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Families covered: Dingwall of Aberdeen, Dingwall of Broomhill (Brownhill), Dingwall (Dingwall-Fordyce) of Brucklay, Dingwall-Fordyce of Culsh, Dingwall of Rannieston, Dingwall of Seilscruick (Sealscrok)
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MGH reports that "The DINGWALLS were a Clan in Ross-shire, but finally dispersed after some sanguinary conflicts wth the Mackenzies and the murder of their Chief. Some settled in Aberdeenshire, some in Fife, but the dates and particulars are involved in uncertainty and obscurity."
William Dingwall of Sealscrok (Seilscruick) in Monquitter, Aberdeenshire (b c1590/1600, a 1665)
m. Barbara Barclay
1. Arthur Dingwall of Seilscruick & Broomhill (Brownhill) (b c1620, d 1707)
  m. Lucrece Irvine (b c1620?, d 1717, dau of John Irvine of Brucklay)
  A. William Dingwall of Brucklay (b 1643? (sb 1673?), d 05.1733)
  m. (25.10.1711) Anna Gordon (d 05.1733, dau of John Gordon of Nethermuir)
  i. William Dingwall of Brucklay (b 1721, d unm 1801, surgeon, 2nd son)
  ii. John Dingwall of Croydon, later of Brucklay (b 1724, dsp 1812, jeweller)
  m. Patience Huddart of London (sister-in-law of Sir Richard Hotham of Merton)
  iii. Lucretia Dingwall
  m. William Dingwall in Edinburgh @1@ just below
  iv. Anne Dingwall (b 173*)
  m. (177*) William Master of Aberdeen (postmaster) 
  v.+ other issue - George, Alexander of London dspl, cabinet maker), Arthur in London then Edinburgh (d unm, jeweller), Patrick, Elizabeth
  B. Arthur Dingwall of Broomhill (Brownhill), later of Lescraigie (bpt 09.07.1678, d 172*)
m1. (171*) ?? Murray (dau of Rev. William Murray of Inverary)
  i. William Dingwall in Edinburgh (bpt 09.05.1712, d 176*, 3rd son)
  m1. Lucretia Dingwall (dau of William Dingwall of Brucklay) @1@ just above
  a. John Dingwall of Aberdeen (b 06.1738, d 10.06.1778)
  m. (mcrt 15.09.1763) Magdalen Duff (d 06.05.1778, dau of William Duff of Corsindae)
  (1) John Dingwall of London, later of Brucklay (bpt 13.08.1770, d 21.01.1833, 6th son) had issue
  m. (06.11.1813) dau of William Gordon of Aberdour)
  Their son John Duff Dingwall assumed the name Duff-Dingwall (or Dingwall-Duff) on succeeding to the estate of Corsindae.
  (2) Catherine Dingwall (bpt 07.04.1776)
  m. (mcrt 23.09.1797) William Stewart in Aberdeen (shipmaster, later Sailing Master RN)
  (3)+ other issue - William (bpt 25.07.1764, d infant), John (bpt 14.11.1765, d infant), Arthur (bpt 05.04.1767, d young?), William (bpt 17.01.1769, d young?), Alexander (d young?), James (bpt 16.09.1773, d infant)
  m2. (13.04.1744) Jane Fordyce of Culsh (b 08.03.1704, d 04.03.1788, dau of John Fordyce of Gask & Culsh (by Lilias (or Isobell), dau of William Lindsay of Culsh), sister/heir of William of Cuish)
  b. William Dingwall (b 12.01.1745, dsp young)
  c. Arthur Dingwall, later Dingwall-Fordyce of Culsh (b 08/28.12.1745, d 21/25.04.1834)
  m. (14.06.1770) Janet Morrison (b 1746-7, d 15.07.1831, dau of James Morrison of Elsick, Provost of Aberdeen)
  (1) William Dingwall-Fordyce of Techmuiry (b 09.04.1776, dvp 01.03.1831)
  m. (01.09.1796) Margaret Ritchie (d 1844, dau/heir of William Ritchie of Techmuiry)
  (A) Arthur Dingwall-Fordyce of Culsh, later of Brucklay (b 19.06.1797, dsp 30.12.1843)
  m. (17.10.1822) Jessy Stewart Fordyce (dau of Captain Arthur Fordyce, cousin)
  (B) Alexander Dingwall-Fordyce, later of Culsh & Brucklay Castle (b 04.03.1800, d 1864, Captain RN, M, 3rd sonP) had issue
  m. (14.07.1835) Barbara Thom (dau of James Thom of Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  (C) George Dingwall-Fordyce, Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty & Sutherland (b 16.06.1809, d 07.1875)
  m. (27.10.1836) Sophia Thom (dau of James Thom of Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  (D) Margaret Dingwall-Fordyce (b 16.01.1813, d 29.04.1842)
  m. (26.08.1835) AlexanderL. R. Foote (minister in Brechin)
  (E)+ other issue - William (b 22.09.1798, d unm 13.04.1839 in South Carolina), John (b 13.12.1802, d 30.05.1803), Thomas (b 07.03.1805, d 30.11.1805), Elspit (b 02.09.1801, d 02.02.1802), Janet in Aberdeen (b 29.05.1806, a 1851), Margaret (b 02.01.1811, d 12.03.1812), Jessy (d 1862)
  (2) James Dingwall-Fordyce in London (b 10.08.1778, d 02.03.1850, 4th son) had issue
