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Families covered: Fludd (Flud) of Gore Court, Fludd (Flud) of Otham, Fendall, Furlong of Tamerton, Fichet of Spaxton, Fergushill of Fergushill

David Fludd of Shropshire
1. John Fludd of Morton, Salop
  m. Ann Bannor (dau of Meredith Bannor of Weston Rynne)
  A. Sir Thomas Flud or Fludd of Milgate in Brasted, Kent (d 30.05.1607)
m. Elizabeth Andrews (d 25.01.1591, dau of Philip Andrews or Andros of Taunton/Wellingtoin)
  i. Edward Fludd of Bursted, Kent
  m. Jane Sonds (dau of Sir Michael Sonds, m2. Sir Thomas May)
  a. Mary Fludd
  m. _ Farnefold
  ii. Thomas Fludd of Otham, Kent
  m. (01.1600-1) Catherine Bufkin (d 25.11.1634, dau of Lewin Bufkin (Levyn Bufkyn) of Gore Court, Otham, m2. William Alabaster)
  a. Thomas Fludd of Gore Court, Otham, Sheriff of Kent (a 1668)
  m. Bridget Banks (dau of John Banks of Little Shelford)
(1) Alabaster Fludd of Gore Court
  m. Mary Maplesden (dau/heir of Peter Maplesden of Lydd)
  (A) Thomas Fludd of Gore Court (b 1649-50, bur 10.07.1688)
  m. Paulina Munn (b 1652-3, d 08.05.1722, dau of John Munn of Otteridge)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas (b/d 12.1683), Thomas (bur 04.06.1689), Paulina (b/d 12.1683), daughter
  (B) Peter Fludd, last of Gore Court
  (C)+ other issue - Ann, Priscilla, Bridget, Mary
  (2) Thomas Fludd
  (3) Priscilla Fludd (b c1626, d 26.12.1684)
  m. John Henley (Hendley) of Otham
  b. Lewin (Levyn) Fludd (a 1639, MD)
m. Katherine Bufkin (dau of Ralph Bufkin of Loose)
  c. William Flud
  iii. John Fludd (4th son?)
  m. _ Purefoy
  a. Robert Fludd
  iv. Jone Fludd
  m. Sir Nicholas Gibborn (Gilborne) of Charing
  v. Catherine Fludd (bur 19.05.1642)
  m. (Thomas) Lunceford
  vi. Sarah Fludd
  m. Henry Bufkin of Otham
  vii.+ other issue (dsp) - William, John, Robert (d 08.09.1637), Philip, Cicely, Elizabeth
  B. Magdalen Fludd
  m. John Nott of Brasted
  C.+ other issue - Hugh, David (d young), William, Catherin



John Fendall (b 1729, d 1793)
m. Sarah Bolde (not Bolder, b 1735, d 1813)
1. William Fendall 'of Matson (or Hall Court), Gloucestershire' (b 1757, d 1813)
  The pedigree shows William married twice as shown but is not clear which wife was mother of his children. Various web sites suggest that it was Jane Benson. Thanks to a contributor (JF, 08.09.21) for confirming that that was indeed the case.
  m1. Jane Benson (dau of Rev. James Benson)
  A. Mary Fendall
  m. (1819) Charles Bathurst (b 1790, dsp 1863)
  B.+ other issue - John (b 1793, d 1862, had 1 dau), Henry (b 1795, d 1880, had issue)
m2. Jane Lodge (b 1763, d 1865, m1. (Rev. John) Lydford)
2. John Fendall of Java & Bengal 'of Calcutta' (d 1824)
  m. Mary Farquharson
  A. William Fendall (b 1793, d 1888, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1821) Caroline Newton
  B. Mary Fendall (b 1793, d 26.05.1885))
  m. (1830) Sir John D'Oyley
  C. Harriet Fendall (b 1797)
  m. George Powney Thompson
  D. Louisa Fendall (b 1799)
  m. John Lowis
  E.+ other issue - John (b 1792, dsp 1815), James (b 1801), Henry (b 1802), Frances Ann (b 1809, d unm)
3. Harriet Fendall
  m. George Moultrie (vicar of Cleobury)
4. Mary Fendall
  m. Benjamin Newton



John Furlong of Tamerton, Devon (d c10.1564)
m. Elizabeth (d 23.08.1564)
1. John Furlong of Tamerton (b c1534, a 1588)
2. Richard Furlong of Tamerton (d 20.03.1587-8)
  A. Christopher Furlong of Tamerton (b c1567)
  m. Elizabeth Fountaine (dau/coheir of William Fountaine of Ugborrow)
  i. John Furlong of Tamerton (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Kelley (dau of Thomas Kelley of Kelley)
  a. John Furlong of Bawcomb (b c1615, a 1662)
  m. Gertrude
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 03.03.1644-5), Richard (bpt 24.07.1646, bur 03.02.1647-8), John, Charles (bpt 16.10.1649, bur 21.06.1656), Lewis (bpt 17.06.1651), Catherine (bpt 24.10.1643, bur 25.06.1645), Mary (bpt 22.03.1647-8, bur 08.06.1653), Gertrude (bpt 23.02.1652-3, bur 28.02.1652-3), Elizabeth (b 29.08.1654, bur 28.03.1655), Bridget (b 20.12.1655, bur 28.11.1657), Dorothy (b 26.01.1657-8), Hannah (b 24.04.1659, bur 20.08.1660), Mary (bpt 03.04.1666), Gertrude (bpt 14.01.1667-8)
  b. Oliver Furlong (b c1619, d before 09.03.1662-3, 3rd son)
  m. (16.05.1655) Agnes Crocker of Tamerton Folliot (a 1662)
  (1)+ issue (a 1662) - John, Lewis. Mary, Elizabeth
  c.+ other issue - Lewis (b c1618, a 1620), Jame (a 1662)
  ii. Mary Furlong
  m. John Davye of St. Penock
3. George Furlong



Hugh Fichet
1. Hugh Fichet
  A. Robert Fichet (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  i. Hugh Fichet (a 1202)
  m. Albreda
  a. Geoffry Fichet
  (1) Hugh Fichet of Spaxton (a 1245, 1261)
  (A) Robert Fichet of Spaxton
m. Sarah Estune
  (i) John Fichet of Spaxton (a 1331)
  m. Isabella
  (a) Thomas Fichet of Spaxton (a 1350)
m. Isabella Chalons (sister of John Chalons of Chalonsleigh)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Fichet of Spaxton (d 1386)
  m. Richarda Inkepenne (d 1390, dau of John de Inkepenne of Halton)
  ((A)) Thomas Fichet of Spaxton (dsp 1395)
  ((B)) Isabella Fichet (bpt 24.03.1383)
  m. John Hille or Hulle of Spaxton
  (B) Sir William Fichet



Possibly descended from Robert de Fergushill de Eodem (a 1417) was ...
John Fergushill of that ilk (d by 1596)
1. Robert Fergushill of that ilk (a 1596, d by 1625)
  m. Elizabeth Craufurd (dau of John Craufurd of Craufurdland)
  A. Robert Fergushill of that ilk (a 1625, dspm)
  m. (1622) Marion Porterfield (dau of Alexander Porterfield, younger of that ilk)
  i. Jean Fergushill of Fergushill (d 1658)

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