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Families covered: Fettiplace of East Shefford, Fettiplace of Hall Place (Charney,) Fettiplace of Mauncel's Court (Pusey), Fettiplace of North Denchworth

(1) We first prepared this page on 12.04.09 using the web site 'TUDOR' and provided the following comment: "We give full credit to 'TUDOR' for being the source for most of the data on these pages on the Fettiplace family, with apologies to that site should we have made any errors in transcribing any data." We redid the page on 15.12.21 using MGH. This led to only a few changes, the more significant of which have been noted below.
(2) The family name appears to have been spelt with several variations along the lines of Fettiplace, Feteplace, Pheteplas, etc.. We keep to 'Fettiplace' which appears to be the most common. BEB1841 ('Fettiplace of Childrey') suggests that the family descended from a Fettiplace who "was gentleman usher to William the Conqueror, and came in with that monarch". MGH & 'TUDOR' start with the following Adam. We found a web site on the family which suggests that his father may have been called Thomas.
Adam Fettiplace, 1st of North Denchworth (Berkshire), Mayor of Oxford (a 1232, 1263)
1. Sir Philip Fettiplace of North Denchworth (a 1302)
  MGH identifies Philip's as Margery. TUDOR identifies her further as ...
  m. Margery de St. Amand (d 1308, dau of Ralph de St. Amand by Ascelina D'Aubigny)
  A. Almeric Fettiplace of North Denchworth (a 1315)
  m. Joane
  i. Almeric Fettiplace of North Denchworth (a 1331)
  m. Margaret
  a. Thomas Fettiplace of North Denchworth (a 1347)
  m. Mary de Charney (dau of Robert de Charney)
(1) Henry Fettiplace of North Denchworth (d 06.1416)
  (A) John Fettiplace of North Denchworth (b c1396, a 1459)
  (i) Peter Fettiplace of North Denchworth & Hall Place, Charney (d 31.05.1494)
  m. Margaret Beek (dau of John Beek by Elizabeth Quartermain)
(a) John Fettiplace of North Denchworth, Hall Place & Mauncel's Court in Pusey (b 1454, d 02.08.1510)
  m. Margaret Denford (d 06.01.1511, dau/coheir of John Denford of Lambourne)
  ((1)) Phillip Fettiplace of North Denchworth, Hall Place, Mauncel's Court & Bishop's Court in Pusey (b c1488, d 27.08.1546)
  m. Jane Yate (d 01.1558, dau of John Yate by Joan Goddard)
  ((A)) Anthony Fettiplace of North Denchworth, etc. (b 1513, d 17.09.1546)
  m. Bridget Skerne (dau of Robert Skerne of London, m2. William Chaltycot (Chalcot) of Burghfield)
((i)) Edward Fettiplace of North Denchworth, etc. (d 15.04.1596)
  m. Mary Essex (dau of Thomas Essex by Margaret, dau of William Sandys, 1st Lord of Vyne by Margaret Bray)
  ((a)) Thomas Fettiplace of North Denchworth, etc (b c1556, dsp 01.09.1612)
  m. Katherine Poole dau of Edward Poole of Poole)
  ((b)) Margaret Fettiplace (b c1572)
  m. Christopher Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis (son of Alexander of Childrey & Swinbrook by Dorothy Ashfield)
((ii)) John Fettiplace 'of Sparsholt' of Ullington d 08.02.1602)
  m. Margaret Braybrook (dau of Thomas Braybrooke (by Catherine Barker), widow of William Andrews)
  ((iii)) Anne Fettiplace
  m. Richard Cave of Malmesbury
  ((iv)) Margaret Fettiplace
  m. Richard Hungerford
  ((v)) Eleanor Fettiplace
  m. William Pusey (b 1545, d 1577, son of Phillip by Alice Pawley)
((vi))+ other issue - George (d 1607), Thomas, William
  ((B)) William Fettiplace of Pusey (dsp 12.1557)
  m. Joan (widow of _ Rychards)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Fettiplace (d 22.04.1564)
  m. William Fettiplace of Maidencourt & Kentwood
  ((D)) Joan Fettiplace
  m. John Bond of Alscott
  ((D))+E other issue - James, Thomas, Anne, Dorothy, Mary
  (b) Jane Fettiplace (d 12.1512)
  m. Robert Manfield of Amersham (d 20.08.1500)
  (c) Amyee or Avice Fettiplace named Amyee by MGH but Avice by TUDOR
  m1. Ralph Bulkeley
  m2. Walter Fettiplace of Buckland, Berkshire
  ((1))+ issue - John of Sewells in Buckland, Annys/Anne
  (d)+ other issue - Anne, Florence
  (ii) Walter Fettiplace, Mayor of Southampton (d 28.04.1487)
  (a) Vincent Fettiplace mentioned by TUDOR but not by MGH
  (B) Walter Fettiplace, Mayor of Southampton (d 1449) see note under John just below
  (i) Isabel Fettiplace
  m. Thomas Ryngwode or Ringwood (son/heir of Thomas of Fordingbridge)
(C) John Fettiplace of Wolvele (Woolley, Berkshire) (a 1462 when "of great age") had issue
  John is not mentioned by 'TUDOR'. MGH reports that there is not sufficient evidence to prove that Walter & John were brothers of John & Thomas but, whilst they could have been a generation earlier, showing them as of this generation may be viewed as supported by the fact that the arms of Thomas "are differenced with a martlet, the mark of a 4th son".
