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Families covered: Forster of Alnwick, Forster of Elford, Forster of Felton Peth, Forster of Hartlaw, Forster of High Buston, Forster of Newcastle, Forster of Newton-by-the-sea

Joseph Forster of Hartlaw, Shilbottle Woodhouse & Newton-by-the-sea, 1st of Elford (bur 07.02.1689/90)
m1. _ Lisle
1. Ralph Forster of Elford & Hartlaw (d by 1679)
  m. (c1674) Ann Widdrington ## see here ##
  A. Robert Forster of Hartlaw & Elford (b c1676, bur 03.12.1713)
m. (16.06.1696) Katherine Forster (dau of Francis Forster of Low Buston)
  i. Robert Forster of Hartlaw & Elford (b 02.05.1697, bur 22.12.1718)
  ii. Francis Forster of Felton Peth, Hartlaw & Elford (b 07.08.1698, bur 20.03.1740/1)
  m. (c1719) Mary Jobber of Felton Peth
  a. Francis Forster of Felton Peth & Elford (a 1760)
m. (c1741) Margaret Henderson (d 30.11.1765, dau of Rev. Robert Henderson of Felton by Frances, dau of George Middleton of Silksworth)
  (1) Francis Forster of Felton Peth & Elford (dsp before 1778)
  (2) Frances Forster
  m. (22.04.1778) Edward Dale of Newcastle & Tunstall (bur 03.1816, "maternal kinsman")
  iii. Grace Forster (b 10.12.1700)
  m. (21.05.1730) Benjamin Ord of Newcastle
  iv. Jane Forster (bpt 29.05.1707, bur 28.08.1791)
  m. (19.10.1735) Edward Cook of Brainshaugh
  v.+ other issue - Robert (b 15.10.1699), Joseph (bpt 05.12.1701), George (bpt 04.02.1705/6, a 1728), Thomas (bpt 31.10.1708), Nicholas (bpt 30.05.1713, a 1728), Ann (b 01.01.1702/3), Katherine (b 05.05.1704, bur 28.08.1728), Mary (bpt 25.11.1711)
  B. Jane Forster
  m. (18.07.1697) William Cook of Amble Newhall, later of Brainshaugh
  C. Frances Forster
  m. (27.11.1697) Ralph Storey of Beanley
2. George Forster of High Buston & Newton-by-the-sea (bur 31.10.1706)
m1. (c1690) Ann Gardner of Newcastle
  A. Joseph Forster of High Buston & Newton (b c1693, bur 20.07.1774)
  m1. Mary (bur 29.10.1738)
  i. Joseph Forster of High Buston & Newton (bpt 02.09.1719, d 28.08.1805)
  m. (16.10.1769) Isabell Skelly (dau of Rev. J(ohn) Skelly of Shilbottle & Stockton by Betty, dau of Alexander, 2nd Duke of Gordon)
  a. Gordon Joseph Forster of High Buston & Newton (bpt 20.04.1772, d unm 18.02.1856)
  ii. William Forster (bpt 27.03.1722, bur 04.09.1784, vicar of Lesbury & Long Houghton, 3rd son)
  m. (10.10.1770) Margaret Cameron (dau of John Cameron of Fassefern)
  a. Joseph Forster of Alnwick, later of High Buston & Newton (bpt 22.06.1779, d unm 03.11.1868)
  b. John Forster of Alnwick (bpt 01.1782, d 08.04.1831)
  m. _ Pearson
  (1) Roger Pearson Forster of West Maitland, New South Wales had issue
  m1. Jane Isabella Magennies of Dublin
  m2. Hannah Bradbury of Liverpool
  (2)+ other issue - John in Victoria, William, Joseph, Ewen Cameron, Margaret, Mary, Ann, Jane, Elizabeth
  c. Mary Forster (bpt 10.1772?, d 30.10.1852)
  m. Palfrey George Burrell
  d. Margaret Forster (bpt 07.1775)
  m. ?? of Liverpool
  e.+ oter issue - Jane (b c1771, bur 12.01.1857), Lucinda (bpt 10.1778, d 30.11.1866)
  iii. Francis Forster of Seaton Burn, Mayor of Newcastle (bpt 16.01.1725/6, bur 08.10.1784) had issue
  m. Eleanor Greave (d by 1819, dau of Robert Greave of Newcastle)
  iv. George Forster of Shilbottle Woodhouse, later of High Buston (bpt 06.05.1729)
  m. (16.02.1764) Elizabeth Rutherford
  a. Ralph Forster (bpt 1774, bur 1776)
  b. George Forster of Blyth & Newcastle (b 30.08.1776, d 22.02.1839)
  m. Jane Forster (b 26.02.1776, dau of John Forster of Warkworth)
  (1) John Forster of Newcastle (b 30.11.1809, dsp, surgeon, emigrated to America, 3rd son)
  m. (25.03.1831) Jane Davies
  (2) Jane Forster (b 30.07.1799, dsp 1887)
  m. (22.12.1832) Lennox T. Cunningham (RN)
  (3) Ellen Forster (b 03.02.1821, d 11.07.1890)
  m. J.H. Dawson of Newcastle (solicitor)
  (4)+ other issue - Ralph (b 02.01.1801), George (d unm 12.01.1889), Elizabeth (b 11.04.1806, d c1850), Winifred (b 03.02.1808, bur 21.03.1881), Catherine Maria (b 24.02.1816, d 25.02.1890)
  c. Elizabeth Forster (bpt 29.05.1765)
  m. (08.1781) Thomas Collingwood of Alnwick, later of Sunderland (surgeon)
  d. Catherine Forster (bpt 1770)
  m. W. Husband of London
  v. Samuel Forster of Buston (bpt 05.12.1735, dsp bur 08.05.1825, youngest son)
m. (26.07.1787) Dorothy Adams of Long Houghton
  vi. Ann Forster (bur 17.05.1797)
  m. (29.08.1741) Jos. Burrell of Lyham & Hetton House
  vii.+ other issue - George (bpt 05.01.1720/1, bur 03.07.1722), Blossiers (bpt 20.04.1728, bur 06.07.1729), Ralph (bpt 19.01.1730/1, bur 02.12.1804, rector of Great Warley), Mary (bpt 15.06.1724, d infant), Jane (bpt 21.06.1733, d infant)
  m2. (25.05.1754) Mary Brown of Newton Barns (b 1715-6, bur 27.05.1778)
i. Mary Forster of Durham (bpt 16.06.1756, bur 07.01.1832)
  m2. (c1700) Jane Davison (dau of ?? Davison (Davidson) of Alnwick, m2. Edward Grey of Alnwick)
  B. Jane Forster (bpt 10.07.1701)
  m. (15.07.1730) William Compton of Gainslaw (recorder of Berwick)
3. Francis Forster (dsp before 1707)
4. Mary Forster (bur 14.05.1689)
  m. Thomas Forster of Ponteland ('minister')
5. Margaret Forster
  m1. (c1692) William Burrell of Bassington
  m2. (1714) Joseph Palfrey of Morwick
6. Jane Forster
  m. _ Bertley
m2. (c1670) Frances Lisle (bur 26.02.1707/8)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 2, Edward Bateson, 1895, 'Forster of Elford and Newton-by-the sea', p99+)
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