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Families covered: Fowler of Bromhill, Fowler of Foxley, Fowler of Harnage Grange, Fowler of Ricote (Rycotts), Fowler of St. Thomas

From Sir Richard Fowler of Foxley (a 1190) descended ...
John Fowler of Foxley
m. ?? (heiress of Loveday)
1. Henry Fowler of Foxley
  m. _ Barton (sister/heir of John Barton)
  A. Sir William Fowler of Ricote
  m. Cecilia Inglefield (dau of Sir Nicholas Inglefield of Ricote)
i. Sir Richard Fowler of Ricote (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  m. Jane Danvers (dau of John Danvers of Colthorp)
  a. Sir Richard Fowler of Ricote
  BEB1841 reports that Sir Richard married Elizabeth Windsor and died without issue, being succeeded by his brother Thomas who nonetheless appears not to have been 'of Ricote'. We follow below Thomas's descendants as reported by BEB1841 but note that Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1566, Fowler of Ludgershall) shows 2 marriages and children for Sir Richard as follows:
  m1. Elizabeth Windsor (dau of Thomas Windsor of Stanwell)
  The Visitation record identifies Elizabeth as daughter of Andrew(s), Lord Windsor. BEB1841 identifies her as Lord Andrews's sister which we follow, noting that Lord Andrews is known to have had a daughter Elizabeth who married Sir Peter Vavasour.
  (1) Edward Fowler of Ricote (2nd son)
  m. Ann Peters
  (2) Bridget Fowler
  m1. (Robert) Hogan (not Ogan) of East Bradenham (d 01.03.1547)
  m2. John Calibutt
  (3)+ other issue - George (dsp), Anthony
  m2. Julian Shaw (dau of Sir John Shaw or Shaa, alderman of London)
  (5) Margaret Fowler
  m. Christopher Westcot of Lurgesall
  (6)+ other issue - John, Christopher, William of Lurgesall
  b. Thomas Fowler (esquire to King Edward IV)
  Burke's Commoners shows this Thomas as son (rather than grandson) of Sir William (by Cecilia Inglefield) but reports that he was either father or grandfather of the following Roger. Visitation indicates that there was some uncertainty as to which generation he belonged to. Provisionally, we follow BEB1841 but note that Visitation (1614+1663-4) shows Thomas as son of Edward, younger brother of the Richard Fowler who was Chancellor of the Duchy (of Lancaster).
  m. Margery Colville
  (1) Roger Fowler of Broomhill or Bromhill, Norfolk
  m. Isabella Lee (dau of William Lee of Morpeth) = Sibyll Leghe (sister of Rowland, Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield)
  (A) Rowland Fowler of Bromhill
m. Margaret Bradshaw (dau of John Bradshaw of Presteign (Presten, co, Radnor))
  (i) George Fowler of Bromhill
  m. Bridget Mundeford (dau of Osbert Mundeford of Feltwell)
  (a) Rowland Fowler (eldest son, dvpsp?)
  (b) Bridget Fowler probably of this generation
  m. Froxmere Cockett of Kings Lynn (d c1631)
(ii) Brian Fowler
  (B) Brian Fowler of St. Thomas, Staffordshire (d 1587)
  m. Jane Hanmer (dau/heir of John Hanmer of Bettisfield or Bettesfield)
  (i) Walter Fowler of St. Thomas (bur 02.10.1621)
  m. Mary Sheldon (dau of Ralph Sheldon of Beoly or Beeley)
  (a) Brian Fowler (b c1580, d unm)
  (b) Edward Fowler of St. Thomas (bur 28.11.1623)
  m1. Dorothy Eyre (dau of Thomas Eyre of Hassop)
  ((1)) Walter Fowler of St. Thomas (bpt 07.10.1620, bur 10.03.1683-4)
  m. (1629) Constance Aston (dau of Sir Walter Aston, 1st Lord of Forfar)
  ((A)) Walter Fowler (b 1644-5, dsp c05.1697)
  m. Mary Heveningham (d 1694, dau of Walter Heveningham of Aston)
((B)) William Fowler (dsp, 24.01.1716, 3rd son)
  m. Katherine Harewell (bur 24.03.1711) dau of (Edward?) Harewell by Jane)
  ((C)) Thomas Fowler (5th son)
  m. Elizabeth Clarke (bur 17.02.1727-8)
  ((i))+ issue - Walter (d young), Thomas (d unm)
  ((D)) Dorothy Fowler
  m. John Grove
((E)) Magdalen Fowler
  m. _ Casey
  ((i)) Katherine Casey
  m. John Betham of Rowington, later Fowler of St. Thomas (bur 23.11.1719)
  ((F))+ issue (d unm) - Edward (d young), Brian (d young), Francis (d young), Constance (d young), Gertrude (bur 22.02.1699-1700), Constance (bur 01.09.1666), Mary (bur 20.01.1675)
((2)) Grace Fowler
  m. Richard Canning of Foxcote
  ((3)) Anne Fowler
  m. Richard Lacon of Linley
  ((4))+ other issue - Edward (bpt 31.03.1622, bur 28.4.1626), Mary (d unm)
  m2. Anne Waldegrave (dau of Sir _ Waldegrave of Staningdale)
  ((6)) Jeronima Fowler
