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Families covered: Enys of Enys, Enys of Penryn

Robert de Enys of Enys
1. John de Enys (a 1336)
  A. William Enys of Enys (a 1399)
  m. Joan Bercle
  i. Thomas Enys of Treluswell (a 04.1475)
  m. Joan Peryn (a 1475, dau of William Peryn of Helston by Joan, dau/coheir of John de Rosuwyk)
  a. John Enys (d before
m1. Joan Hendre (dau of Matthew Hendre)
  m2. Elizabeth Densell (dau of George Densell)
  b. Matthew Enys (a 1475)
  (1) Thomas Enys of Enys (d 16.03.1560)
  m. Jane (d 20.04.1570, possibly dau of Thomas Tretherff)
  (A) Thomas Enys of Enys (b 02.03.1537, d 11.03.1614) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. (02.06.1560) Katherine Reskimer (dau of John Reskimer of Merthen)
  (i) John Enys of Enys (b 12.03.1578, a 1620)
m. (19.01.1605) Winifred Rise (dau/coheir of Thomas Rise of Trewardrevah)
  (a) Thomas Enys (b c1605, a 1651)
  m. Mary Challons (dau of Richard Challons)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward (d young), John (d young), Thomas (bpt 30.05.1623, d young), John (a 1651), Samuel, Olyph, Grace
  (b) John Enys of Penryn (bpt 04.0.1610, d before 13.02.1652)
  m. Elizabeth Wheston (a 1652)
  (c) Samwell Enys of Barton of Enys (b 11.10.1611, d before 30.03.1698) - continued below
  m. (05.07.1647) Elizabeth Pendarves (dau of Samuel Pendarves of Roscrowe)
  (d) Gertrude Enys
  m. Thomas Amey
  ((1)) Anne Amey (a 1651)
  (e)+ other issue - Richard, Renatus (bpt 10.04.1625, a 1651), Anne (bpt 18.10.1612), Katherine (b 27.10.1614)
  (ii) Avis Enys (b 15.09.1563)
  m. (12.1582) John Trethowen of Trethowen
  (iii) Blanch Enys (b 11.09.1566)
  (iv) Agnes Enys (b 28.10.1570)
  m. (02.08.1604) Mathew Woldridge
  (v) Sinobia Enys (b 30.12.1572)
  m. (17.07.1596) John Coffin
  (vi) Grace Enys (b 13.01.1576)
  m. (15.10.1603) Henry Tyack or Tryack
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (bur 01.09.1616), Mary
  c. Margaret Enys (a 1475)
  m. John Tresuthen
  (1) John Tresuthen
  ii. ? ?? Enys
  a. Nicholas Enys (d before 15.11.1522)
  m. Thomasin Metheros (dau/heir of Richard Metheros)
  (1) John Enys
  (A) Michael Enys
  (i) Joan Enys
  m. Michael Trenowth
  (a) Michael Trenowth
  (B)+ other issue - Anthony, Mary
  b. Thomas Enys
  B. Joan Enys (a 1337, "eldest daughter")
2. Joan de Enys
  m. (1363) John Gwynor



Samwell Enys of Barton of Enys (b 11.10.1611, d before 30.03.1698) - continued above
m. (05.07.1647) Elizabeth Pendarves (dau of Samuel Pendarves of Roscrowe)
1. John Enys of Enys (d 17.08.1726, 2nd son?)
  m. (20.05.1678-9) Anne Gregor (a 1710, dau/heir of Henry Gregor of Truro)
  A. Samuel Enys of Enys, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 01.09.1744)
  m. (06.1707) Dorothy Willys (d 24.03.1752, dau of William (probably not Thomas) Willys of London, sister/coheir of Sir William Willys of Fenn Ditton, Bart)
  i. John Enys of Enys, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 02.03.1710, d 17.04.1773)
  m. (18.07.1745) Lucy Basset (d 01.01.1758, dau of Francis Basset of Tehidy)
  a. Samuel Enys of Enys (b 06.10.1749, d 01.01.1776)
  m. (1771) Sarah Penrose (dau of Rev. Thomas Penrose of Newbury, m2. John Hersent Thorpe of Emley)
  (1) John Enys of Enys, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 1772, dsp 11.10.1802)
  m. Jane Marie Villebois (dau of William Villebois of Feltham Place)
  (2) Lucy Anne Enys (b 22.06.1773, d 1857)
  m. (14.07.1794) Samuel Oliver Hunt of Stratford-upon-Avon and/or Houndshill (d 04.01.1801)
  (A) John Samuel Hunt, later Enys, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 21.09.1796, d 1872) had issue
  m. Catherine Gilbert (b 1813, dau of Davies Gilbert of Eastbourne)
(B) Jane Hunt (b 04.04.1798, d unm)
  (C) Frances Anne Hunt (b 17.04.1799)
  m. Otho Cooke of Devon
  (3) Caroline Sarah Enys (b 27.01.1775, d 02.09.1775)
  b. Francis Enys of Enys (b 01.01.1753, dsp 12/22.04.1821)
  c. Katherine Enys (b 23.02.1754, d 1772)
  m. (1772) John Basset Collins (rector of Camborne)
  d.+ other issue - John (b 10.06.1748, d 18.01.1750), John (b 17.12.1757, bur 1818, Lt. Colonel), Dorothy (b 01.11.1746, d unm 1784), Lucy (b 21.02.1751, d 12.02.1757), Mary (b 13.07.1755, d 01.11.1775)
  ii. Samuel Enys of Richmond, Surrey (b 16.10.1714, dsp 1733)
  m. Sarah Woodley (dau of Jonathan Woodley of London)
iii.+ other issue - Samuel (d infant), William (b 20.09.1719, d 09.07.1740), Jane, Katherine (b 26.03.1708, d 1778), Anne (b 29.01.1709, d 22.04.1726), Dorothy (b/bur 1712), Jane (b 23.01.1718, d 24.01.1748), Elizabeth (b 14.06.1722, d 08.1722), Grace (b 14.06.1722, d 08.1722)
  B. Elizabeth Enys (b 24.09.1683)
  m. Clement Warren of Exeter
2. Grace Enys (b 22.04.1651, dsp)
  m1. (17.10.1664) William Gregor of Truro
  m2. (02.07.1689) Andrew May (Dr.)
  A. Mary May probably of this generation
  m. John Collins of Treworgan, Sheriff of Cornwall (d before 30.08.1733)
3.+ other issue - Samuel (dvp unm 02.02.1672), Valentine of Penryn (b 08.06.1653, d 12.1719), Richard of Penryn (d before 09.04.1712), Thomas (b 09.07.1658, d 15.07.1658), William (b 10.09.1659, d 01.1660)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Enys of Enys), BLG1952 (Enys of Enys)
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