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Families covered: Downe of Debnam, Downe of East Haddon, Downes of Great Melton

Edmond or Edmund Downe
1. John Downe
  m. Eleanor Huntilbye or Huntley
A. Robert Downe of Debnam, Suffolk
  m. Alice Framlingham (dau of John Framlingham or Fremyngham of Debnam)
  i. William Downe
  a. Robert Downe (dsp)
  ii. Robert Downe of Debnam
  m. Jone Alward (Atwood) of Ipswich
  a. Robert Downe of Weson, Suffolk
  b. John Downe of Great Melton, Norfolk
  m. Dorothy Garneys (dau of Richard Garneys of Mendelesham)
  (1) Robert Downe of Great Melton
  m. Margaret Kempe of Essex
  (A) John Downe
  (2) George Downe
  (3) Dorothy Downe
  m. Roger Strange (L'Estrange) of Hunston
  c. James Downe
  m. Elizabeth Tillis (dau/heir of Evan Tillis by dau/heir of _ Curson of Carlton)
(1) Thomas Down of Bodney, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Hogan (dau of Thomas Hogan of Bradnam)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Edmund, Edward, Francis, John, Robert, Susan, Elizabeth
  d. Alice Downe
  m. _ Smyth
  e. Agnes Downe
  m. _ Graunte
  iii. Edward Downe
  m. Margaret Bendlose (dau of John Bendlose of Badwell)
  a. Francis Downe of Wremplingham or Ramplingham or Lavenham, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Dyve (dau of William Dyve of Bromham)
  (1) Dyve Downe of East Haddon, Northamptonshire (d 1629)
  m. Gertrude Hatley (dau of Robert Hatley of Putenho)
Visitation ends by naming the children of the next generation. BE1883 starts with Dive, mentioning that he died "leaving an only son", Lewis. That contradicts Visitation which shows that Lewes's elder brother John (a clerk (cleric)) was still living in 1631. Debrett's Peerage (vol 2, 'Scotland and Ireland', 1825, 'Downes', p1164), which supports the following, does not mention John.
  (A) John Downe of East Haddon (a 1631)
  (B) Lewes or Lewis Downe or Downes (rector of Thornby)
  (i) Dives Downes, Bishop of Cork & Ross (b 1653, d 1709)
  m1. (sps) Sarah Dodwell (dau of Henry Dodwell of Atholine)
  m2. (sps) Anne Carleton
  m3. Elizabeth Becher (dau of Thomas Becher of Sherkin, widow of Horatio Townshend)
  (a) Elizabeth Downes
  m4. (19.08.1707) Catherine FitzGerald (d 1756, sister of Robert, 19th Earl of Kildare)
  (b) Robert Downes of Donnybrooke, co. Dublin (d 1754)
  m. (18.02.1737) Elizabeth Twigge (dau of Thomas Twigge of Donnybrooke)
  ((1)) Dive Downes (d unm 1798, minister)
  ((2)) William Downes, Baron Downes (b 1751, d unm 03.03.1816, Chief Justice in Ireland, Vice Chancellor of Dublin University)
  By special remainder, the barony passed to a cousin's son, Sir Ulysses Burgh, grandson of William's aunt Anne.
  (c) Anne Downes (b 1709)
  m. Thomas Burgh of Bert
  (C) Mary Downe
  (2)+ other issue - Francis, Abigail, Elizabeth
  b. Alice Downe
  m. Francis Hervye of Ukworth (Ickworth?) son of William of Suffolk)
  c. Christian Downe
  m. William Wotton of Tuddenham
  d. Mary Downe
  m. Robert Pettytt of Shepmedowe
  iv. Thomas Downe or Downes of Great Melton
  The following is supported by Visitation (London, 1634, Downes).
  m. Jane Jermy (dau of Thomas Jermy of Grat Melton)
  a. Edward Downe or Downes of Great Melton
  m. Elizabeth Ball (dau of John Ball of Scottow)
  (1) John Downes of Baber, Norfolk
  (2) Robert Downes of Furnivalls Inn (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth (Goldingham?) (relict of Thomas Underwood of Gray's Inn)
  (3) Mary Downes
  m. Robert Underwood of Beckles
  b. Dorothy Downe
  m. John Allen of Arlane (Earlham)

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Downe), BE1883 (Burgh of Downes)
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