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Families covered: Giffard of Twyford (Gifford of Twiford)

We originally followed Visitation which appears to miss out some of the very early generations so that it was difficult to see exactly how its author thought the following Richard fitted into the Giffard family. Whilst there are possible overlaps with what was shown by Visitation, we now follow BLG1952 and put the early generations shown by Visitation in italics as follows.
Richard Giffard of Twiford (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Thomas Gifford (a 1195)
  m. Elianora
  A. Thomas Gifford (a 1195)
  m. Johanna Montfort (dau of Baldwin Montfort)
  i. John Gifford (?? a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  a. John Gifford of Twiford (a 1275)
  m. Alexandra de la Hay (dau of Robert Arsicke)
  (1) John Gifford (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. Alexandra de Grandivis (dau of Thomas de Grandivis by Thomasina)
  (A) John Gifford (a 1324)
  m. Lucy Elmebrugge (dau of Roger Elmebrugge)
  (i) John Gifford (a 1340)
  m. Alice Nowers
  (a) Thomas Gifford (a 1390)
  m. Margaret Mortayne (dau of Edmund Mortayne of Merston)
  ((1)) Thomas Gifford (a 1384)
  m. Sibilla of Newton Juell
  ((A)) Roger Gifford of Twiford (d 1408-9)
  m1/2. (sp) _ Seton
  m2/1. Isabella Stretley (dau of _ Stretley of Kirslowe)
  ((i)) Thomas Gifford of Twiford (a 1438) see #1# below
  m. Eleanor Vaux (dau of Thomas Vaux of Fringford)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Gifford
  m. Thomas Aston of Somerton
  ((iii)) Katherine Gifford
  m. John Clopton
  ((iv)) Mary Gifford
  m. _ Billing
  ((v)) Jane Gifford
  m. William May
  (ii) Thomas Gifford
  m. Katherine de Pery (dau of Eustace de Pery)
(iii)+ other issue - Gilbert, Nicholas
  (2) Thomas Gifford
  b. Osbert Gifford of Accott, Devonshire
  (1) John Gifford
  (A) Edmund Gifford
  (B) Alice Gifford
  m. _ Deneband
  c. Bartholomew Gifford, Bishop of Rochester

We now follow BLG1952:
Sir John Giffard of Twyford (a 1272)
1. Sir John Giffard 'Le Boef' of Twyford (a 1322)
  m. Alexandra de Gardinis (d before 1328, dau of Thomas de Gardinis of Ixning)
  A. Sir John Giffard of Twyford, etc (b 1299-1300, d c01.1368-9)
  m1. Lucy Morteyn (dau of Sir John Morteyn of Merston & Tillesworth)
  i. John Giffard (dvpsp)
  ii. Sir Thomas Giffard of Twyford (b before 11.1339, d 25.09.1394)
  m1. (before 20.12.1360) Elizabeth de Mussenden or Missenden
  m2. (before 12.08.1367) Margery (a 09.1374)
  m3. (before 06.07.1383) Sibyl (d 26.02.1428-9)
  Not sure by which wife (although Roger was probably of the 1st marriage) were ...
a. Roger Giffard of Twyford (d 14.04.1409)
  m1. (before 06.07.1383) Joan de Bereford (dsp, dau of Baldwin de Bereford)
  m2. Elizabeth
  (1) Katherine Giffard (b c1399)
  m. Thomas Billing (Chief Justice)
  m3. Isabel Stretele (she m2. John Stokes)
  (2) Thomas Giffard of Twyford (bpt 29.12.1408, d 29.05.1469) see alternative ancestry #1# above
  m. Eleanor Vaux (dau of William Vaux of Bottisham & Northampton)
  (A) John Giffard of Twyford, Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire (b c1431, d before 23.09.1506)
From hereonunder, Visitation (Oxfordshire) is used to supplement BLG1952. Some additional support & contradiction comes from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe, Northamptonshire, 1618-9, 'Gifford of St. James's Abbey').
  m1. Agnes Wynslowe (dau of Thomas Wynslowe of Burton)
  (i) Thomas Giffard of Twyford (d 10.10.1511)
  m. Joan Langston (d 22.03.1534-5, dau of John Langston of Caversfield)
(a) Thomas Giffard of Twyford, Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire (b c1481, d 25.11.1550)
  m. Mary Staveley (dau of William Staveley of Bignell)
  ((1)) Ursula Gifford (d 07.12.1558)
  m. Thomas Wenman of Carswell and Witney
  partner unknown
  ((2)) John Giffard (dsp)
  (b) Edward Gifford of Wicken shown in Visitation (Northamptonshire)
  ((1)) daughter
  m1. Vincent Curzon of Waterpery
m2. Edward Windsor (brother of Lord Windsor)
  (c) Mary Gifford shown in Visitation (Northamptonshire)
  m. William Becke of Stow
  (d) Anne Gifford shown in Visitation (Northamptonshire), duplication #2# below?
  m. Richard Samwell of Edgecote
  (ii) John Giffard
  (iii) Roger Giffard of Middle Claydon (d 23.01.1542-3)
  Shown in Visitation (Northamptonshire) as son rather than brother of the Thomas who m. Jane Langston.
  m. Mary Nanseglos (dau of William Nanseglos or Nansicles)
  (iv) William Giffard 'of Cowley'
  m. _ Vachell
  (a) Anna Giffard
  m. Richard (not Vincent) Curson of Waterperry
  m2. Alicia (d 12.03.1533-7, m2. _ Pygot)
(v) Elianora or Amy Giffard duplication #2# above?
  m. Richard (not Roger) Samwell
  (vi) Isabella Giffard
  m. John Ardern of Utteford
  (vii) Alicia Giffard
  m. Thomas Perwich of Leicestershire
  (viii) Margareta Giffard
  m. William Porter of Campden
  (ix)+ other issue - Edmund, Robert
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Thomas, William
  m2. (c1363) Alice Montfort (natural dau of 3rd Baron Montfort)
2. George Giffard (a 1311)
  m. Alice
3. Thomas Giffard (a 1329)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Giffard formerly of Rushall), Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, Gifford of Twyford, co. Bucks. and Wayneman of Casewell Parke, Witney)
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