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Families covered: Drury of Docking, Drury of Holt House, Drury of Rougham, Drury of Tendring

Sir William Drury of Rougham (d before 27.06.1450)
m. Katherine Swinford (d 1478, dau of Sir Thomas (not Hugh) Swinford)
1. Thomas Drury of Rougham (b c1430, d 1486)
  m. Katharine Whitwell (dau of John Whitwel of Suffolkl)
  A. John Drury of Rougham (b 1456, d 1499)
  m. Margaret Felton or Chapman (dau of William Felton alias Chapman of Playford) ## possibly here ##
i. John Drury of Rougham (d 1556)
  m. Elizabeth Goldingham (dau of John Goldingham of Belstead by Thomasine Lisbon)
  a. Robert Drury of Rougham (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Tay (dau of Thomas Tay of Layer, m2. Edmund Gooding of Thurston)
  (1) Sir Robert Drury of Rougham (b 1543, d before 10.01.1625)
  m. Elizabeth Drury (d 1621, dau of Sir William Drury of Hawstead)
  (A) Robert Drury of Rougham (dvp 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Crofts (dau of Charles Crofts of Bardwell)
(i) Charles Drury of Rougham (d 1633, 2nd son?)
  m. Sarah Seckford (dau /coheirof Henry Seckford of Woodly, m2. John (son of Dudley, Lord North, Baron Kirtling)
  (a) Seckford Drury of Rougham (dsp 29.03.1634)
  (b) Dorothy Drury (dsp 1634)
  (ii) Elizabeth Drury
  m. (1622) William Wells (rector of Rougham)
  (a) Robert Wells of Rougham Hall
  (iii) Ann Drury (b 1614)
  m. Charles Alexander (son of the Earl of Stirling)
  (iv) Cecily Drury
  m. George Douglas (rector of Stepney)
  (v)+ other issue - Roger (dsp 11.07.1634), others (d young - William (b 1599), Susan, Robert)
  (B) John Drury of Holt House in Leziate in Ashwinken, Norfolk(b 1580, d 1654, 6th son)
  The following is supported by 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Pedigree, Drury of Holt House in Leziate', p372).
  m. Dorothy Barnes (dau of Edward Barnes of Soham)
  (i) John Drury of Holt House (b 1626, d c1689)
  m1. Elizabeth Fowler (dau of George Fowler of Weeting)
  (a) George Drury (b 1657, d before 22.01.1719/20, of the Inner Temple)
  m1. Mary Racton (dau John Racton of Walberton)
  ((1)) Robert Drury of London (d 1736?)
  m. Susanna (a 1737)
  ((A)) Thomas Drury of London (bpt 31.05.1719, d 1805, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Hilton of London
  ((i)) Joseph Drury (b 11.02.1750, d 19.01.1834, prebendary of Wells, headmaster of Harrow) had issue
  m. Louisa Heath (d 05.11.1837, dau of Benjamin Heath of Exeter (master at Harrow))
  ((ii)) Mark Drury (b c1761, d 22.07.1835, rector of Edworth, master at Harrrow)
  m. (05.1790) Catherine Angelo of London (d 1829)
((a)) Arthur Jackson Drury of Sundby (d 1837)
  ((B))+ other issue - Robert of Colchester (bpt 12.1713, dsp 31.10.1741, attorney & dramatist), William of London (bpt 01.06.1716, dsp before 03.09.1737), Elizabeth (bpt 18.01.1717, a 1737)
  ((2)) Mary Drury (bpt 11.03.1686)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Drury
  m. William Pitt of London
  m2. (c1704) Elizabeth (a 1719)
(b)+ other issue (a 1664) - William (to West Indies, "Said to have become a buccaneer"), Dorothy, Elizabeth
  m2. (c02.1684) Elizabeth Jurin (b c1649, dau of Isaac Jurin of London)
  (ii) Dorothy Drury
  m. Samuel Nash of Brancaster
  (iii) Anne Drury probably of this generation
  m. William Pell of Dersingham (d before 28.02.1690)
  (C) Clement Drury (b 1585, dvp 1624)
  m. Margaret
  (i) Dorothy Drury
  m. _ Clarke
  (ii)+ other issue - Winifred, Elizabeth, Cecily (bpt 1621)
  (D) Dorothy Drury
  m. Sir John Pretyman of Duffield
  (E) Elizabeth Drury
  m. William Playne of Preston
  (F)+ other issue - Edward/Edmund (b 1576, dsp before 05.12.1616), Thomas (b 1581, dvpsp 1616), William (b 1574, d young), Francis (b 1584, d young)
  (2) John Drury (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Claxton (dau of Hamon Claxton of Norwich, m2. _ Ward)
  (3)+ other issue (d young) - Robert, Elizabeth
  b. John Drury of Godwich & Eaton
  The following is supported by 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Drury of Tendring and of Dorking', p349).
