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Families covered: Galbraith of Buthernock (Baldernock), Galbraith of Culcreuch, Galbraith of Gartconnell
[Much of this page was first launched as a draft Galbraith01 on 12.07.04. It was reviewed & reworked on 22.12.19 using BPG2003.]

(1) Much of the early genealogy of this family is obscure, not helped by the fact that the main line of the family was lost sight of in the 17th century with no 'major' family taking the lead thereafter. According to www.clangalbraith.org, the family's name comes from Mac a'Bhreatnnaich (son of the Briton) which indicates that its progenitor came into Central Scotland from Strathclyde, which could be said of much of the population of Central Scotland. The family's fortunes appear to have risen following a marriage with a daughter of an early Earl of Lennox, as shown below.
(2) The chapter on the family in John Guthrie Smith's book on Strathendrick mentions that Madlovan, 3rd Earl of Lennox (who lived in the middle of the 13th century), granted the 3 sons of Gilmychel, "who was probably a Galbraith" - Gillemichael, Gillemartyne and Gillecondad - the lands of Bannarad (Bannachra) which probably formed the basis of the family's holdings.
Gilchrist Bretnach ('the Briton') '1st Chief of Galbraith' (a 1193)
m. ?? of Lennox (dau of Alwyn, 1st Earl of Lennox)
1. Gillespic Galbraith, 2nd Chief (a 1200)
  A. Arthur Galbraith, 3rd Chief
  i. Sir William Galbraith of Buthernock (Baldernock), 4th Chief (a 1278)
  m. ?? Comyn (dau of Sir John 'the Red Comyn of Badenoch)
  a. William Galbraith of Buthernock, 5th Chief (d by 1296)
  m. Willelma Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas, 3rd of Douglas, m2. Gilbert (de Hamilton?))
  (1) Johanna Galbrathe (d 1301) shown by some sources as William's sister rather than his daughter --
  m. ?? (Robert?) de Keith --
2. Maurice Galbraith, 1st of Gartconnell
  m. (c1240) Catherine (dau of Gillepatrick MacMaelbride)
  A. Sir Arthur Galbraith, 2nd of Gartconnell, 6th Chief (a 1314)
i. Donald Galbraith (a 1310, dvp)
  ii. Patrick Galbraith, 7th Chief (d c1331)
  a. William Galbraith of Arlehaven, 8th Chief (d c1393)
  m. _ Kincaid (dau of _ Kincaid of that ilk)
  (1) James Galbraith of Balmore & Kincaid (a 1381, dvp)
  (A) Margaret Galbraith probably the wife of the following Walter (or his son?) --
  m. Walter Buchanan of that ilk ## see here ## --
  (2) daughter, heiress of Gartconnel
  m. Alexander Logan (brother of Sir Robert, 1st of Restalrig)
  (3) Janet Galbraith, heiress of Mains
  m. (mcrt 09.1373) Nicholas Douglas (d by 05.1406)
  iii. Maurice Galbraith, 1st of Culcreuch in Strathendrick (a 1320)
a. Arthur Galbraith of Bannachra, 2nd of Culcreuch (a 1342)
  (1) James Galbraith, 3rd of Culcreuch, 9th Chief (d c1425)
  m. ?? Erskine (sister of Robert, 1st Lord Erskine, de jure 12th Earl of Mar)
  (A) James Galbraith, 4th of Culcreuch, 10th Chief (d by 27.07.1455)
  (i) Andrew Galbraith, 5th of Culcreuch, 11th Chief (d 1476) - continued below
  (B) Thomas Galbraith of Millig
  (C) Patrick Galbraith, 1st of Garscadden (a 1456) ancestor of Galbraiths of Garscadden
  (2) Alexander Galbraith
  (A) Mary Galbraith
  m. John Colquhoun, 2nd of Camstradden (d before 1443)
  b. William Galbraith, 1st of Portnellan ancestor of Galbraiths of Portnellan
3. Ridderch/Rodarcus



