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Families covered: Farquharson of Auchriachan, Farquharson of Invercauld, Farquharson of Inverey, Farquharson of Monaltrie, Farqharson of Ravernie (Rivernie), Farquharson of Shiels, Farquharson of Whitehouse

Shaw of Rothiemurcos ('John with the Bucktooth')
1. James (d Harlaw 1411)
  A. Alexander
  i. Farquhar (Baillie and Chamberlain of Mar, 4th son)
  m. Jean Chisholm (dau of Chisholm of Strathglass)
a. Donald Farquharson
  m. Isobel Stewart (dau of Duncan Stewart in Invercauld)
  (1) Findla Mor Farquharson, 1st in/of Invercauld (d Pinkie 1547)
  m1. _ Stewart (dau of Stewart of Kincardine)
  (A) William Farquharson, 2nd of Invercauld (dspm) the following comes from BLG1952 (Thoms of Aberlemno)
  m. Beatrix Gordon (dau of Adam Gordon, Lord of Aboyne, son of 2nd Earl of Huntly)
  (i) Janet Farquharson
  m. (c1582) John McColme of Finegand and Cronaherty (b 1560, d c1628)
  (B)+ other issue - James, Alexander, John of Craiginty
  m2. Beatrix Gardyne (dau of George Gardyne of Gardyne and Banchory)
  (E) Donald Farquharson of Tulligarmont, Braemar, and Monaltrie
  m. Janet Ogilvy (dau of Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity)
(i) Donald Farquharson, 2nd of Monaltrie
  m. Beatrix Gordon (dau of Gordon of Knockespock)
  (a) Donald Oige (the younger) Farquharson, 3rd of Monaltrie (d 15.03.1645)
  m. Margaret Gordon (dau of William Gordon, 6th of Abergeldie)
  ((1)) Donald Farquharson (d unm)
  ((2)) Charles Farquharson, 4th of Monaltrie (dspm)
  m. Elizabeth Farquharson (dau of John Farquharson, 3rd of Inverey)
  ((A)) Marjorie Farquharson
  m. James Farquharson, 2nd of Tullochcoy
(b) James Farquharson of Whitehouse (d 1666)
  m1. _ Hay (from Edinburgh)
  ((1)) James Farquharson had issue
  ((2)) David Farquharson had issue
  m. Ann Farquharson (dau of Robert Farquharson of Blairs)
  m2. Anne Gardyne (dau of Col. Gardyne)
  ((3)) Harry Farquharson of Whitehouse
  m1. (1681) Barbara Ross (dau of Francis Ross of Achlossen)
  ((A)) Francis Farquharson of Whitehouse and Shiels
  m. Euphemia Ross (dau of Robert Ross of Achlossen)
  ((i)) Harry Farquharson of Shiels
  m. Jane Rose (dau of Rose of Tillysnaught)
  ((a)) Harry Farquharson (d unm in Jamaica)
  ((b)) Charles Farquharson (d unm in Jamaica)
  ((c)) Alexander Farquharson (dsp)
  m. _ Irvine (dau of Irvine of Cults)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Francis (d unm), "several daughters"
  ((B)) Charles Farquharson
  m. _ Grant (dau of Grant of Garthenmure)
  ((i))+ 2 daughters
  ((C)) John Farquharson (surgeon in London)
  ((i)) daughter
((D)) daughter
  m. John Forbes of Deskrie
  ((E)) Euphemia Farquharson
  m. William Steward of Achoilzie
  ((F)) Barbara Farquharson
  m. Douglas of Blackmill
  m2. Elizabeth (Mrs. Harper)
  ((G)) Harry Farquharson (d Culloden 16.04.1746, captain)
  m. (1720) Barbara Gordon (dau of John Gordon, 10th of Hallhead)
  ((i)) William Farquharson
  m. (1756) Margaret Souper (dau of Patrick Souper of Achlunies)
  ((a)) Patrick Farquharson of Whitehouse (d 20.02.1855) had issue
  m. (1795) Marjory Stewart (d 01.04.1849, dau of William Stewart of Lesmurdie)
  ((b))+ other issue - Harry (d unm), Ann (d unm)
  ((ii)) Robert Farquharson (in Jmaica)
  ((a)) Margaret Farquharson (d unm)
((iii)) Grace Farquharson
  m. George Campbell (minister, professor)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Harry (dsp), James (dsp)
  ((H))+ other issue - James (d unm), 3 daughters
  Probably of this generation but not known by which wife was ...
