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Families covered: Gilbert of Bridgrule, Gilbert of Cantley, Gilbert of Chedgrave, Gilbert of Finborough, Gilbert of North Burlingham, Gilbert of Sandwich, Gilbert of Thurton, Gilbert of Westbeere

Henry Gilbert of London, later of Finborough, Suffolk
m. Elizabeth Howe (dau of John Howe of Stowmarket)
1. Sir John Gilbert of Finborough Hall (dvp)
  m1. Dorothy Gosnold (dau of Robert Gosnold of Otley)
  A. Dorothy Gilbert
  m1. Sir William Forth
  m2. Gresham Parkin of Aldham
  m3. William Tyrrell of Bury Abbey (m2. Anne, dau of Thomas Browne of Elsing, widow of Sir William Forth of Butley (son of Sir William by Dorothy Gilbert)) ## see here ##
  B. Elizabeth Gilbert
  m. Sir Roger North (b 1577, d 1651, son of Sir Henry of Suffolk)
  C. Ursula Gilbert
  m. John Poley of Columbyne Hall (a 1612)
  m2. Elizabeth Heveningham (dau of Sir Arthur Heveningham of Heveningham)



The coat of arms of the following family is shown as "Gu. a saltier or, on a chief erm. three piles of the field".
John Gilbert of Westbeere, Kent
1. Thomas Gilbert of Sandwich & Westbeere (d 1461)
  m. Jane Iden (dau of Alexander Iden of Westwell)
  A. John Gilbert of Sandwich
  m. Anne Collier (dau of John Collier of Biddenden)
  i. Sir Thomas Gilbert of Sandwich
  m. Catherine Filmer (dau of Robert Filmer of East Sutton, sister of Sir Edward)
  a. Thomas Gilbert of Westbeere
m. Anne Fitzgerald (dau of Thomas Fitzgerald)
  (1) Thomas Gilbert ( dsp)
  (2) Robert Gilbert of London (b 1605-6, d 28.05.1689)
  m. Dorothey Kingsley (dau of William Kingsley of Sarrat)
(A) Elizabeth Gilbert probably of this generation
  m. Matthew Williams of London (d 1737)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Dorothey, Catherine
  b. Joan Gilbert probably of this generation
  m. George Knatchbull (dsp)
  ii. Anne Gilbert
  m. Thomas Mills of Biddenden
  iii. Joannah Gilbert (d 12.1598) probably of this generation
  m. (1568) Robert Bargrave of Bridges
  B. Thomas Gilbert
  C. Alice Gilbert
  m. _ Burton
2. Nicholas Gilbert



