Coffurach ancestor of Gordons of Aberlour
  C. Thomas Gordon of Edinvillie
  i. John Gordon, 4th of Letterfourie (b 1627, d 1721)
  m1. Margaret Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Auchintoul)
  a. James Gordon, 5th of Letterfourie (b 1660, d 1748)
  m. (1695) Grizel Dunbar (dau of Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bart of Durn)
  (1) Patrick Gordon (dvpsp 1737)
(2) James Gordon, 6th of Letterfourie (d unm 1791)
  (3) William Gordon (d 1740)
  (4) Alexander Gordon, 7th of Letterfourie (b 1715, d 16.01.1797)
  m. (1778) Helen Russell (dau of Alexander Russell of Montcoffer)
  (A) Sir James Gordon, 8th of Letterfourie, 7th Bart (b 1779, d 24.12.1843) had issue
  The baronetcy was assumed from the 6th Bart of Gordonstoun.
  m. (1801) Mary Glendonwyn (d 18.05.1845, dau of William Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn)
  (B) Alexander Gordon (b 1783, dsp 1810)
  (C) Charles Edward Gordon (b 1785, dsp 1805)
  (5) Anne Gordon
  m. James Ogilvie of Logie
  (6) Mary Gordon
  m. John Duff of Pitchaish
  (7) daughter (d unm)
  m2. Marie Innes (dau of Walter Innes of Auchlunkart)
  b. Alexander Gordon (a 1742)
  c. Marie Gordon
  m. Andrew Arnot of Foffarty
  D. Robert Gordon of Mayne, 1st of Ardneidle (Bailie of the Enzie)
  i. James Gordon, 2nd of Ardneidle, 4th/1st of Cairnfield (d c30.11.1678, Bailie of the Enzie)
  m. (after 01.09.1642) Nicholas Gordon (dau of Patrick Gordon of Cairnwhelp)
  a. Robert Gordon, 5th/2nd of Cairnfield (d c09.1688)
  m1. (22.05.1666) ?? (widow of Hay of Rannes)
  (1) Robert Gordon, 6th/3rd of Cairnfield (d 02.1694)
  m. Cecilia Gordon (bur 21.12.1747)
  (A) son (d unm)
(B) Elizabeth Gordon (b 1693, d 18.12.1724)
  m. (c1717) Alexander Gordon, 7th/4th of Cairnfield (b 17.11.1687, d 21.02.1775, of Lunan family)
  m2. (1679) Euphame Gordon (d 12.07.1702, dau of John Gordon, 2nd of Auchlindachy)
  ii. Robert Gordon (Bailie of the Enzie)
  a. Thomas Gordon of Myretown (d before 21.11.1679)
  m. Agnes Hamilton
  (1) Anna Gordon
  m. Patrick Steuart, 5th of Tanachie
iii. daughter
  m. James Innes, 5th of Drainie (d c1629)
  E. Patrick Gordon (a 1626, priest)
  F. Adam Gordon in Ordiquish
  G. Catherine Gordon
  m. Andrew Steuart, 2nd of Tanachie (d before 1637)
  H. Christian Gordon
  m. (1606) John Rose of Ballivate
  I. Helen Gordon
  m. Walter Rose of Badyvochell
3. William Gordon in Orkney
4. Alexander Gordon of Crommellat

Main source(s):
(1) For Gordon of Letterfourie: BLG1952 (Gordon of Letterfourie)
(2) For Gordon of Cairnfield: BLG1952 (Gordon of Cairnfield)
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