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Families covered: Edwardes of Cilhendre (Kilhendre), Edwardes of Greet (Grete), Edwardes of Salisbury

Jerworth of Cilhendre
m. Elizabeth (dau of Jeuan ap Rys ap David ap John)
1. Jerworth Vaughan
  m. Anna (dau of John Corbet of Wollaston)
  A. Adda
  m. Jonnet (dau of Rees ap Hoell Coetmore)
i. Madock of Cilhendre (Kilhendre)
  m. Margaret (dau of Gryffyth ap Jer.)
  a. David of Cilhendre
  m. Hawise (dau of em ap Jerworth Goche ap Edneuet ap Mad)
  (1) John Edwardes
  m. Llewka (dau of Gruffuth ap Jokijs (Jenkins) ap Einion Vaughan)
  (A) Edward Edwardes
  m. Ankareta (Angharard) (dau of Edward ap Howell of Dudleston)
  (i) Maurice Edwardes
  m. Katherine (dau of David ap Madoc of Pentremorgan)
  (a) Robert Edwardes
  ((1)) Ambrose Edwardes
  (b) Edward Edwardes (3rd son)
  ((1)) Margaret Edwardes
  (c) Elizabeth Edwardes
  m. Maurice Eyton (son of Jacob)
  (d)+ other issue - John, Jane
  (ii) Hugh Edwardes of Shrewsbury (a 1551)
  m. Alice Keys (dau of Thomas Keys or Kele of Cornwall)
  (a) Timothy Edwardes of Cilhendre in Dudleston (a 1623)
  The following comes from Commoners (vol 2, 'Morrall of Plas Yolyn', p596).
m. Alice Colefox (dau of Adam Colefox of Merrington)
  ((1)) Francis Edwardes of Kilhendre
  m. Mary Figes (dau of John Figes of Twemlows)
((A)) Thomas Edwardes of Kilhendre
  m. Frances Aldersey (dau of John Aldersey of Aldersey & Spurstow)
  ((i)) Thomas Edwardes of Kilhendre
  m. Anne Kyffin (dau of Watkin Kyffin of Glascoed)
  ((a))+ issue (d unm) - Frances, (d 1730), Anne
((ii)) Judith Edwardes
  m. (1669) John Morrall of Plas Yolyn
  Kilhendre passsed to their son.
  ((2))+ other issue - Edward, Mary mentioned by Visitation
  (b) Thomas Edwardes of Greet & Brace Meole, Sheriff of Salop (b c1554, d 19.03.1634)
  m. Ann Baskervile (dau/coheir of Humphrey Baskervile, Sheriff of London, relict of Stephen Duckett)
  ((1)) Humphrey Edwardes (a 1623)
  m. Hester Pope (dau of Roger Pope of Salop)
  ((2)) Sir Thomas Edwardes, 1st Bart of Greet (Grete) & Shrewsbury, Sheriff of Salop (a 1644) - continued below
  m1. Mary Norton (dau of Bonham Norton of Stretton)
  m2. Cicely Brookes (dau of Edward Brookes of Stretton)
  ((3)) Lucy Edwardes
  m. Thomas Pope of Salop
  ((4)) Alice Edwardes
  m. Michael (Nicholas?) Lewis of Salop
  ((5))+ other issue (d young) - Henry, Jonathan
  (c) Katherine Edwardes
  m. John Davies of Salop
  (d)+ other issue - Humphrey, William
  (iii) Margaret Edwardes
  m. John Rogers of Dudleston
  (iv)+ other issue - Humphrey, William



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Sir Thomas Edwardes, 1st Bart of Greet (Grete) & Shrewsbury, Sheriff of Salop (b c1600, bur 27.04.1660) - continued above
m1. (after 1623) Mary Norton (dau of Bonham Norton of Stretton)
1. Anne Edwardes
  m. Herbert Westfaling
m2. Cicely Brookes (bur 28.12.1677, dau of Edward Brookes of Stretton)
2. Sir Francis Edwardes, 2nd Bart of Grete & Shrewsbury (b c1645, bur 23.12.1690, Colonel)
  TCB reports that the patent of his father's baronetcy was supposedly lost in the Civil Wars and, as it never "passed the Seals", was considered invalid so that a new patent was created for Francis with precedence as from his father's creation. TCB (vol 2) shows Francis as the 2nd Bart and then stops listing the baronets. TCB (vol 4) shows Francis as the 1st Bart, his son as the 2nd, etc.. We follow BP1870 in showing his son as the 3rd, etc.