(C) Thomas Fettiplace of East Shefford, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (b 1383, d c1442 (1446?))
  The following is supported by MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'The Family of Fettiplace', Pedigree II, p131+).
  m. Beatrix 'of Portugal' (d 25.12.1447, widow of Gilbert Talbot, Lord Talbot, brother of John, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury) ## see here ##
  'TUDOR' warns that Beatrix is often confused with Beatrice, an illegitimate dau of Joao, King of Portugal, who married Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel, then John Holand, Duke of Exeter, and then makes a link indicating that she was a legitimate daughter of that King (by Philippa Plantagenet, dau of John of Gaunt). The true identity of this Beatrix is unclear. TCP ('Talbot') notes that she may have been of the family of Pinto or of that of de Souza, the latter connection possibly explaining why her coat of arms was based on the Royal family of Portugal.
(i) William Fettiplace of Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire
  'TUDOR' identifies William's wife as Catherine Barrington, MGH as Katherine Barantyne. Note the probable confusion with another (probably incorrectly shown) William Fettiplace below.
  m. Katherine Barantyne (dau of Drew Barantyne of Chalgrove)
  (a) Anne Fettiplace
  m. Hugh Unton
  (ii) James Fettiplace of Maidencourt, Berkshire (a 1464)
  (iii) John Fettiplace of East Shelford & London (d 01.08.1464)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'The Family of Fettiplace', Pedigree III, p183+).
  m(1). Jane Fabian (dau of Edward Fabian, widow of Alderman Robert (not John) Horne of London, m3. John Estbury of Letcombe Regis)
  (a) Richard Fettiplace of East Shefford & Besselsleigh (d 1511)
  m. Elizabeth Besells (dau/heir of William Besells by Alice Harcourt)
(b) Anthony Fettiplace of Swinbrook (d 23.12.1510)
  m. Mary Fortescue (dau of Sir John Fortescue of Salden)
  (c) Sir Thomas Fettiplace of Compton Beauchamp (b 1458, d 10.12.1523)
  'TUDOR' shows this Thomas as married to Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Norreys of Yattenden by Jane de Vere, and notes that some sources show the Thomas who married Elizabeth Carew as the same person as, rather than the son of, this Thomas. 'TUDOR' then shows this Thomas as having daughters Elizabeth & Catherine plus a son Thomas (d c1524) who was father, by that Elizabeth Carew, of Nicholas & Catherine. MGH shows just 1 generation of Thomases and does not mention any marriage to Elizabeth Norreys but shows as follows.
  m1. Margaret Warying (dsp 22.01.1518, dau of Thomas Warying by Joane, dau/heir of Thomas Walrond of Childrey, sister of Elizabeth)
m2. Elizabeth Carew (d 04.02.1532, dau (by Malyn Oxenbridge) of Sir Richard Carew son (by Alianor Hoo) of James son of Nicholas by Margaret, dau of Sir Roger Fiennes by Elizabeth Holland)
  ((1)) Nicholas Fettiplace (b 31.05.1524, d 18.11.1524)
  ((2)) Katherine Fettiplace (dsp 03.10.1579)
  m. (1550) Sir Francis Englefield (dsp 1592)
  (d) William Fettiplace of Childrey (dsp 26/28.12.1528)
  m. Elizabeth Waryng, heiress of Childrey (dsp 14.01.1516, dau of Thomas Waryng (by Joan, dau of Thomas Walrond of Childrey), widow of John Kentwood)
  VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, Childrey) reports that Childrey passed through this marriage to their nephew Alexander, son of William's elder brother Anthony.
(e) Margaret Fettiplace
  m. Marmaduke Becke of Whiteknights (d 26.10.1497)
  'TUDOR' shows John as having a second marriage, with further children, as follows. These are not mentioned by MGH. Note the probable confusion between the William shown here and one shown above.
  m2. Beatrice King
  (f) John Fettiplace
  (g) William Fettiplace
  m. Catherine Barentyne (dau of Drew Barrentyne)
  (D)+ other issue - Joan, Sybil, Catherine mentioned by TUDOR but not by MGH
  b. Richard Fettiplace (3rd son?)
  (1) Peter Fettiplace of Andrewes Court in West Hanney, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (dsp 1444)
  m. Juliana (widow of Robert Morley of Stokenchurch)
  (2) Richard Fettiplace
  (A) John Fettiplace
  (3) John Fettiplace mentioned by TUDOR but not by MGH
  c.+ other issue - Almeric, Nicholas
  B. Henry Fettiplace (possibly priest)
2. Peter Fettiplace mentioned by TUDOR but not by MGH
  A. Henry Fettiplace
3. Walter Fettiplace
  A.+ issue - John (a 1303), Thomas (a 1278)
4. Richard Fettiplace
  A. Richard Fettiplace of East Hanney (a 1301) possibly father of ...
  i. John Fettiplace alias Southbury (a 1347) not mentioned by TUDOR
  a. John Southbury (a 1382)
  B. John Fettiplace

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'The Family of Fettiplace', p93+ and as reported above), 'TUDOR'
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