  m. Eleanor Sydney (dau of Thomas Sydney (Sidney) of Walsingham)
  (1) Robert Drury of Docking (d before 17.01.1624/5)
  m. Mary Radcliff (dau/heir of John Radcliff of Sturmer, sister of Robert)
(A) John Drury of Docking (dsp before 15.04.1658)
  (B) Ann Drury
  m. Thomas Toll(e) of Fakenham
  (C) daughter
  m. Humphrey Yarmouth of Benacre
  (D)+ other issue - Robert (a 1658), Thomas, William, Frances, Audrey, Mary, Elizabeth, Parnell (dsp), Catherin (dsp), Jane, Heveningham
  (2) Frances Drury
  m. Fermour Pepys of Mileham (South Creake)
(3)+ other issue - Thomas, William
  c. William Drury of Brettshall in Tendring, Essex (d 07.05.1589)
  The following is supported by 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Drury of Tendring and of Dorking', p349).
  m. Mary Southwell (d 1622, dau of Sir Richard Southwell of Woodrising, m1. Henry Paston, m3. Robert Forth, m4. Sir Thomas Gresely)
  (1) Sir John Drury of Brettshall in Tendring (b 1573, d 18.12.1619)
  m. Ann Saunders (d before 16.05.1642, dau of Edward Saunders of Charlton, m2. John Bowyer)
  (A) John Drury of Tendring (b 1603, d 22.03.1640)
  m. Bridget Edon (dau of Sir Thomas Edon of Sudbury by Mary, dau of Bryan Darcye)
  (i) John Drury of Tendring (dsp?)
  (ii) Ann Drury
  (B) Edmund Drury (d 1669)
  m. Alice Chapman of Bently
  (C) Elizabeth Drury
  m. John Welby of London
(D) Catherine Drury mentioned by Campling, see just below
  m. Charles Clere of Stokenby
  (E)+ other issue - Southwell (a 1621), William (a 1621), Robert of Tendring (d 1691), George, William, Robert (d 1623, Jesuit)
  (2) Bridget Drury (b 1575)
  m. Richard Babingworth of Wronstable
  (3) Elizabeth Drury (b 1577) mentioned by Muskett, see just above
  m. Charles Cleare of Stokesbye
  (4)+ other issue - George (b 1580), William (b 1584), Robert \(b 1586, Jesuit)
  d. Ann Drury
  m. Francis Bacon of London (d before 24.10.1595)
  e. Mary Drury
  m. Edward Page of Framlingham
  ii. Francis Drury
  m. Elizabeth Davy (dau of Robert Davy of Swordston)
  iii. Aliuce Drury (d unm)
  iv. Elizabeth Drury (d 1556)
  m. Fulk Grey of Carbrooke
  v. Dorothy Drury
  m1. Edward or Edmund West of Weston
  m2. Robert Downes of Melton
  B. Clement Drury of Sallop (Salop)
  The following is supported by 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Drury of Tendring and of Dorking', p349) & Visitation (Sussex, 1634, 'Drury').
  m. Sarah Rowton (dau of Peter Rowton)
  i. John Drury of Sallop (Salop)
a. William Drury of Salop
  (1) Humffrey Drury of Salop (a c1577)
  m. _ Higgenson
  (A) John Drury of Pulburgh, Sussex (d 06.1614)
  m. Allice Apesley (dau of John Apesley of Pulburgh, sister of Sir Allen)
  (i) William Drury of Watergate near Chichester (d before 11.07.1646)
  m. Catherine Cowper (dau of John Cowper of Ditcham)
  (a) Francis Drury (b c1615, d by 11.07.1646)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1646)
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1648), William, Christopher, Charles, Susan
  (ii) Thomas Drury (younger son)
m. (1614?) Susan Bullen (widow of Sir George Gunter of Sussex)
  (iii)+ other issue - Henry (dsp c01.1631/2), John, Francis of Lindfield (d before 11.06.1658)
  (B) Anne Drury
  m. Thomas Pay (Pag?)
  C. Catherine Drury
  m. Robert Rokewood of Euston/Thetford
  D. Elizabeth Drury
  m. Thomas Tracy
  E. Anne Drury (d young)
2. Mary Drury (bur 06.03.1469)
  m. Edward Grimston of Rishangles
3.+ other issue - Roger (dsp), George (rector of Woolpit), Catherine (nun), Ann (nun)

Main source(s): 'The History of the Family of Drury in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk from the Conquest' (Arthur Campling, 1937) with some input/support from 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Drury of Rougham', p347) and as reported above
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