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Families covered: Fiennes of Fiennes, Fiennes of Martock, Fiennes of Tingry, Fiennes of Wendover, Plaunche of Haversham

Eustace de Fiennes (a 1066)
The ancestry shown for Eustace is as suggested by 'TUDOR'. Note that BP1934 (Saye and Sele) reports that the Sir William Fiennes who married Joan de Saye (see below) was "10th in descent from John Fiennes, Baron of Fiennes, kinsman and companion of William the Conqueror".
m. Adela de Selnesse (dau of Erard de Selnesse or Furness)
1. Conan de Fiennes
  m. Alice de Bournonville (dau of Louis de Bournonville)
  A. Eustace de Fiennes
  m. Anne de Dreux
  i. son (dsp)
  ii. Enguerrand (Ingelram) de Fiennes of Fiennes (France), Martock (Somerset), etc. (b c1128, d Acre 1189)
m. Sibille de Tingry (dau/heir of Faramus de Tingry of Boulogne)
  Except for entries shown in italics, which come from 'various web sites', the above is given by TCP ('Saye and Sele'), reporting Dugdale's 'Baronage'. However, Lipscomb shows Ingelram as son of John son of James son of Alan "descendt of John", all of whom were shown as Hereditary Constables of Dover Castle. Collins confirms that he was descended from such constables.
  a. William de Fiennes of Wendover (Buckinghamshire) (b 1160, d 1240-1)
  m. Agnes de Dammartin (sister of Renaud, Count of Bologne, and of Simon, Count of Ponthieu)
  (1) Sir Ingelram (Enguerrand) de Fiennes of Wendover, etc.
  (1) Lipscomb shows Ingelram as father of William (d 1301) father of Margaret & John but apparently confuses that John with his cousin John (son of Giles), showing him as father (by Joane Jordain) of the John who m. Maud Monceaux. What we show follows Collins (and others).
(2) 'TUDOR' shows Enguerrand as m1. Maud Hampden, m2. Isabella, dau of Jacques de Conde, with all the children by Maud. However, that is the only place we have seen so far that mentions Maud. Other web sites show only the marriage to Isabel de Conde and so show all the children by her. Collins confirms that Ingelram is reported to have married a dau of Jacques, Lord de Conde, and an Isabella but notes that it is unlikely that she was Isabella, dau of Jacques de Conde (who "in all those times was wife of a Count de Loss"). Collins reports that Ingelram had 4 children: William, Giles, Robert & Maud with Maud identified as fourth child rather than as only daughter. TCP (Hereford) shows Humphrey de Bohun's wife's mother as a daughter of Jacques, Seigneur of Conde, etc. (and granddau of Guillaume de Fiennes by Agnes, dau of Alberic, Count of Dammartin). Provisionally we presume to show all of his children as by ...
m1. _ de Conde (dau of Jacques, Sn de Conde)
  (A) William de Fiennes of Wendover, etc. (b c1245, d 1301)
  m. Blanche de Brienne, lady of Loupland, etc.
  (i) Jean (John) de Fiennes of Fiennes & Tingry (a 1333)
  m. Isabelle of Flanders (d 1323, dau of Guy de Dampierre, Count of Flanders)
  (a) Robert de Fiennes of Fiennes & Tingry (dsp, Constable of France)
  (b) Jeanne de Fiennes GSY
  m. (c1314) Jean de Chatillon, Count of St. Pol (d 1334) GSY
  (ii) Robert de Fiennes of of Roubec, France
  (iii) Margaret (probably not Mary) de Fiennes (d 07.02.1333/4) Y
  m. (c1285) Sir Edmund de Mortimer, 1st Lord of Wigmore (d Buelt 17.07.1303/4) Y
  (iv) Joan de Fiennes (b c1273, d before 26.10.1309) possibly fits here? HJY
  m. John Wake, 1st Lord Wake (d 1304) HJY
(B) Sir Giles de Fiennes (b c1250, d 1293)
  m. Sybilla Fillol (dau/heir of William Filiol of Old Court in Wartling)
  (i) Sir John Fiennes (b c1280, d 1331-2)
  m. Joane Jordain (dau/heir of John Jordain of Wolfe, forester of Windsor Forest)
  (a) Sir John Fiennes (d 05.04.1351)
  m. Maud de Monceaux (dau of Sir John de Monceaux of Hurst Monceaux)
  ((1)) Sir William Fiennes (b 02.02.1331/2, d 30.11.1359, 2nd son)
  m. (12.11.1351) Joan de Saye (dau of Geoffrey de Saye, 2nd Lord)
  ((2))+ other issue - John (dsp c1327), Robert, John
  (ii)+ other issue - Robert, Eleanor
  (C) Maud de Fiennes
  m. Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable of England (d 1297)
  (D)+ other issue - Reginald (eldest son? dvpsp?), Robert of Heuchin in France, Ingelgram (Enguerrand)
  m2. Isabella
  (2) Baldwin de Fiennes
(3) William de Fiennes = William de la Plaunche
  (A) William de la Plaunche
  (i) Sir James de la Plaunche of Haversham, Buckinghamshire (d 1306)
  The following is supported by Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Haversham', p187).
  m. Maud de Haversham (dau of Nicholas de Haversham of Haversham)
  (a) John de la Plaunche (d young)
(b) William de la Plaunche of Haversham
(1) Lipscomb shows 2 generations of Williamses here, the first d 1335 being father by Hawise (a 1336) of the second (b c1326, d 1340) being the one who married Elizabeth Hilary. Provisionally, because it seems odd that William should have had 3 daughters when he was so young (though Lipscomb does report that Elizabeth was born poshumously), we follow those web sites which show just one William.
(2) The following is partly supported by TCP (Clinton) & TCP (Grey of Rotherfield). The former identifies Elizabeth as "posthumous da. and eventually sole h." of William whilst the latter identifies her as "2nd da. and eventually sole h." of William, in both cases by ...
  m. Elizabeth Hillary (dau of Sir Roger Hillary (Chief Justice), sister/coheir of Sir Roger)
  ((1)) Katharine de la Plaunche
  Thanks to a contributor (OWC, 28.01.08) for reporting that VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 3) identifies her husbands as ...
  m1. ?? (Sir Hugh Tyrell)
  m2. William de Bermingham of Hoggeston
  m3. (sp) Sir Bernard Brocas
  ((2)) Joan de la Plaunche (d unm 05.07.1356)
  ((3)) Elizabeth de la Plaunche (b c1347, dsps after 01.09.1423)
  m1. (before 03.07.1356!) Sir John de Bermingham (dsp)
m2. Robert Grey, 4th Lord of Rotherfield (d 01.1387/8)
  m3. (before 24.10.1388) John de Clinton, 3rd Lord (d 09.1398)
  m4. (c12.1398, sp) Sir John Russell
  (c) Joan de la Plaunche
  m. John de Pabenham (d 1331)
  (ii) John de la Plaunche
  (iii) Alice de la Plaunche
  m. John de Montfort, 1st Lord (d before 11.05.1296)
  (4) Agnes de Fiennes
  m. Bartholomew de Hampden of Great Hampden
  (5) Maud de Fiennes GSY
  m. Bauduin III, Count de Guisnes (d 1244) GSY

Main source(s): Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Fiennes, Fiendles, or Fines', p470), Collins (Brydges, vol VI (1912), 'Brand, Baroness Dacre', p562+) with input/support as reported above with further input (shown in italics) from various web sites including 'TUDOR'
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