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Families covered: Foliot of Gressenhall, Foliot of Norton, Folliott of Pyrton (Purton), Foliot of Weasenham, Folliott of Ballynshannon
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Richard Foliot of Norton
m. (c1178) _ Bardolf (sister of Robert Bardolf of Great Carlton and Hoo)
1. Jordan Foliot
A. Richard Foliot of Norton, Fenwick, Grimston and Wellow (d 03.1299)
  m. Margery de Stuteville (dau of William de Stuteville of Gressenhall)
  i. Sir Jordan Foliot of Gressenhall, Weasenham, etc, 1st Lord (d before 02.05.1299)
  m. Margery de Neumarche (d 18.04.1330, dau of Sir Adam de Newmarche of Womersley)
  a. Sir Richard Foliot of Gressenhall and Weasenham, 2nd Lord (b 25.12.1283, d before 30.05.1306)
  m. Joan de Breouse (b before 03.02.1280/1, d before 23.06.1324, dau of Sir William de Breouse, Lord of Bramber & Gower (by 1st wife), widow of James de Bohun of Maddenstown)
  (1) Richard Foliot of Gressenhall and Weasenham, 3rd Lord (dsp 29.05.1325)
  m. Elizabeth de Segrave (dsp 11.12.1335, dau of Sir John de Segrave of Loddon by Julienne, dau of Sir John de Sandwiz of Folkestone, m2. Sir Roger de Northwode of Norwood)
  (2) Margery Foliot (d 08.08.1349)
  m. Sir Hugh de Hastings (d 07.1347)
  (3) Margaret Foliot (dsp)
  m. Sir John de Camoys



BE1883 starts with 1st Lord Henry, son of Thomas Folliott of Pyrton by his second wife Katherine Lygon, (who is shown in the section at the foot of the page) describing him as a "lineal descendant of a younger branch of the old baronial family of Folliott". Presumably, therefore, the following Richard was connected to the family above.
Sir Richard Foliot of Bychemarche
1. Sir Richard Foliot of Bychemarche & Longdonne
  m1/2. Audrey (dau of Peter de Falco Marisco (Saltmarsh))
  A. Reynold Foliot (dsp)
  B. Sir Robert Foliott
  m. Emme Staunton (dau of William Staunton)
  i. Reynold Foliot (rector) possibly father of ...
  a. Roger Folliott
  m. Margery Peyton (dau of William Peyton)
  b. Thomas Folliott
  C. Richard Folyott
  m1. Sybell Thorndon (dau of John Thorndon)
  i. John Foliot
  m. Margerey Tyrysy (dau of John Tyrysy)
  a. Roger Foliott
  m. Margaret le Blount (dau of William le Blount by Anne)
(1) Thomas Foliott
  m. Elizabeth Stone (dau of William Stone)
  (A) William Foliott
  m. Katherine Greets (dau of Peter Breets alias Greets of Nawnton)
  (i) William Foliott
  m. Isabel Berkeley (dau of Nicholas Berkeley of Cooberley (Cobberley?))
  (a) Hugh Foliot
  m. Jone Wallwyn (dau of Thomas Wallwyn of Minchmarche)
  ((1)) Richard Foliot of Stone Shenston & Hoo (a 1468)
  m. Jone Verney
  ((A)) Nicholas Foliot of Stone Shenston & Hoo
m. (by 1468) Elizabeth Washborne (dau of William or Norman Washborne)
  ((i)) Francis Foliot
  m. Avice Tracey (dau/heiress of Thomas Tracey of North Ryddell)
  ((a)) John Foliot
  m1/2. Elizabeth or Ellinor More (dau of John More or Moore of Douklen)
  (((1))) Thomas Folliott of Pyrton - continued below
  m1. Anne Gower (dau of Henry Gower)
  m2. Katherine Lygon (dau of William Lygon)
  (((2))) Elianor Foliot
  m. William Gower
  (((3))) Katharine Foliot
  m. George Alyn
  (((4))) Apolin Foliot
  m. John Mucklow
(((5)))+ other issue - Francis, Michael, William, Henry, Nicholas, Robert, Margery, Elizabeth, Anne
  m2/1. Barbara Littleton (dau of Sir Edward Littleton of Littleton)
  (((14))) Robert Foliot
  m3. _ Dyneley
  ((ii)) Margaret Foliot
m. Sir Walter Stonor (a 1535)
  ((iii)) Katheren Foliot
  m. John Wolmer
  ((iv)) Elianor Foliot
  m. Roger Clifton of Clifton
  ((iv)+ other issue - John, Robert, Roger
  (b) Margaret Foliot
  m. Thomas Walwyn (son of John)
  (B) ? Thomas Foliott
  b. Thomas Foliott
  ii. Hugh Foliot, Bishop of Hereford ## see here ##
  m2. Mahaldy / Maude / Matilda
  m2/1. Sicely (relict of William Staunton)



Thomas Folliott of Pyrton, Worcesterhire - continued above
m1. Anne Gower (dau of Henry Gower)
1. Barbara Folliott
m2. Katherine Lygon (dau of William Lygon)
2. Sir John Folliott of Pyrton or Purton
  m. Elizabeth Aylmer (dau of John Aylmer, Bishop of London)
A. Aylmer (Elesmore) Folliott
  m. Barbara
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Francis, Richard, John (d young), Henry, Zacheriah, Edward, John, Catherin, Elizabeth, Judith
3. Sir Henry Folliott, Governor of Ballyshannon, 1st Lord of Ballyshannon (b c1569, d 10.11.1622)
  m. (before 1613) Anne Strode (d by 1652, dau of Sir William Strode of Stoke-under-Hampden (Stoke-under-Hamdon, Somerset), m2. Robert Dillon, 2nd Earl of Roscommon)
A. Thomas Folliott, 2nd Lord of Ballyshannon, Governor of Londonderry (b 1613, d 1697)
  m. (12.05.1653/4) Rebecca French (widow of John Waterhouse of Dublin)
  i. Henry Folliott, 3rd Lord of Ballyshannon (dsp 05.03.1716/7)
  m. Elizabeth Pudsey (d 18.08.1742, dau of Henry Pudsey of Langley by Jane Thornhaugh)
  ii. Anne Folliott
  m. John Soley of Lickhill
  iii. Rebecca Folliott
  m. Job Walker of Wotton
  a. Rebecca Walker
  m. (1717) Humphrey Sandford of Isle of Rossall
  iv. Elizabeth Folliott
m1. Samuel Powell of Stanedge (d 09.1700)
  m2. Rev. Thomas Jones of Combe
  v. Frances Folliott
  m. _ Mason
  vi. Mary Folliott
  m. Rowland Baugh of Stone House
  B. Frances Folliott (d 13.03.1637)
  m. Sir Robert King of Kingsborough (d 1657)
  C. Elizabeth Folliott
  m1. 07.05.1640) Richard Wingfield of Powerscourt (d 1644/5)
  m2. (1646) Edward Trevor (brother of Marcus, 1st Viscount Dungannon)
  m3. Sir John Ponsonby of Bessborough (d 1668/78)
  D.+ other issue - Michael (d 17.11.1638), Arthur (d infant), Henry (dsp), Challes (a 1622)
4. Constance Folliott
  m. Edward Baugh of Twining
5. Margaret Folliott
  m. Edmond Escott
6.+ other issue - Francis, Thomas, Edward, Ellenor

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