  ((4)) Margaret Farquharson
  m. Alexander Gordon, 2nd of Minmore (d before 1676)
  (c)+ other issue - Robert, Alexander, David
  (ii) Robert Farquharson, 1st of Finzean (d 1632)
  m. Margaret Macintosh (dau of Lauchlan Mor Mackintosh of that ilk)
  (iii) Alexander Farquharson, 1st of Allanquoich ancestor of Farquharson of Allanquoich
  (a) Donald Farquharson
  (b) Margaret Farquharson
  m. Lewis Farquharson, 1st of Auchindrine
(iv) James Farquharson, 1st of Inverey
  m1. Katharine Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 4th of Abergeldie)
  m2. Agnes Ferries (dau of Alexander Ferries, minister of Crathie)
  (v) Ann Farquharson
  m. (1613) John McPherson of Nuide (a 1623)
  (vi)+ other issue - John, George, Thomas
  (F) Robert Farquharson of Dalroddie, '3rd of Invercauld' (b c1530, d c1610)
  m. Marjory Robertson (dau of John Robertson or Reid in Strathardie)
  (i) John Farquharson, 4th of Invercauld (d 1632)
  m. Margaret Barclay (dau of Walter Barclay of Gartley)
  (ii) Finlay Farquharson in Ravernie (Rivernie) (d Worcester 03.09.1651, Colonel)
  JB has drawn our attention (02.09.06) to the fact that, as explained in his book 'Farquharson of Ravernie', Finlay's wife was not Jean, daughter of an Ogilvie of Clova (as reported in the Broughdearg MSS) but ...
  m. (c1598) Katherine Ogilvy (dau of John Ogilvy of Inshewan and Margaret Erskine)
  (a) Robert Farquharson of Ravernie
  ((1)) John Farquharson of Ravernie (a 1690)
  (b) Thomas Farquharson of Ennets
  (c) John Farquharson of Kirkton of Aboyne
  (iii) Alexander Farquharson of Westoun had issue
  m. Elspet Forbes (dau of Forbes of Bithny)
  (iv) William Farquharson
  m. _ Leith (dau of Leith of Likelyhead)
  (G) Finla Farquharson, 1st of Auchriachan
  m1. Isabel Lyall (dau of Lyall of Murthill)
  (i) William Farquharson, 2nd of Auchriachan
  m. Isabel Murray
  partner unknown
  (a) Sanders Farquharson
  ((1)) Alexander Farquharson
  ((A))+ 4 sons - John, William, Archibald, James
  ((2)) Donald Farquharson
  ((A)) Alexander Farquharson in Monaltry had issue
  ((3)) Beatrix Farquharson
  m. John Ross
  ((4))+ other issue - Findlay (2nd son), Janet (d unm)
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Farquharson of Cubairdy
  m2. Christian McDoonach (dau of John Riach McDoonach of Kinbeachy, widow of Duncan Grant of Camdel)
  (iii) John Farquharson of Crathie and Tollduchull
  m. _ Ogilvy (dau of Ogilvy of Bellaty)
  (a) John Farquharson
  ((1)) Robert Farquharson
  ((A)) Arthur Farquharson at Fravaite
  ((2)) John Farquharson
  ((A))+ 2 sons
  ((3)) William Farquharson
  ((A)) Gregor Farquharson
  (b) Donald Farquharson
  ((1))+ 2 sons ("went abroad to the wars and were killed") - John, Allaster
  ((3)) Charles Buie Farquharson
  ((A)) Donald Farquharson (3rd son)
  m. _ Coult (dau of James Coult of Rifantrack)
  ((i)) Charles Farquharson had a son
  m. _ Farquharson (dau of Charles Farquharson of Monaltry)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Peter, Diana
  ((B))+ other married issue - James (had a natural son), Alexander (had 3 natural sons), Gregor in Glenlivet (had issue)
  ((E)) natural son in Strathspey
  (c) James Farquharson of Camdel
  m. dau of Blackhall
  ((1)) Gregor Farquharson
  m. _ McKenzie (dau of John McKenzie of Dalmore)
((A))+ issue - John (had daughters), Alexander (had issue - John, Charles, son), James (had issue - George, William), Robert, Donald (had issue - James), Shaw (d Sheriffmuir)
  partner unknown
  (d) Donald-na-Suib Farquharson
  ((1)) Donald Farquharson
  ((A))+ issue - Donald (son James), William 'Cam' (had 4 sons), John, Finlay, Farquhar
  ((2)) Robert Farquharson
  ((A))+ issue - Donald at Tarland (issue - Farquhar, daughters), William, James (2 sons)
  ((3)) John Farquharson
  (iv) Robert Farquharson of Aldairg (a 1655)
  m. Elspet Anderson (dau of Anderson of Kinacraig)
  (v) daughter
  m1. Alexander McInveach of Finlater
  m2. John Grant in Camdel
  m3. William Grant (son of James McAllan)
  (vi) daughter
  m. John Robertson in Grionchlie
  (H)+ other issue - Lachlan of Broughdearg, George, 5 daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Farquharson of Invercauld) with input from Jack Blair (genealogist and author, quoting from 'the Broughdearg MSS' and his book 'Farquharson of Ravernie', ISBN 1-903179-815)
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