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Families covered: Foote of Charlton Place, Foote of Harewood, Foote of Malling Abbey

Commoners reports that "This family possessed large estates in the county of Cornwall, prior to 1420, but in consequence of a difference in opinion during the war of the Roses, the greater part was left to the younger branch." Representative of the elder branch was ...
John Foote of Veryan (near Truro, Cornwall) and/or Harewood (Cornwall) & Ward (Devonshire) (d 1729)
1. Francis Foote of Harewood
  m. Mary Hatley (d 1770, dau/heir of Benjamin Hatley of Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire)
A. Benjamin Hatley Foote 'of Malling Abbey'
  m. Mary Mann (dau of Robert Mann of Linton)
  i. George Talbot Hatley Foote of Malling Abbey, Kent (b 1745, d unm 1821)
  ii. John Foote of London (banker)
  m. Eleanor Martin (dau of Joseph Martin of London)
  a. Eleanor Foote (d 1806)
  m. (14.08.1800) Sir Brook Bridges, Bart
  b. Harriet Foote (1864)
m. (22.11.1809) Rev. Edward Bridges
  c.+ other issue - Charles (d unm, Captain RN), George of London (banker), son (d unm), Lucy (a 1828, d unm?), Anne (a 1828, d unm?), Mary (a 1828, d unm?)
  B. John Foote (dsp 1767, rector of Yoxal in Staffordshire)
  C. Francis Hender Foote of Charlton Place, Kent (d 1773, rector of Boughton Malherb)
m. Catherine Mann (d 1776, dau of Robert Mann of Linton, sister of Sir Horace, Bart)
  i. John Foote of Charlton Place (b 1755, bur 12.09.1798)
  m. Mary Cockett (a 1828, dau of Edward Cockett of Hertfordshire)
  a. Francis Hender Foote (d young)
  b. Robert Foote of Charlton Place, Sheriff of Kent (a 1828, dsp)
  m. (24.12.1802) Charlotte Augusta Keppel (a 1828, dsp, dau of Frederick Keppel, Bishop of Exter, son of William Anne, Earl of Albemarles)
  c. Edward James Foote (d 1824, Major)
  m. Anne Begbie
  (1) Helen Foote
  d. John Foote of Ward (Captain RN)
  m. Fanny Pengelly or Pengelby
  (1)+ issue - Kepple Robert Edward, John, Henry Richard, William Francis, Charlotte Augusta, Fanny Adeline
  e. Mary Foote
  m1. Daniel Lisbon
  m2. Charles Patrick
  f. Adeline Foote
  m. Henry Barrington (Major)
  ii. Robert Foote b 1757, (dsp 21.10.1804, rector of Boughton Malherb, 2nd son?)
  m. Anne Yates (dau of Robert Dobbins Yates of Gloucestershire)
  iii. (Sir) Edward James Foote of Highfield, near Southampton (b 20.04.1767, Vice Admiral)
  m1. Nina Herries (dau of Sir Robert Herries)
  a. Francis Foote
  m. (1832) Charlotte Hubbell (dau of Dr. _ Hubbell)
  b.+ other issue - Catherine (d unm), Caroline
  m2. Mary Patton (dau of Admiral _ Patton)
  d.+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth, Helena, Anna
  iv. Catherine Foote (dsp c1806)
  m1. _ Ross (Colonel)
  m2. Sir Robert Herries
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (b 21.12.1754, d 02.04.1762), Caroline (d 1778), Mary (d 1789)
  D. Mary Foote (d 1787)
  m. _ Pierson of Stokesly (d before 1787)
2. John Anthony Foote of Ward had descendants living at Harewood in 1828
3. William Foote had issue

Main source(s): CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p26+), Commoners (vol 1, 'Foote of Charlton Place', p372+)
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