Richard Gilbert of North Burlingham (Nortbirlingham), Norfolk
m1. Elizabeth Newton of Suffolk
1. Thomas Gilbert of North Burlingham
  m. Audrey Ward (dau of Thomas Ward of Brooke)
  A. Mary Gilbert
  m. Samuel Sotherton of Helsdon
  B. Elizabeth Gilbert
  m. Richard Borough of Bloughfeild
  C. Abraha (Aubrey) Gilbert (b c1580, d 18.12.1626)
  m. (1603) Richard Anguish of Moulton
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Richard
The above comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563-1589-1613, 'Gilbert') which identifies the family's coat of arms as "Gules, two bars ermine, in chief three fleurs-de-lius or". Identified by BLG1952 as "claimed to be a yr. brother ... of Thomas Gilbert of North Burlingham, Norfolk, who had a grant of armsat the Visitation of 1576", with his descendants shown as having that same coat of arms, was ...
2. John Gilbert of Langley, Norfolk (bpt 02.02.1547, d before 02.11.1611)
  A. John Gilbert of Carlton & Chedgrave, Norfolk (bur 25.03.1650)
i. Thomas Gilbert of Carlton (bur 1662)
  m. Anne (bur 05.02.1675)
  a. John Gilbert (d infant)
  b. Thomas Gilbert of Carlton (bpt 26.03.1646, d 1685)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1684)
  (1) Thomas Gilbert of Carlton (bpt 09.05.1641, dsp 1685)
  c. Maria Gilbert
  m. (1665) Thomas Ferrier of Great Yarmouth
  d. Anne Gilbert
  m. Thomas Gawdy of Claxton Manor
  ii. John Gilbert of Brook & Lodnon (dsp)
  iii. Charles Gilbert of Thurton (bur 17.01.1665)
  m. Anne Russells
  a. William Gilbert of Thurton (bur 29.04.1696)
  m. Anne Bushey (dau of William Bushey of Catton)
  (1) John Gilbert of Thurton & Chedgrave (bpt 01.02.1675, d 06.02.1721, 3rd son)
  (A) Thomas Gilbert of Chedgrave & Cantley (b 1702, d 1859)
  m. Elizabeth Utting (b c1403, d 1773, dau of John Utting of Rockland Hall)
  (i) Thomas Gilbert of Chedgrave (b 1728, d unm 1807)
  (ii) Henry Gilbert of Cantley (b 1740, d 1812)
  m. (1771) Anne Jenner (d 09.02.1781, dau of James Jenner of Ashby)
  (a) William Henry Gilbert of Cantley (b 01.11.1774, d 07.02.1832, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (20.05.1801) Elizabeth Woods (d 06.07.1828, dau of Alexander Woods of Westleton)
  (b) Robert Gilbert of Thorpe, Norfolk (b 02.06.1776, d 22.12.1856) had issue
  m. (22.05.1800) Lucy Gillett (dau of John Gillett of Halvergate)
  (c) John Gilbert of Chedgrave (b 1778, d 1862, cleric) had issue
  m. (1812) Mary Anne Denny (dau of Richard Denny of Bergh Apton)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas of Hardley (b 1772-3, d unm 21.08.1798), Thomas (d 1775)
  (iii)+ other issue
  (2)+ other issue - William (d 01.1670), William (bpt 08.10.1672), Charles (bpt 26.08.1679, had issue), Robert (bpt 08.01.1682), Thomas (bpt 08.01.1688), Anne (bpt 08.05.1669), Mary (bpt 17.05.1677)
  iv. Robert Gilbert of Chedgrave & Cantley (bur 24.11.1671)
  m. Anne
  a. John Gilbert of Chedgrave (bpt 03.01.1633, dsp 1718)
  m. Elizabeth (d 11.1700)
  b. Thomas Gilbert of North Burlingham (bpt 19.08.1639, bur 21.09.1685)
  (1)+ issue - "several sons" (dvp) + daughter(s)
  c. Robert Gilbert of Cantley (dsp 1714)
m2. Mary Sheirs of Norfolk
3.+ "Divers children, all s.p."



William Gilbert of Bridgrule, Cornwall ("who cam out of ye North")
m. _ Caule
1. John Gilbert of Bridgrule
  m. Elizabeth Horell (dau of Nicholas Horell of Boyton)
  A. John Gilbert of Bridgrule (a 1602)
  m. Grace Pomerey (dau of Hugh Pomerey of Ingelsdon)
  i. Samuel Gilbert (b c1584, bur 18.04.1652)
  m. Agnes Currey (dau of Nicholas Currey of Bridgrule)
  a. Richard Gilbert (bpt 08.07.1607, bur 16.07.1678) had issue
  m. (19.12.1627) Alice Prowte (bur 02.05.1684)
  b. Samuel Gilbert (b c1614)
  m. (15.01.1637-8) Margaret Veale
  c.+ other issue - Grace, Catherine (bpt 20.02.1618-9)
  ii. Elizabeth Gilbert
  m. John Arthur of Tamerton
  iii. Jacquet Gilbert
  m. Samuel Sargiant of Bridgrule
  iv. Dorothy Gilbert
m. _ Woodley of Ashbourton
  v.+ other issue (a 1620) - John (b c1592), Richard (b c1598), Grace
  B. Richard Gilbert of North Petherin, Devon
  m. Catherin Seccomb (dau of John Seccomb of North Petherin)
  i. Thomazin Gilbert
  m. John Chepman of Whiston
  C. William Gilbert
  m. ?? (relict)
2. Richard Gilbert of North Petherin (dsp)
  m. Jacquet Roll (dau of George Roll of Stevenston)
3. John Gilbert (dsp)

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