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Families covered: Glascock in Essex, Glascock of Hedingham Sible

(1) Because (so it appears) at one time 'Glascock' may have been interchangeable with 'Glascott', it is thought likely that the following family had some early connection with that shown on Glascott1.
(2) Visitation (Essex, 1634) identifies the arms of a branch of this family (see Glascock2) as "Ermine, on a chevron sable between three cocks azure a besant".
John Glascock (a 1364)
m. Alice Trenchfield or Trenchfoyle (heir)
1. Edward Glascock
  m. Isabel (dau/heir of John Wallex or Wallexston)
  A. Thomas Glascock
  m. Agnes or Ann (dau of _ FitzRaphe)
  i. William Glascock
  m. Joane Tendring (dau of Thomas Tendring)
  a. Richard Glascock
  Visitation (1558) starts with this Richard but spells his family name, and that of the next 2 generations, as 'Glascotte'.
  m. Ann Chauncey
  (1) John Glascock
  m. Elizabeth Blount (dau of John or Edward Blount of Everley)
  (A) Richard Glascock
  m. Margaret Pointz (dau of John Pointz)
  (i) William Glascock
  m. Jane Weld
  (a) John Glascock
  m. Joane Howe (cheir)
  ((1)) John Glascock
  m. Ann Grantham
  ((2)) Edward Glascock of Hedingham Sible, Essex (3rd son)
  m. Joane Turner (dau of Thomas Turner of Blunt's Hall)
  ((A)) Edward Glascock of Hedingham Sible
  m. Mary Catlyn (dau/heir of Sir Robert Catlyn, widow of Sir John Spencer)
  ((B)) John Glascock
  m. ?? (widow of _ Bacon of Norfolk)
  ((C)) Charles Glascock of London
  m. Mary Morley
  ((D)) William Glascock of Stamborne, Essex
  m. _ Grymes (dau of Thomas Grymes of Peckham)
  ((E)) Mary Glascock
  m. Ralph Sturdy of Yorkshire
((F)) Mary Glascock (2nd)
  m. _ Fantleroy of Fantleroy
  ((G))+ other issue - Arthur of Odiham (Hampshire), Joseph, George, Daniell, Humfrey
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, William/Nicholas
  (b) Richard Glascock of Chicke, later of Dyves Hall, Essex
  m. Grace Musgrave (dau/heir of Richard or George Musgrave)
  ((1)) John Glascock of Powers Hall in Witham and/or Notley
  m1. Mary Josselyn (dau of Sir Thomas Josselyn, widow of (John) Keble)
  ((A)) Martha Glascock (d 1593)
  m. Edmond Allen of Hatfield Peverel (d 1616)
  m2. Katherine Bradman (dau/heir of Ambrose Bradman)
  ((B)) Ann Glascock
  m. Aaron Crow or Cree of London, (goldsmith, by widow of Richard Glascock?)
  ((2)) Robert Glascock
  m. Frances Timperley (dau/heir of Jo. Timperley)
  ((3)) Jonne (Joane?) Glascock
  m1. _ Cole
  m2. _ Franke

Main source(s): Visitation (Metcalfe (1878), Essex, 1552+1558+1570+1612+1634+additions, 'Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees', 'Glascock #1') with a little input/support from Visitation (Essex, 1558, 'Glascock')
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