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Families covered: George of Baunton (Bawdington), George of Bristol, George of Cirencester, George of Eardisland, George of Lyons Hall, George of Worcester

William de Gorges or Georges of Baunton (Bawdington), Gloucestershire
m1. Alicia de la Hyde (d c1310, dau of William de la Hyde of Pymperne & Winestone)
1. William de Georges of Dunton, Warwickshire
  m. Katherine Oglander (dau of Sir Henry Oglander)
  A. William de Georges of Dunton
2.+ other issue - John of Osrpinge (Kent), Robert
m2. Catherine de Penninton (dau of Robert de Pennington or Penyton of Baunton)
4. Richard George of Baunton
  A. John George of Baunton
  i. John George, Sheriff of Bristol (a 1465, dvp?)
  a. John George of Baunton
  (1) Thomas George of Baunton (d by 1517)
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) John George of Baunton (d 08.10.1556)
  m. Alice (d 03.05.1557)
  (i) Christopher George of Baunton (d 15.03.1598)
  m. Anne Strange (d 17.02.1579, dau of Robert Strange of Cirencester, younger sister of Margaret)
  (a) Richard George of Baunton & Cirencester (b 03.10.1562, d 1613, MP, 2nd son)
  m. Ellinore
  (b) Robert George (b 05.02.1564, d 20.02.1622)
  m. Susanna Burgoyne (m2. John Burgoyne of Sutton, cousin)
(c) Elizabeth George (b 22.02.1566)
  m. Thomas Chamberlaine
  (d) Mary George (b 19.07.1572)
  m. John Mannynge or Manning
  (e)+ other issue - Arnoll (b 23.05.1561, d infant), Thomas (b 27.06.1568), John (b 1569, d 04.08.1569), Anne (b 24.03.1565, d 25.03.1566), Cicely (b 12.08.1571), Elizabeth (b 18.03.1574, d 17.11.1576), Joan (b 1577, d 06.01.1577)
  (ii) Gyles George (d 1570 in London)
  m. Jane
  (a) Jane George
  (iii) John George of Circencester (d 06.08.1577)
  m. Margaret Strange (d 12.08.1578, dau of Robert Strange of Cirencester)
  (a) Robert George (3rd son?) - continued below
  m2. Margaret Oldisworth (dau of Edward Oldisworth)
(b) Anne George (b 02.11.1561)
  m. _ Garnous
  (c) Elizabeth George
  m. _ Browne
  (d)+ other issue - John (b 02.06.1563, d infant?), Gyles (b 24.04.1573, d c1604), Bridgett (b 19.08.1565, d infant), Alice (b 10.06.1567, d 09.09.1567), Alice (b 10.02.1568), Bridget (b 20.09.1572), Mary (b 18.04.1576)
  (iv) Anne George
  m. John Rastall (alderman of Gloucester)
  (v) Elizabeth George
  m. Richard Temple (d 1567)
  (vi) Maria George
  m. George Monax of Circencester
  (vii)+ other issue - son (d infant?), 5 daughters
  (B) Elizabeth George
  m. _ Gye of Circencester
  b. Gyles George (3rd son)
  m. _ Swayne of Bristol (a 05.1495)
  c.+ other issue - William of Bristol (d 1503), Thomas (d 1490)
  ii.+ other issue - William (d 1461, Abbot of Cirencester Abbey), Richard in London, Thomas (in Bristol then London), Robert in Lincolnshire (a 1475)
  B.+ other issue - Robert (to Norfolk), Nicholas in London, Richard in Cambridge
5.+ other issue - John (parson), William, Hugh (to Suffolk)



