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Families covered: Farnden of Sedlescomb, Folkeroy (Folkroy or Folkray) of Devon, Flamvile of Aston

Robert Farenden (sic) of Haslemere, Surrey (bur 21.01.1599)
m. (17.09.1582) Margaret Boxoll (dau of Robert Boxoll of Haslemere)
1. Peter Farnden of Sedlescomb, Sussx (a 1645)
  m1. (18.06.1616) Mary Waters (bur 12.06.1630, dau of John Waters of Bread)
  A. Joane Farnden (bpt 29.06.1617, d 1681)
  m. (c1643) Samuel Gott (of Greys Inn)
  B. Elizabeth Farnden
  m. Thomas Dyke of Yorkshire
  C. Mary Farnden
m. Robert Dyke of Faunt, Sussex
  D. Martha Farnden (bpt 01.05.1625)
  m. (14.04.1646 Edward Polhill
  E.+ other issue - Peter (bpt 01.05.1625, bur 15.09.1627), John (bpt 25.03.1627, bur 14.04.1628)
  m2. Lucy Goodman (b 21.09.1602, dau of Thomas Goodman (Godman) of Wevelsfield)
  G. Sara Farnden (bpt 22.11.1634)
  m. Walter Dobell
  H. Lucy Farnden (bpt 09.08.1638)
  m1. Robert Fowle of Iridge (son of Sir John of Sandhurst by Anne, dau of Sir John Wildegoose of Iridge)
  m2. (19.11.1685) Walter Roberts
  I. Ruth Farnden
  m. John Baker
  J.+ other issue - George (bur 02.09.1642), Samuel (bpt 28.04.1643), Anne (bpt 07.04.1633), Jane (bpt 09.09.1636), Margaret (bpt 14.06.1641), MArie (bpt 24.07.1642, bur 02.09.1642)
2. Tobyas Farnden
  A. Peter Farnden



Fulcherius (a 1086)
1. Michael Fokroy alias Fakray (a temp Henry 2 who r. 1154-1189)
  A. Adam Folkroy (a 1199, 1216)
i. John Folkroy
  m1. Agnes le Baron (dau/heir of Elias le Baron)
  a. William Focary or Folkeroy
  m. Joan
  (1) William Folkray or Folkeroy
  m. Margerie Champernowne (dau/heir of William Champernowne by Katherine, dau/coheir of Raph Grave at Crosse by Margery)
(A) Edward Folkeroy of Buckland Baron, Devon
  m. Alice Cotterell (dau of Thomas Cotterell)
  (i) Grigorie Folkeroy (dsp)
  m. Alice (dau of Lady Thomazine Wood of Northtawton)
  (ii) Johanna Folkeroy
  m. Roger Hockmore of Buckyate (b c1457, d by 1517)
  (B) William Folkeray or Folkeroy (Fulkeram or Fulkreham) 'of Dartmouth'
m. Jane Asheldon (dau of Thomas Asheldon)
  (i) Margeret (or Margerie) Folkeray or Folkeroy (d 06.04.1547)
  m1. John Hearle of Prideaux
  m2. Robert Carey of Cockingham
  (2) Hughe Folkray or Folkeroy
  (3) Joane Folkray or Folkeroy
  m. John Holecombe (Holcombe)
  b.+ other issue - Isabell, Margaret
  m2. Matilda



Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, a maunch Gules" and starts with 2 brothers, sons of ...
?? de Flamvile
1. Robert de Flamvile of Aston (a c1100)
2. Hugh de Flamvile of Aston
  A. Erneburgh de Flamvile
  m. Hugh de Hastings
Shown separately from the above but presumably connected to the above was the undermentinoed Roger de Flamvile. We speculate that he was connected as follows.
3. ?? de Flamvile
  A. ?? de Flamvile
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? de Flamvile
  a. Roger de Flamvile (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  (1) William de Flamvile
  (A) Sir Robert de Flamvile of Aston (a 1275, 1313)
(i) Sir Robert de Flamvile (a 1334)
  (a) Sir William de Flamvile (a 1340, 1363)
  ((1)) William de Flamvile of Aston (a 1340, d c1396)
  m. Hawise (a 1397)
  ((A)) daughter
  m. (1400) Richard Turvile of Normanton Turvile
  (ii) William de Flamvile of Stapleton
  m. Margery de Folvile (dau of Sir John de Folvile)
  (a) Elizabeth de Flamvile
  m. Robert de Champayne (a 1360)
  (ii) Robert de Flamvile (a 1317)
  (a)+ issue - John, Thomas, Joses
  (2) Hugh de Flamvile
  (3) Maud de Flamvile
  m. Robert de Hastinges

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