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Families covered: Dyne of Bethersden, Bradley-Dyne of Gore Court, Dyne of Lankhurst, Dyne of Westfield

Thomas Dyne of Westfield & Battle, Sussex (d 04.09.1624)
1. Thomas Dyne of East Grinstead (b by 1595, d by 02.1657)
  Commoners (vol 3, 'Brisco of Coghurst', p237) shows Thomas, father of Timothea, as son of James, shown below as Timothea's husband John's grandfather, making Timothea and John 1st cousins. Visitation supports Commoners (vol 4, Bradley of Gore Court) which we follow.
  m. (16.09.1608) Susan Payne (bpt 01.11.1590, bur 08.11.1655, dau of Edward Payne of East Grinstead)
  A. Timothea Dyne (bpt 23.04.1626, bur 1682)
  m. (28.10.1645) John Dyne of Westfield (bpt 16.05.1619, bur 1678) @@ below
  B. Mary Dyne
  m. John Atkins



Henry Dine of Bethersden, Kent
m. (1564) Elizabeth Longley
1. James Dyne of Sussex
  A. John Dyne of Bethersden (bur 05.05.1646)
  m1. Margaret Baker (b 1586/7, bur 10.05.1635, dau of _ Baker of Westwell and/or Ripplecourt)
i. John Dyne of Westfield (bpt 16.05.1619, bur 1678)
  m. (28.10.1645) Timothea Dyne (bpt 23.04.1626, bur 1682, dau of Thomas Dyne of East Grinstead) @@ above
  a. Thomas Dyne of Westfield & Lankhurst (bpt 04.1651, bur 24.03.1723)
  m. Johanna Elkin
  (1) Edward Dyne of Lankhurst (bur 08.05.1732)
  m. Mary Fletcher (dau of William Fletcher of Conghurst)
  (A) Mary Fletcher Dyne (bpt 12.1714)
  m. Musgrave Brisco of Wakefield & Ripon
  b. Henry Dyne (d1706)
  m. Elizabeth Crowhurst (niece of Francis Whitfield of Thornhouse)
  (1) John Dyne (bur 1746)
  m. Elizabeth Tylden (d 1776, dau of _ Tylden of Shadoxburst)
  (A) John Dyne (b 1725)
  m. Jane Gibson of Tenterden
  (i) John Dyne (d unm?, Captain)
  (ii) Edward Dyne to Somerset had issue
  m. Fanny Messiter (dau of M. Messiter of Somerset)
(B) Edward Dyne (b 1727, d 1793-4)
  m. (09.1755) Elizabeth Hawes (d 1793, dau of Andrew Hawes)
  (i) Andrew Hawes Dyne, later Bradley-Dyne, of Gore Court, Kent (bpt 08.1756, bur 12.1820)
  m. (1783) Frances Bradley of Wanstead (a 1829, sister of James Bradley)
  (a) Francis Dyne or Bradley-Dyne of Gore Court, Sheriff of Kent (b 23.01.1790) had issue
  m. (1822) Mary Jane Harris (dau of Lord Harris)
  (b) James Dyne or Bradley-Dyne (d 1829, Commander RN) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. Caroline Western (dau of Admiral Thomas Western)
  (c) Frances Roosilia Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
  m. (1805) Henry Dickinson in Normandy (a 1829)
  (d) Elizabeth Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
  m1. (sp) Michael Hoy of Midenbury House (bur 06.1828)
  m2. George Maiwaring (Captain)
  (e) Margaret Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
  m. Rev. Allen Morgan of New Ross and/or Kildavin, co. Wexford
  (f)+ oher issue - Mary (bpt 06.1787, bur 12.1800), Sarah (bpt 08.1795, bur 10.1795)
  (ii) Thomas Dyne
  m. Mary Fountain (dau of Peter Fountain of London)
  (a) daughter
  (C) William Dyne (b 1730, d 18.04.1800) had issue
  m. (1758) Effield Chapman (dau of James Chapman of Molash)
  (D) Thomas Dyne (dsp)
  m. Sophia Linois
  (E)+ other issue (dsp) - 1 son & 5 daughters
  c. James Dyne (bpt 20.02.1653) had issue
  m. Anne
  d.+ other issue - John, William, Timothea, Margaret
  Commoners and Visitation appear to disagree on the order in which the sons were born.
  ii.+ other issue
  m2. Elizabeth

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Bradley of Gore Court', p203+), Visitation (Sussex, 1662 extended, 'Dyne of Westfield'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p452)
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