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Families covered: Edyvean of Bodmin, Elmham of Westhorpe, Elers of Chelsea, Ewin of Norfolk, Easterby of Skinningrove

?? Edyvean of St. Austell
m. Catherine (bur 1731)
1. Robert Edyvean, Mayor of Bodmin (bur 1798)
  m. (1764) Catherine Bradlick (bur 1783, dau/coheir of Edward Bradlick by Catherine, dau of John Stone by Elizabeth, dau of Charles Blight)
  A. Robert Edyvean (bpt 1763, d 1803, clerik. 3rd son)
  m. Mary Copping (bur 1800, dau of William Copping)
  i. Robert Edyvean (bpt 1787, d 06.1849) had issue
  m. (1821) Mary Elizabeth Boor (a 1869, dau of Richard Boor, sister of Rev. Leonard Jarvis)
  ii. Mary Ann Edyvean
m. (1822) Leonard Jarvis Boor (cleric)
  iii.+ other issue -William, John (bpt 1788, bur 1792)
  B.+ other issue - John (bpt 1756, d unm bur 1824), Robert (bpt 1758, d infant)
2. Joseph Edyvean, Mayor of Bodmin (bur 1803)
  m. (1754) Mary Bradlick (bur 1783, dau/coheir of Edward Bradlick, sister of Catherine)
  A. Mary Edyvean (b 1765)
  m. William Hocken of Trenarlet
  B. Rose Edyvean
  m. (1796) William Flamanck of St. Austell
  C. Lydia Edyvean (b 1767)
  m. Thomas Comins (bur 1827?)
  D. Elizabeth Edyvean (dsp)
  m. (19.07.1784) James Bligh
  E. Joanna Edyvean (b 1765?, dsp 1804))
  m. Thomas Duke
  F.+ other issue - son (d infant), Honour (d unm)



Alexander de Elmham
1. Bartholomew de Elmham of Westhorpe (a 1312)
  A. Henry de Elmham of Westhorpe (a 1330)
  m. Elizabeth de Hackford (dau/coheir of Sir William de Hackford)
  i. Sir William de Elmham of Westhorpe (d 1403, Admiral)
  m1. Anna (a 1371)
  m2. Elizabeth Hastings (d 1419, dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing (by Dame Margaret Kerdeston?), m1. Thomas Catteston)
  a. ?? Elmham
  (1) Robert Elmham of North Walsham
  (A) Margaret Elmham (a 1543)
  m. _ Willoughby (d by 1543)



Commoners & BLG1862, which follow the line of Peter Elers, report that Peter "of the ancient baronial family of that name, migrated from Germany and came over to this country at the time when George I. was called to the throne", which was in 1714. Noting that date and that Peter is reported to have had just 1 son (another Peter), we speculate that the undermentioned Paul of Black Bourton was his nephew.
?? Elers
1. Peter Elers (a c1714)
  A. Peter Elers, later of Chelsea (bur 03.1753)
  m. (1715) Dorothy Carew (dau of Thomas Carew of Carew Castle, sister of Thomas of Crowcombe Court)
i. George Elers of Chelsea (b 1720, d 1784, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Mary Charon (dau/heir of Peter Charon)
  a. Carew Elers (b 1755, d 1821)
  m. Susanna Farrow (dau of William Farrow (or Tarrow) of Monkesleigh & Cockfield)
  (1) Carew Thomas Elers (b 31.12.1790, Rector of Rishangeles) had issue
  m. (1821) Sarah Palmer (dau of Charles Palmer of Coleshill)
  (2) William Elers of Oldbury, Kent had issue
  m. (1828) Susanna Shrubb (dau of John Peyto Shrubb of Meristwood)
  (3) George Elers of Crowcombe, Somerset had issue
  m. Emma Le Grice (dau of John Le Grice of Bury St. Edmund's)
  (4) Elizabeth Elers
  m. George John Gibson of Bradston Brook & Standgate Lodge
  (5)+ other issue - Caroline, Sophia, Mary
  b. Peter Elers (d unm 1820, Rector of Addington)
  c. Charlotte Elers (b 1761, d 1830)
  m. John Peyto Shrubb
  ii. Ann Elers (b 1717, dsp)
m. William Poston
2. ?? Elers
  A. Paul Elers of Black Bourton
  This Paul is identified as father of Anna Maria. MGH starts with the following Paul George but reports that his sister married R.L. Edgeworth.
  i. Paul George Elers
  m. (16.07.1772) Elizabeth Debonnaire (dau of John Debonnaire of Bromley)
  a. Edward Elers (d 1814, RN, 3rd son?) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Younghusband (d 19.12.1857, dau of George Younghusband, m2. Rear Admiral Sir Charles Napier)
  Their children "assumed the name of Napier on their mother's second marriage".
  b.+ other issue - son (dsp 1811, Major), George (d unm 1841, Captain)
  ii. Anna Maria Elers
  m. Richard Lovell Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown (b 1744, d 13.06.1817)



William Ewin of Merton (d 31.07.1764, cleric)
m. Susanna Jerop (d 09.07.1749, dau of Samuel Jesop of East Bradenham (MD))
1. Thomas Ewin (d 14.06.1779, Rector of Swanton Merton)
  m. Susanna (d 01.05.1795)
  A. Elizabeth Jessop Ewin
  m. (18.12.1783) Rev. William Girdlestone of Holt & Kelling
  B. Susanna Maria Ewin
  m. (03.04.1769/1764) Rev. Frederick Barnwell of Southolt
  C. Mary Jessop Ewin
  m. Rev. William Taylor of Tilney
2. Susanna Maria Ewin
  m1. Thomas Larwood of Norwich (surgeon)
  A. Joshua Larwood (Retor of Swanton Merton)
  m2. (1715) Henry Iveson of Norwich (MD)
  B. daughter



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Francis Easterby of Skinningrove, Yorkshire
m. _ Addison (sister of John Addison of Woodhorn Demesne)
1. John Easterby of Skinningrove
  m. Grace Johnstone
  A. Catherine Grace Easterby (d 31.12.1857)
  m. (10.06.1813) John Charles Maynard of Harsley Hall (b 11.01.1788, d 24.02.1871)
2. Francis Easterby, later Cresswell (d 08.02.1834)
  m. (1787?) Frances Dorothea Cresswell (b 10.06.1768, dau/coheir of John Cresswell 'of Cresswell')
  A. Addison John Easterby, later Cresswell, later Baker-Cresswell of Cresswell, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 01.10.1788, d 05.05.1879) had issue
  m. (25.06.1818) Elizabeth Mary Reed (d 10.02.1869, cousin of John Baker of Spitalfields, dau of Gilfrid Lawson Reed by Anne, dau of Rev. Timothy Rutter)
  B. Francis Easterby of King's Lynn had issue
  m. Rachel Elizabeth Fry (dau of Joseph Fry by Elizabeth)
  C. William Easterby had issue
  m. Hannah Caroline Turner
  D. Cresswell Easterby (b 20.08.1794, d 29.07.1863, MP, judge)
  E. Oswald Joseph Easterby (d 07.06.1871, rector of Hansworth) had issue
  m. (10.01.1837) Anna Maria Strong (d 04.04.1897, dau of Rev. Canon Strong of Sedgefield)

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