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Families covered: Fanning of Ballingarry, Fanning of Fanningstown, Fanning of Limerick

(1) The Family History book reports that "The Fanning family appears to be of Norman origin, and to have come to Ireland with the first settlers of that race, probably in the train of the Geraldines" and "If the Fannings came from Normandy they certainly left no trace of their name in England." The name appears in various forms, with most variations of i and y, single or double n, e and/or g at the end, and with various vowel variations (albeit the first vowel normally a).
(2) The book contains many references to people of the family of Fanning but, except for the pedigree shown between p46 and p47, which has been used for the first section below, the text has to be perused to pull out connected pedigrees. So far, we have identified only the two branches shown below as having connections to elsewhere in our database.
John Fanning of Ballingarry, co. Tipperary
m. Maria Barry (dau of John Barry (who d 1408))
1. Andrew Fanning of Ballingarry
  m. Maria Roche (dau of John Roche of family of Fermoy)
  A. Richard Fanning of Ballingarry
  m. Alice Butler (dau of Richard Butler)
  i. Thomas Fanning of Ballingarry
m. Alice Power (dau of Richard Power of Kilmaiden)
  a. David Fanning of Ballingarry
  m. Elizabeth Comerford (dau of John Comerford of Balliburr)
  (1) Geoffrey Fanning of Ballingarry (a 1642, MP) mentioned on p47 of the book
  m. Juliana or Gylles Power (dau of Thomas Power of Culifine)
  (A) James (Jacob) Fanning of Fanningstown, co. Tipperary
  m. Helen Butler (dau of Richard Butler of the family of Ormonde)
  (i) William Fanning of Fanningstown
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau of James (Jacob) Butler of Dangan (of the family of Dunboyne))
(a) Richard Fanning of Rochestown, co. Kilkenny
  m. Catharine Walsh (dau of Richard Walsh of Knockmillan)
  ((1)) James (Jacob) Fanning of Waterford
  m. Elizabeth O'Neil (dau of William O'Neil of Ballineil)
  ((A)) James (Jacob) Fanning of Stonehouse, co. Waterford (a 1775?)
  m. Frances Butler (dau of Richard Butler of Luffany (of the family of Ormonde))
  ((i))+ issue - James (Jacob) Richard Theobald, Francesca Maria Rosa
  (B) Catherine Fanning possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Butler (d before 1678)



The following comes from p21+ of the undermentioned book.
Clement Fanning, Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1551, 1573, MP)
1. Patrick Fanning of Ballyarrily & Ballynevan, Sheriff of Limerick (d 01.06.1612)
  A. Clement Fanning, Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1595, 1610)
  i. Simon Fanning, Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (d 07.03.1636-7)
  m. Joan Arthur (dau of Dominick Arthur of Limerick)
  a. Dominick Fanning, Mayor of Limerick (a 1645, MP)
  m. Katherine Comyn (dau of Alderman David Comyn)
  (1) Thomas Fanning
  (2) Joan Fanning
  m1. Sir Dominick White of Limerick
  m2. Thomas Comyn of Moynoe
  b. John Fanning
m. Mary Hogan (dau of Patrick Hogan of Killamena)
  c. James Fanning (5th son)
  m. Katherine Stritach (dau of Alderman Michael Stritach of Limerick)
  d.+ other issue - Bartholomew, Richard, Joan, Anne
  One of the daughters married ...
  m. James Stritch FitzWilliam
  ii. Edward Fanning
  a. Nicholas Fanning, Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1630)
  b. Phyllis Fanning
  m. James Rice of Ballymuddel (d 24.02.1636)
  iii. Francis Fanning, Sheriff then Mayor of Limerick (a 1644)
  a. Edward or Edmund Fanning, later in Connecticut (emigrated c1653 to America) had issue (in USA)

Main source(s): 'History of the Fanning Family' by Walter Frederic Brooks (vol 1, 1915) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 13.11.15) for drawing our attention to this book and its availability at archive.org
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