m. Eleanor Warburton (bur 24.07.1675, dau of Sir George Warburton, Bart of Arley, by Elizabeth Myddelton)
  A. Sir Francis Edwardes of Shrewsbury, Grantham & Edmonston, 3rd Bart (bur 23.10.1701)
  BP1870 identifies Francis's wife as Eleanor Harvey. TCB identifies her as ...
  m. Susan Harvey (dau of Robert Harvey of Stockton)
  i. Sir Francis Edwardes of Shrewsbury, 4th Bart (bpt 17.04.1699, d 05.08.1734)
  m1. Anne Rocke (dsp 15.03.1726, dau/coheir of Thomas Rocke of Shrewsbury)
  m2. (10.06.1726) Hester Lacon (dau/coheir of John Lacon of West Coppice)
  a. Hester Edwardes (d 10.04.1805)
  m. (19.01.1747) George Cholmondeley, Viscount Malpas (b 17.10.1724, dvp 15.03.1764)
  ii. Eleanor Edwardes
  m. (1727) Sir Henry Edwardes, 5th Bart @1@ below
  B. Elizabeth Edwardes
  m. Andrew Corbet
  C. Eleanor Edwardes
  m. Rev. Dryden Pigot
D. Hester Edwardes
  m. _ Davis
  E. Diana Edwardes
  m. John Scrimshire
3. Thomas Edwardes (b c1645, d 28.01.1726/7, town clerk of Shrewsbury)
  m. (c07.1688) Anne or Mary Haynes (dau/coheir of John Haynes) named Anne by BP1870, Mary by TCB
A. Sir Henry Edwardes of Shrewsbury, 5th Bart (d 26.03.1767)
  m. (1727) Eleanor Edwardes (dau of Sir Francis Edwardes, 3rd Bart) @1@ above
  i. Sir Thomas Edwardes of Shrewsbury, 6th Bart (b c1730, d 13.11.1790)
  m. (1760) Anne Barret (d 16.04.1785, dau/heir of John Barret of Ealing)
  a. Helen Esher Mary Edwardes (d 04.06.1837)
  m. John Thomas Hope of Netley Hall
  (1) Thomas Henry Hope, later Hope-Edwardes
  (2) Louisa Mary Anne Hope
  m1. (19.06.1828) Sir Henry Edwardes, 9th Bart (bpt 14.08.1787, d 26.08.1841) @2@ below
  m2. (20.02.1846) James Murray Martin (Major)
  ii. Mary Edwardes
  m. (23.05.1759) Thomas Mitton of Shipton Hall
  B. daughter
4. Benjamin Edwardes had issue
  m. Sarah Pooke (dau of Richard Pooke)
5. Jonathan Edwardes (bpt 03.10.1653, d 1705, rector of Westbury, 5th son)
  m. Mary Bray (dau/coheir of Thomas Bray)
  A. Thomas Edwardes (bpt 12.05.1697, bur 27.01.1756, rector of Greet, vicar of Chirbury)
  m. Martha Matthewes (dau/coheir of Thomas Matthews of Guerendda)
i. Sir Thomas Edwardes, 7th Bart (b 07.01.1727, d 22.09.1797, Rev.)
  m. Juliana Thomas (b 1721-2, d 07.1778, dau of John Thomas of Aston)
  a. Sir John Thomas Cholmondeley Edwardes, 8th Bart (b c1764, d 23.02.1816, rector of Frodesley)
  m. (08.11.1785) Frances Gask (b 1762-3, d 15.06.1859, dau of John Gask of Tickhill)
  (1) Sir Henry Edwardes, 9th Bart (bpt 14.08.1787, d 26.08.1841) had issue
  m. (19.06.1828) Louisa Mary Anne Hope (dau of John Thomas Hope of Netley Hall (by Helen Hester Mary, dau/heir of Sir Thomas Edwardes, 5th Bart), m2. Major James Murray Martin) @2@ above
  (2) Benjamin Edwardes (bpt 15.10.1790, cleric) had issue
  m. (06.1817) Anna Sophia Hall (dau of J.H. Hall of London)
  (3)+ other issue - Frances (d unm 20.07.1861), Juliana, Charlotte (d unm 10.12.1816)
  b. Benjamin Edwardes (Major)
  m. Catherine Smitheman (dau of John Smitheman of West Coppice)
  (1)+ issue - John Thomas Smitheman (b 25.07.1802), Margaret (b 30.03.1800, d unm 15.02.1844)
  B. son (d unm)
6.+ other issue - Herbert (d unm), Brookes (dsp), 6 daughters (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 10.09.07) : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Edwards of Kilhendre), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Edwards of Shrewsbury)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 30.06.11) : BP1870 (Edwardes), TCB (vol 2, Edwards or Edwardes of Grete and Shrewsbury), TCB (vol 4, Edwards or Edwardes of Shrewsbury)
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