Robert George - continued above
m1. Elnore (d 01.09.1588)
1. Anne George (b 31.08.1588)
m2. Margaret Oldisworth (dau of Edward Oldisworth)
2. John George of Baunton (b 15.09.1594, d 1678, MP for Cirencester, 3rd son)
  m. (18.07.1627) Elizabeth Tirrel (d 04.06.1677, dau of John Tirrel of St. Ives)
  A. Elizabeth George (b 17.01.1633, d 01.05.1656)
  m. (26.02.1654) Richard Whitmore of Slaughter
B.+ other issue - Christopher (b 10.12.1629, d 27.10.1643), John (b 17.07.1631, d 08.06.1653), Robert (b 04.02.1640, d infant?), Giles (d 27.08.1651), Beata (b 15.05.1628, d infant?)
3. William George (b 11.01.1595, d 25.08.1637)
  m. Emma Ferrers (d 1633, dau of John Ferrers of Mortelack, Royal Cook)
  A. James George of Baunton (d 02.07.1684)
  m1. Bridget Howes (d 25.07.1682, dau of John Howes of Greenham)
  m2. (1683) Anne (widow of Thomas Shadwell)
  B. William George of Baunton (b 1626)
  m. Rebecca (d 1722, widow of John Williams of Ponthowell, she m3. Thomas Powell of Cirencester)
  C. John George of Tring (dsp 1660)
  m. Susan Rowe (dau of Sir William Rowe of Higham Hill)
  D. Richard George (d 1667)
  i. Robert George in London
  a. John George
  b. Mary George
  m. (1704) _ Crofts (bur 1727, doctor)
  ii.+ other issue
  E.+ other issue - Endimion (d infant?), Charles (d infant), Charles (a 1657)
4. Samuel George (b 03.07.1597, d 1640)
  A. Samuel George
  B. Philip George of Twyford (Eardisland, Herefordshire) (bur 12.06.1691)
  m. Alice (d 02.07.1671)
i. Joseph George of Pembridge, Herefordshire (d 30.07.1700, 3rd son)
  m. Martha Stephens of Twyford (d 20.09.1705)
  a. Joseph George of Eardisland (b 31.01.1677, d by 1728)
  m. Margaret (m2. Francis Forde)
  (1) Philip George in Bath
  (A) Philip George (b 1749, bur 14.02.1822, Town Clerk of Bath)
  m. Mary Stringer of South Petherton (b 1767-8, bur 29.07.1820)
(i) Philip George (b 28.08.1784, d 22.01.1861, Town Clerk of Bath) had issue
  m. Caroline Seymour Bovet (b 03.03.1790, d 15.12.1856, dau of Thomas Bovet by (Frances) dau of Lord Francis Seymour, Dean of Wells, son of 8th (not 6th) Duke of Somerset)
  (ii) John George of Bath (d 185*) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Rebecca Milsom
  (iii) Maria George
  m. (07.09.1814) William Tiley
  (B) James George in Reading (d 02.12.1822)
  m. Alice (d1833)
  (C) Mary George (d unm 01.01.1844)
  (D) Elizabeth George
  m. (24.10.1773) John Jeffrey of Bath @@ just below
(2) Alice George
  m. George Jeffrey (a 1763, town clerk of Bath, m2. Anne Evans of Bath)
  (A) John Jeffrey of Bath
  m. (24.10.1773) Elizabeth George (dau of Philip George) @@ just above
  (i) Elizabeth Jeffrey
  m. Charles Walmesley of Westwood House
  (3)+ other issue - Joseph (d infant?), Samuel (d infant?), Christopher (b 17.02.1716, d 06.06.1717), Benjamin of Bristol (a 1754), Martha (b 1720)
  b. Christopher George of the Holmes, Lyons Hall & Noake (Noke) Court (b 15.05.1680, dsp 17.03.1728)
  m. Margery Clarke
  c. Philip George of Milton (Pembridge), the Holmes & Lyons Hall (b 04.12.1682, dsp 04.02.1724)
  m. ??
  d. James George of Worcester, the Holmes & Lyons Hall (b 14.04.1686, d 1759, 5th son)
  m. (21.10.1707) Hannah Walker (dau of William Walker of Worcester)
  (1) Philip George of Worcester, the Holmes & Lyons Hall (dsp 1769)
  (2) Christopher George of Worcester, the Holmes & Lyons Hall (dsp 1798)
  (3) James George of Worcester (d 1768)
  m. Ann Kyte
  (A) Philip George (d young?)
  (B) Elizabeth George
  m. _ Blake (Captain)
  (4) William George of Worcester then Downside, Bristol (b 10.06.1716, d 1786)
  m. (1739) Martha Ward (d 1782, dau of James Ward of Bristol)
  (A) Philip George, Sheriff of Bristol (b 1750, d 1828)
  m. (1779) Elizabeth Parfitt (d 1810, dau of Owen Parfitt of Wells & Bristol)
  (i) Philip George (b 1780, dsp 1863)
  m. Amy Whitchurch
  (ii) Christopher George of The Priory (Abbots Leigh), later of Gloucester (b 03.06.1786, d 06.05.1866) had issue
  m. Mary Ann Fripp of Bristol (d 17.08.1852)
  (iii) Alfred George of Downside (b 09.04.1792, d 06.08.1878, 4th son) had issue
  m1. Julia Palmer (d 1822, dau of Arthur Palmer of Bristol)
  m2. (29.01.1829, sp?) Eliza Oldham Edwards (b 1805, d 1861, dau of William Edwards of Redland Court)
  (iv) Eliza George (b 1787, d 29.08.1851)
  m. (1821) Richard Howard Fleming (d 1856, Captain RN)
  (v) Frances George (b 1790)
  m. (1814) William Price of Gloucester
  (vi)+ other issue - William (b 1782, d 1812), Augustus (b 1794, dsp 22.03.1828)
  (B) James George of Bristol (b 1758, d 1822)
  m. Mary Parfitt (d 1815, dau of Owen Parfitt of Wells & Bristol, sister of Elizabeth)
  (i) James George, Sheriff then Mayor of Bristol (b 1789, d 27.06.1858) had issue
  m. (01.10.1811) Harriot Purnell Thorne (b 1792, d 01.04.1867, dau of George Thorne of West Buckland)
  (ii) Charles George (dsp)
  (iii) Mary George (dsp 05.06.1860)
  m. Richard Murry
  (C) Hannah George
  m. Rev. Henry Bevan of Congresbury
  (i) Charlotte Bevan (dsp 1875)
  (D) Martha George
  m. William Taylor of Bristol
  (E) Mary George
  m. Thomas Corsar of Bristol
  (5)+ other issue - Hannah, Abigail (b 26.01.17720)
  f.+ other issue - John (b 01.06.1689, d 29.06.1690), Maria (b 31.01.1677, d 02.1677)
  ii. Anne George (b 25.09.1657)
  m. (before 1691) _ Freyser or Fraysell
  iii.+ other issue - Samuel of Twyford (dsp 01.07.1695), Francis (d 06.11.1669)
5.+ other issue - John (b 14.03.1590, d 18.05.1593), Samuel (b 18.03.1592, d 1592)

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees and History of the Families of George and Gorges' by Major Thorne George, privately printed in 1903 (with thanks to a contributor, JH, for the loan of the book, 11.07)
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