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Families covered: Duff of Castlefield, Duff of Muldavit

This link identifies a connection to the ancient Earls of Fife that is suggested by 'The Book of The Duffs' and reported by various web sites but which seems not to be accepted by serious genealogists. BP1934 (Fife) starts off with reference to the David Duff who married Agnes Chalmers but does not provide a solid chain of ancestors until the John Duff whose second wife, Margaret Gordon, was mother of Adam Duff of Clunybeg whose descendants are shown on the continuation pages.
John Duff (d 1404)
1. David Duff (b c1375)
  m. Agnes Chalmers of Muldavit (dau of Maud of Muldavit)
  A. John Duff of Muldavit
i. John Duff of Muldavit (a 1440)
  a. John Duff of Muldavit (a 1500) succeeded by ...
  (1) Andrew Duff of Muldavit (d 1515)
  m. Helen Hay (grandchild of John Hay of Boyne)
  (A) John Duff of Muldavit
  m. Elizabeth Abercromby
  (i) George Duff of Muldavit
  m. Isabel Gordon (dau of Patrick Gordon of Drummy)
  (a) Isobel Duff
  m. Patrick Gordon (son of Gordon of Cairnburrow)
  (ii) John Duff of Muldavit (d 25.04.1593)
  m1. ? Abercromby (dau of Abercromby of Skeith)
(a) John Duff of Muldavit (also known as Craighead)
  m. Agnes Gordon
  ((1)) John Duff of Muldavit or Craighead
  m. (1618) Isabel Allan
  ((A)) Andrew Duff (dsp)
  m. (1647) Grisel Bell
  ((B)) Janet Duff
  ((C)) James Duff (dsp)
  m2. Margaret Gordon (of Cairnbarrow family)
  (b) Adam Duff in Ardrone, later of Clunybeg (b 1590, d c1674)
  m. Beatrix Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 3rd of Birkenburn)
  (c) John Duff in Cullen
  m. Margaret Meldrum
  (d)+ 9 other sons (including Patrick, George, James, Andrew, Nicholas)
  One of these sons (or John) was father of ...
  ((1)) John Duff in Aberdeen
  m. Margaret Johnstone
  ((A)) John Duff in Rotterdam (d 1718)
  m. Anne Innes
  (B) George Duff of Castlefield, Provost of Cullen (priest)
  partner unknown
  (i) John Duff of Castlefield

Main source(s): 'The Book of The Duffs' by Alistair and Henrietta Tayler, published in 2 volumes in 1914 by William Brown, Edinburgh
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