Andrew Galbraith, 5th of Culcreuch, 11th Chief (d 1476) - continued above
1. Thomas Galbraith, 6th of Culcreuch, 12th Chief (d 16.10.1489)
  m. Agnes Cunningham (a 1493)
2. James Galbraith, 7th of Culcreuch, 13th Chief (d c1512)
  m. Agnes Colquhoun (d c1528, dau of Humphry Colquhoun of Luss, m2. 3rd Lord Somerville)
  A. Andrew Galbraith, 8th of Culcreuch, 14th Chief (d c1530)
m. Margaret Stirling (dau of John Stirling of Craigbernard)
  i. James Galbraith, 9th of Culcreuch, 15th Chief (d by 10.1575)
  m. (before 20.02.1547/8) Catherine Barclay (dau of David Barclay of Ladyland)
  BPG2003 just mentions James's marriage to Catherine Barclay, implying albeit not specifying her as mother of his children. Guthrie Smith reports that "Whether (he) had any children by Katherine Barclay is unknown, but he married secondly Margaret Crawford, and had by her his successor, Robert." Provisionally, we follow BGP2003 which shows two generation of Jameses whilst Guthrie Smith combines them. However, it is noted that BPG2003 identifies his son James's wife, Margaret Craufurd, as his cousin.
a. James Galbraith, 10th of Culcreuch, 16th Chief (d c1592)
  m. Margaret Craufurd (dau of Hugh Craufurd of Kilbirnie, m2. Sir Aulay Macaulay of Ardencaple, cousin)
  (1) Robert Galbraith, last of Culcreuch, 17th Chief (d by 05.02.1642)
  Robert, like his father, appears to have been something of a troublemaker. Financial difficulties led to his having to sell Culcreuch. He fled to Ireland.
  m. (c1586) Margaret Seton (dau of James Seton of Touch)
  (A) James Galbraith, 18th Chief
  (i) James Galbraith, 19th Chief
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Harry, Andrew, Adam, Patrick, John, William, 2 daughters
  partner unknown
  (K) Walter Galbraith mentioned by Guthrie Smith
  (2) Margaret or Marion Galbraith
  m. Adam Boyd of Nethermains
  (3) daughter
  m. Adam Montgomery of Macbeth Hill, Stewarton
(4) daughter
  b. John Galbraith (a 1584)
  c. Andrew Galbraith (a 1583)
  m. (c1577) Elizabeth Galbraith
  (1) James Galbraith in Ballocharne
  m. (mcrt 31.12.1599) Margaret Walkinshaw (dau of Constantine Walkinshaw)
  (2) John Galbraith
  ii. Christian Galbraith
  m. Edward Buchanan, 2nd of Spittal
  B. Humphrey Galbraith (a 1534)
  partner unknown
  i. James Galbraith
  partner unknown
  a. James Galbraith (paniter to King James VI)
  (1) Francis Galbraith (a 1588, paniter to King James VI)
  C. Walter Galbraith (a 1542/3) probably the Walter of Tomdarroch identified by Guthrie Smith as" a natural son"
  D. Robert Galbraith, 1st of Blairquhois had issue
m. (1548) Janet Seton (dau of Sir Ninian Seton of Touch)
  E. Janet Galbraith of Garshake (a 1536) probably the Janet who married ...
  m. (c1525) Walter Macfarlane of Ardleish, 1st of Gartartan or Gartvertane (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  F. Margaret Galbraith
  m. William Cockburn (son of Christopher of Chouslie son of Sir William of that ilk)
3. Humphrey Galbraith (a 1490)
  A. John Galbraith in Balgair (a 1566)
  m. ?? Buchanan (sister of George Buchanan (historian & mentor to James Stuart))
  i. Humphrey Galbraith in Balgair (d 1578)
  m. Isobel Cunningham
  a. James Galbraith, later in Ireland
  m. Mary Buchanan of Ibert ## see here ##
  b. John Galbraith in Glasgow, later in Ireland
  ii. William Galbraith in Wester Balgair
  iii.+ other issue - George, 2 daughters
  B.+ other issue
4. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John de Strivelyn, 2nd of Craigbernard (d c26.07.1497)

Main source(s): BPG2003 ('Strathclyde') with some support for the lower section from 'Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times' (John Guthrie Smith, 1896, p165+)
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