m. (10.07.1797) Margaret McDougal (dau of Alexander (or James) McDougal of Edinburgh)
  (3) Alexander Dingwall-Fordyce in Aberdeen, later in West Canada (b 07.02.1786, a 1836)
  m. (09.09.1813) Magdalen Dingwall (dau of Alexander Dingwall) @2@ below
  (4) Thomas Dingwall-Fordyce (b 07.04.1791, d 07.12.1819) had issue
  m. (16.05.1819) Margaret Hopper (dau of Lt. Colonel William Hopper, m2. _ Templeton)
  (5) Isobell Dingwall-Fordyce (b 04.03.1771)
  m. (1809) James Bentley (professor in Aberdeen)
  (A) Janet Bentley (b 26.01.1811, d 01.10.1848) probably of this generation§R§
  m. (25.03.1830) William Littlejohn (b 12.08.1803, d 08.07.1888)
  (B) daughter
  (6) Barbara Dingwall-Fordyce (b 17.12.1774)
  m. (17.01.1810) James Farquhar (d 26.05.1819, son of Robert of Newhall, cousin)
  (7) Angelica Dingwall-Fordyce (b 29.01.1780)
  m. (12.03.1800) John Harvey of Kinnettles (d 26.12.1830)
  (8) Agnes Dingwall-Fordyce (b 31.05.1781, d 06.03.1834)
m. (31.05.1798) Alexander Fraser, Provost of Aberdeen
  (9) Patience Dingwall-Fordyce (b 29.01.1787, d 04.1827)
  m. (27.11.1806) James Young, Provost of Aberdeen, later of Rotterdam (d 17.05.1834)
  (10)+ other issue - Arthur (b 29.06.1783, d unm 19.12.1812, Captain), Palmer (b 04.08.1788, d 13.04.1789), Jean (b 26.04.1772, d 1773), Janet (b 07.09.1773), Jean (b 06.07.1782), Margaret (b 179*, d 05.03.1802)
  d. Alexander Dingwall of Aberdeen (b 25.11.1748, d 03.07.1796)
  m. (28.09.1780) Elizabeth Douglas (d 06.05.1813, dau of John Douglas of Tilwhilly & Incemarlo)
  (1) Agnes Dingwall (b 05.02.1785)
  m. (11.11.1819, sp) Rev. Robert Doig of Aberdeen (d 26.07.1824)
  (2) Magdalen Dingwall (b 15.02.1786, d 24.02.1846)
m. (09.09.1813) Alexander Dingwall-Fordyce @2@ above
  (3)+ other issue - William in Glasgow (b 11.11.1782, d unm 01.1837), John (b 10.01.1787, d 11.04.1798), Mary (b 01.08.1781, d 09.05.1799), Jean (b 01.08.1783, d 11.09.1801), Elizabeth
  ii. John Dingwall of Rannieston, Aberdeenshire (b 05.1716, d 13.05.1793, Baillie)
  m1. (175*) Mary Lumsden (dau of Rev. James Lumsden of Corachrie & Towie)
  a. Arthur Dingwall of Rannieston, in New York then New Brunswick (b 25.02.1754, dsp)
  m. "an American lady"
  b. John Dingwall of Rannieston, Provost of Aberdeen (b 22.09.1761, d 29.03.1836, 4th son)
  m1. (178*) _ Willox (dau of George Willox in Old Aberdeen, widow of Captain Pringle)
  m2. (20.12.1800) Catherine Jane Moir (dau of Rev. William Moir of Fyvie)
  m3. _ Taylor (dau of Captain George Taylor of Aberdeen then Dublin)
  c. Alexander Dingwall, later of Rannieston, Provost of Aberdeen (b 17.03.1767, a 1836, 6th son) had issue
  m. (19.11.1792) Janet Abercrombie (dau of John Abercrombie, Provost of Aberdeen)
  d. Patrick Dingwall in London (b 02.05.1770, 8th son)
  m. Harriet Yates (dau of John Yates of London, niece of Alderman Sir William Curtis, Bart)
  e. James Dingwall in Hamburgh (b 17.02.1776, dsp 12.02.1848)
  m. Sophia Berghiest of Hamburgh
  f. Sara Dingwall (b 30.09.1758)
  m. (09.1780) John Orrok of Orrok (Captain)
  g. Agnes Dingwall (b 23.07.1764)
  m. (16.07.1794) George Thomson of Fairley & Aberdeen
  h.+ other issue - James (b 26.01.1755), William (b 08.05.1757), d infant?, Robert (b 03.01.1763, d 1785), William (b 12.03.1769, d youing), David (b 02.02.1774, d unm 1850), Mary (b 18.06.1756, d 15.02.1777), Magdalen (b 02.07.1760), Margaret (b 28.02.1766), Elizabeth (b 10.11.1771)
  m2. (15.06.1786, sp) Mary Syme (d 11.1802, dau of Rev. Walter Syme of Tullynessle)
  iii. Magdalen Dingwall (bpt 08.02.1718, dsp)
  m1. (175*) John Taylor in Peterhead (d 175*, shipbuilder)
  m2. Thomas Fraser of Whitemyres (son of Francis of Findrack)
  iv.+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 01.09.1713), Alexander (bpt 08.03.1715), Arthur, Anne (bpt 08.02.1718), Lucretia (bpt 22.11.1718), Jean (bpt 11.1719)
  m2. (172*) Jean Chalmers (a 1741)
  x. George Chalmers (bpt 26.11.1722)
  C.+ other issue - George (bpt 28.01.1677), Adam (bpt 01.04.1683), Barbara (bpt 09.08.1672), Isobell (bpt 12.07.1673), Helen (bpt 12.07.1673)
2. George Dingwall in Bellie & Pitscow (dsps)
  m. (15.07.1697) Jean Chalmers
3. John Chalmers (a 1728, dsps)

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Pedigree of the Family of Dingwall of Brucklay', p3+), BLG1952 ('Dingwall-Fordyce of Brucklay')
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