  m. _ Godfrey of Norfolk
  (c) Anne Fowler
  m. John Draycote of Paynesley (d c1630)
  (d) Frances Fowler
  m. Peter Giffard of Chillington (d 25.06.1663)
(e)+ other issue - William (Dominican), Ralph, Mary
  (ii) Margaret Fowler
  m. Edward Lane of Staffordshire
  (iii) Anne Fowler
  m. William Montford or Mountfort of Kingeshurst
(iv) Dorothe Fowler
  m. Sampson Walker of Weston
  (v) Frances Fowler
  m. Thomas Cauncefeilde or Campfield of Lancashire
  (vi) Cassandra Fowler
  m. John Stone of Walsall
  (vii) Martha Fowler
  m. Thomas Skrimshire of Orslow
  (viii)+ other issue - Bryan (d unm), John (d unm), Isabel
  (C) William Fowler of Harnage or Herneage Grange
  m. Mary Blythe (dau of John Blythe)
(i) Richard Fowler of Harnage Grange
  m. Mary Littleton (dau of Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton Hall)
  (a) William Fowler of Harnage Grange
  m. Ann Perks (dau of Richard Perks of Weddesbury)
((1)) Richard Fowler of Harnage Grange
  m. Margaret Newport (dau of Richard Newport, 1st Lord of High Ercall)
  ((A)) Francis Leveson Fowler of Harnage Grange
  m. Anne Venables (dau of Peter Venables of Kinderton)
  ((i)) Richard Fowler (d young)
  ((ii)) Frances Fowler (d 26/7.12.1723)
m1. (04.12.1679) Thomas Needham, 6th Viscount Kilmorey (b c1659, bur 26.11.1687)
  m2. (08.05.1690) Theophilus Hastings, 7th Earl of Huntingdon (b 10.12.1650, d 30.05.1701)
  m3. Michael, Chevalier de Ligondez of Auvergne (d 1717, Colonel)
  The following connection comes from Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (Archdall, vol IV (1789), 'Needham, Viscount Kilmorey', p225).
((a)) ?? (General, Count de Ligondes)
  (((1))) Anne Constantia Ligondes
  m. (1760) John Beresford (son of Marcus, Earl of Tyrone)
  ((B)) Sir William Fowler, 1st Bart of Harnage Grange (d c1717)
  m. Mary Cotton (dau of Sir Richard (sb Robert) Cotton, Bart of Combermere)
  ((i)) Sir Richard Fowler, 2nd Bart of Harnage Grange (d before 1737)
  m. Sarah Sloane (dau of William Sloane of Portsmouth, brother of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart)
  ((a)) Sir William Fowler, 3rd Bart of Harnage Grange
  m. (1728-9) _ Newton (d 18.03.1738, dau of Brigadier _ Newton)
  (((1))) Sir William Fowler, 4th Bart of Harnage Grange (d unm 1760)
  (((2))) Lucy Fowler
  m. John Jones of London
  (((A))) William Fowler Jones of Cavendish Square had issue
  m. Jane Holland
  (((3))) Letitia Fowler
  m. Launcelot Baugh of Lentwardine
  (((4))) Harriot Fowler
  m. Joseph Hughes
  ((b)) Richard Fowler (dsp)
((c)) Sir Hans Fowler, 5th Bart of Harnage Grange (dsp 01.03.1773)
  m. _ Dibbs of Dodington
  ((d)) Sarah Fowler
  m. Thomas Hodges (Colonel)
  (((1))) Thomas Hodges of Abbey-cwm-hir, later Fowler
m. (1803) Lucy Hill (dau of Thomas Hill of Court of Hill)
  (((A))) Sarah Georgiana Fowler
  m. Rev. John Durrand Baker
  (((2))) Sarah Hodges
  m. (1769) George Hastings (d 1802, Colonel)
  (((3)))+ 2 sons (d young)
  ((ii)) Mary Fowler
m. John Dickens of Layton
  ((iii))+ other issue - William (d young), Anne, Esther, Elizabeth
  ((C)) Stephen Fowler
  m. Elizabeth Cock (dau/heir of John Cock of Skendleby Thorpe)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Fowler probably of this generation
  m. (c1689) John Coke (b 24.08.1656, dsp 18.11.1720)
((E))+ "numerous family"
  (b) Elizabeth Fowler probably of this generation
  m. (28.04.1612) Matthew Cradock of Caverswall Castle (d 16.04.1643)
  (ii) Margaret Fowler
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Pentglas
  (iii)+ other issue - Peter, Thomas, Alicia, Mary, Elizabeth
  (D) James Fowler of Pendeford (d 21.02.1585)
  m. Margaret Morton or Moreton of Wilbringham or Houghton
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Johanna, Alicia
  (2) daughter (dsp)
  c. Sibilla Fowler probably of this generation
  m. Richard Chamberlaine
  ii. Thomas Fowler
  iii. Cecilia Fowler
  m. Thomas Rookes of Fawley (probably not Rocks or Brookes of Tatley)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Fowler of Harnage Grange), Commoners (vol ii, Fowler of Abbey-cwm-hir) with some input from BLGI1958 (Fowler of Rahiston) and some support/input from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583 & 1614+1663-64 & 1664-170, Fowler of St. Thomas)
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